Shaving is the go-to method for men when they want a clean face.

Women also love shaving when it comes to the removal of hair from down there.

But mostly, men are users of wet shaving.

A study also found that average men spend almost 4 months of their lives just shaving.

What would happen if you still don’t get a perfectly clean shave after spending that much time shaving?

This is where wet shaving comes into the picture.

Wet shaving is a method in which you get the closest shave with proper protection.

But, it is very important to know the right procedure to shave wet.


What is wet shaving?

As the name already suggested, wet shaving means in which you use water.

In this method, you shave on wet skin. You can wet skin with shaving cream and in some cases with just solely water.

Most of the time people shave wet with cartilage and disposable razor and dry shave with electric shavers.

But, you can also shave wet and use shaving cream with an electric shaver.

Wet shaving gives the closest shave and at the same time, it softens beard hair which prevents razor burn and irritation.

Wet shaving is also best for sensitive skin.

Why wet shaving is old but more effective than dry shaving?

When there was no electric shaver. There was only one shaving type which was wet shaving.

Because when you use cartilage or disposable razor, you need to use shaving cream which creates a protective layer between the blade and the skin.

But, when an electric shave comes into existence, you don’t need to create a protective layer between the blade and the skin, so you can shave dry.

After that, shaving is divided into two categories: dry shaving and wet shaving.

In short, you can say that dry shaving is the modern way of shaving and wet shaving is the old way of shaving.

Although, right now there are plenty of electric shavers that can be used wet and dry, and some shaving creams are also designed especially for electric shavers.

How long does wet shaving last?

There is not much difference between a wet shave and a dry shave. Electric shavers mostly do dry shaves and with disposable razors and cartilage, most people do wet shaves. 

They both last for 2 days max after that you get stubble.

A wet shave is slightly closer than a dry shave which can give you somewhat extra time, but overall shaving results last similarly whether it is a wet or dry shave.

The only difference between wet and dry shaves is that a wet shave is better for skin and hair. 

It prevents irritation and razor burn and it is more comfortable than a dry shave.       

Can you wet shave every day?

Yes, you can wet shave every day. But, there is no need to shave properly every day.

Wet shaves give you the closest shave and smooth skin. But, every time you shave, the blade takes a layer of skin with it. So, it takes at least one or two days to heal.

On the other hand, wet shaving also takes a lot of time, so shaving wet every day should take at least 2 hours a week which is not good for you if you are a busy person. 

So, you can shave wet every day, but it is not an ideal approach this way you waste a lot of time. Skip one or two days between your shaving schedule.                                                              

What is the difference between wet and dry shaving?

  • Closeness – dry shave is mainly done with electric shavers. In an electric shaver, there is foil between the skin and blades, providing a protective layer. But, there is also a limit to shaving the shortest hair with a foil shaver, although it is very little 0.05mm. But, when you shave with cartilage or a disposable razor there is no layer between the razor blade and the skin. So, it shaves the shortest hair. In terms of closeness wet shaving is clearly the winner.
  • Irritation – when you shave wet you can use shaving cream. Shaving cream contains lots of ingredients that heal and soothe skin. But, during a dry shave, a dry blade runs on the skin. So it has a higher chance of causing razor burn, ingrown hair, and razor bumps. So if you want an irritation-free shave then wet is the most suitable shave for you.
  • Time – with all other benefits, you also have to sacrifice time for it. Wet shaving takes lots of time to shave. A typical wet shave takes about 15-20 minutes whereas a dry shave takes only 3-5 minutes. So, if you want to save time then go with a dry shave. You can also find an electric shaver that can be used wet and dry according to your needs. But, it can’t give close shaves as disposable razors provide.
  • Freedom – You do wet shaving always in one direction, beginning with the grain and after that against the grain. This way you can prevent nicks and cuts. But, when you shave dry there is no specific direction to follow. You are free to choose any direction. This is why dry shaving is much faster than wet shaving.
  • For sensitive skin – Sensitive skin gets irritated very easily. For this wet shave is the best. But, it doesn’t mean dry shaving is bad. For this, there are plenty of electric shavers that are specially designed for sensitive skin.


For closeness, sensitive skin, and prevention of irritation such as razor burns, razor bumps, and red skin wet shave is good. And to save time and freedom of movement, dry shaving is best.

You can mix them together, you can use shaving cream with an electric shaver which can save lots of time and also prevent irritation if you have sensitive skin.

How hard is wet shaving?

No, wet shaving is not hard. Although, wet shaving is time-consuming because it takes lots of steps such as washing skin, applying shaving cream, creating leather layers, then shaving, and again creating leather skin.

But, wet shaving is in fact easier than dry shaving.

When you apply shaving cream hair gets hydrated and becomes soft. After that blades easily cut hair.

But, when you shave, dry hair is hard to cut and sometimes can cause irritation.

Should you shave a wet face?

Wet shaving is healthy for the skin.

So, always try wet shaving if possible. Even with electric shavers. 

If you have some time to spare then try to do wet shaving with an electric shaver. Although there is no need to use shaving cream with an electric shaver. But shaving cream hydrates skin and softens hair which increases the shaving quality.

Nowadays you can easily find electric shavers that can be used both wet and dry.

How to wet shave properly?

  • Soften beard hair – The first step for effortless and comfortable shaving – is to soften the beard hair. To soften the beard hair you can shower before shaving or you can soak your beard in warm water. Soaking hydrates beard hair and moisturizes the skin.
  • Soak the brush in water – to apply shaving cream on the face you would need a brush. For this, you can use a horse brush or synthetic brush. To use it properly soak the brush in water. In between, you can do your other task such as applying pre-shave oil.
  • Apply pre-shave oil – pre-shave oil is plant-based oil usually made from olive or castor oil. It hydrates and prepares the skin before shaving.
  • Apply Shaving cream – Shaving cream is the most essential part of this process. To use shaving cream –  apply a drop of shaving cream on the face and continuously rub it with a synthetic brush until it creates a lather layer. Sometimes to create lather or foam, you can use another pot but it also works if you directly apply it to the face. Apply an even and thick layer on the front.
  • Use a good razor – Now it is time for actual shaving. For this, you need to use a good-quality razor blade.
  • Rinse – rinse your face with cold water. It will remove all the small stray hair and lather layers.
  • Moisturize – even with shaving cream shaving causes microwear and tear to our skin. You can feel this after shaving – irritation on some face areas. To avoid it apply after shaving or use any moisturizer.


Wet shaving is healthy for our skin. But it doesn’t mean you should never try dry shaving. Dry shaving is also good for you if you frequently shave your face.

Wet shaving should be done in a proper way and with a good razor, otherwise, it is not good at all for your skin and the time you have invested.


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