Epilation is one of the best methods to remove unwanted hair for women.

It provides smooth and hairless skin for weeks.

Basically, epilation gives waxing results at the cost of shaving without messing up.

The only thing that is holding women back from epilation is pain.

During epilation, it may cause extreme pain, especially to people with low pain tolerance.

It also causes lots of pain to beginners, but beginners can reduce the pain to some extent by using the right epilation techniques.

The best epilation technique for beginners to avoid pain is wet epilation.


What is wet epilation?

When you epilate underwater or shower is called wet epilation.

You can also epilate without water which is called dry epilation.

But wet epilation is less painful and it is the most recommended method for beginners.

Because epilators can cause hell-like pain for beginners, although pain and discomfort go down with time.

After 3-4 times of use, when epilation becomes virtually painless, you can try a more convenient and efficient but little more painful method: dry epilation.

Benefits of wet epilation

1. Painless

The first and most important benefit of wet epilation is painless.

It causes far less pain than dry epilation which is why this method is recommended for beginners.

When you use an epilator for the first time it will definitely cause you lots of pain; it doesn’t matter if you have high pain tolerance and low.

When you epilate wet you continuously pour water or keep skin wet this helps to divert your brain and it causes different kinds of sensations.

There will still be a pain but it will be less. 

You will feel the difference between pain when you epilate wet and dry.

2. Easy to clean

During wet Epilation you continuously use water.

Continuous water use makes it very easy to clean skin and epilator during epilation.

That is why wet epilation is less messy.

Water continuously cleans skin and epilator every second. It becomes even more helpful when you epilate under the shower.

3. Portable

Wet epilators have to be waterproof and Cordless.

You cannot use a corded epilator for wet epilation because it is very dangerous to use power in the water.

So, wet epilators are rechargeable and cordless.

You can easily use the Cordless epilator wherever you want.

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Cons of wet Epilation

Wet Epilation is painless. It doesn’t make it a perfect method because every method has its own pros and cons. Wet Epilation also has its cons.

1. Inconvenient

Wet Epilation is very inconvenient. First, you need to use water and water makes hair stick with each other and to the skin.

It becomes very difficult to stand hair and it takes lots of time to epilate.

This becomes very inconvenient if you have longer hair and have a large area to epilate such as arms and legs.

2. Inefficient

Wet Epilation is not very efficient; it takes lots of time to epilate the whole body.

Water makes hair slippery which makes it very difficult to grab firmly.

So, tweezers won’t grab it firmly and hair breaks from the surface of the skin.

Water also flattens the hair so tweezers cannot grab lots of hair at once. This also decreases the efficiency of the epilators.

For beginners, epilating the whole body takes 1-2 hours which is a lot of time.

What is better: wet epilation or dry epilation?

For beginners, wet epilation is best because their sole purpose is to epilate without pain, but for experienced women, dry epilation is best because with time our skin gets used to the pain and epilation causes less discomfort so our goal is to epilate effectively and efficiently.

But, this depends solely on individual choice. Some people have very low pain tolerance, so these people should always do wet epilation and should avoid epilating sensitive areas.

Right now I am epilating for 2 years and I always epilate dry. I have experience and my skin is used to it and my hair is also finer.

But, if you have thick, dark hair, then wet epilation is the best choice.

So, choose wisely because it will directly affect your epilation experience.

How to do wet epilation?

1. Shave or trim to 0.5mm

Trim or shave one or two days before epilation.

Shave at least 3 days before the schedule. Because long hair is very inconvenient to epilate. When you spill water over long hair they stick to skin and the epilator cannot grab them easily.

Make sure hair length is 0.5mm or longer but no more than 3 mm.

Smaller the hair the less the pain.

Most Epilators these days can easily grab 0.5mm long hair. So, hair length should be 0.5mm to 1mm.

2. Exfoliate 24 hours before

Exfoliation is the key to painless epilation.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and dirt that further help with preventing ingrown hair. The best time to exfoliate is 24 hours before epilation. Don’t exfoliate just before epilation because it makes the skin too sensitive.

3. Take a warm bath

A warm bath removes dirt and oil. It also helps with the opening of the hair follicle which causes less pain when hair pulls out of it. Although, for wet epilation you don’t need to bathe before epilating because you will use water during epilation. So, epilate under the shower or in the bathing tub.

4. Spill water

Spill continuous water during epilation. Don’t pour all the water at once. Do it little by little but it should be continuous.

5. Angle epilator to 90 degree

The right way to hold the epilator is perpendicular to the skin. Some epilators have an ergonomic design, but you need to hold it that way so the epilator head is perpendicular to the skin.

6. Go slowly against the grain

Go slowly and steadily, this way the epilator has more time to grab hair and you don’t need to come to one place again and again.

Move the epilator against the grain because continuous spilling water flattens the hair and flat hair is very difficult to grab. So, move the epilator against the hair growth so it can grab maximum hair at once. With the grain, Epilator catches little to no hair. You can also go with the grain if you are hairier.

7. Epilate smaller section first

Beginners should epilate section by section. Because for the first few times it will definitely hurt. And to suppress this pain epilate section by section at different times.

8. Apply moisturizer

Epilator traumatizes the skin. So, The last step to soothe, calm, and heal the skin is to apply moisturizer or post-shaving cream such as Tend skin.

Wait for 30 minutes before applying moisturizer. The best moisturizer is Aloe Vera gel. You can apply immediately after epilation.

How to choose the best epilator for wet epilation?

To choose the best-wet epilator you should remember a few things

1. Wet & dry

This is the first and most important feature to look for in an epilator. First, look for only epilators that can be used wet and dry such as Braun silk epil 9, Panasonic series 8. There are many epilators that can be used only dry such as Emjoi, Philips Beauty Epilator.

Although, most of the mid to premium range epilators are wet and dry.

2. Cordless vs corded

Look for that the epilator is corded or cordless. You should never use a corded epilator for wet epilation. Although, it is also mentioned on the packaging that an epilator can be used wet or dry. And most of the time wet epilators are not corded. 

But, if a corded epilator is wet then also should avoid a corded epilator for wet epilation.

So, for wet epilation, the first step is always to choose a cordless epilator.

3. Pivot head or fully flexible head

Pivot head is also a very important feature to look for when you are choosing an epilator for wet epilation. A flexible head adapts the body curve easily and catches every single hair. Adapting The curve and easy maneuver around is very important because during wet Epilation hair is fatten and to grab these hair epilators should perfectly align with skin.

4. Waterproof

Well, when you are choosing an epilator for wet epilation then choose fully waterproof. There are some epilators that are not fully waterproof. Some epilators can be used with water but cannot be submerged fully in water. So, full waterproof would be better. Look at the IPX ratings of the epilator.

5. Shaver & epilator

Before epilating wet, most of the time you need to shave or trim first. So, instead of buying a separate shaver and trimmer, you can always find an epilator with a shaver head or trimmer head. Although a shaver head with an epilator is not of the best quality, it would be enough and the epilator does the rest of the work.

Best epilator for wet epilation

Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-030

If you are serious about epilation and want to continue it in the future then this epilator is best for you. It has all the features that are needed in an epilator.

Although it is a little bit in the higher range, in long term, this is an investment. It repays you in many ways.

This has 40 tweezers which are decent and you can use this on your face, down there, armpit, arms, and legs.

It has two-speed settings, but beginners should start with one.

Its special SensoSmart technology which acts as a pressure guide is very useful for beginners, it helps to apply the right pressure. If you apply too much pressure then it flashes a red light.

The most remarkable thing about this epilator is its fully flexible head. 

Its head can adapt to any body curve smoothly so that you don’t need to put extra effort and go one place again and again.

Another thing that is needed for wet epilation is a trimmer and shaver head. This one is specially made for wet epilation because you get a shaver head and trimmer comb with this.

It has a slim Ergonomic handle so you don’t slip it in the bathroom.

Pros and cons

  • Pros
  • Fully waterproof, you can use it in or out of the shower
  • Can grab 0.5mm long hair.
  • Cordless
  • A Fully flexible head adapts to body contour easily.
  • SensoSmart technology helps with pressure guides.
  • Fast battery charging and long battery life.
  • Shaver’s head is not of good quality. It works as a trimmer head.
  • Get heated if you use it for too long.
  • Expensive


Epilator is the best hair removal method for women. The only concern with an epilator is pain.

But you can reduce the pain drastically by epilating wet. 

And this article is all about wet epilation. How to do wet epilation, what are the pros and cons of wet epilation and how can you choose the best epilator for wet epilation.

If you are still confused about epilation then check out our detailed guide in Epilation.

Most Frequently Asked Question

Can I epilate my legs wet?

Wet Epilation works best for epilating arms and legs because you can easily spill water over legs and arms. Beginners should start their epilation journey by epilating their arms and legs wet before epilating any other body part 

Can I epilate my pubic hair wet?

Yes, you can also epilate pubic hair wet. Although, it is a little bit inconvenient to get wet down there. But, first, shave or trim before one to two days. 

Is wet epilation better?

Yes, wet epilation is better and painless. So, beginners always start with epilating wet. Water makes our skin more relaxed and desensitized toward pain.

Do wet epilators hurt less?

Wet epilators hurt far less than dry epilation. Although, epilating wet is inconvenient because water flattens the hair and makes hair slippery.


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