Epilators have been available for years.

But, people are still confused about what epilator they should buy, wet or dry.

Some women who are epilating for the first time don’t know- should they epilate wet or dry?

Should you epilate wet or dry? – for the first time you should epilate wet because wet epilation is painless, although it is a little bit inconvenient. If you are epilating for a long time then dry epilation is more convenient and efficient.


What is better Dry or wet?

should you epilate wet or dry

The basic difference between wet and dry epilation is the use of water.

In wet epilation you epilate wet: your skin, hairs, and epilator are wet and if needed you can also pour more water.

But in the dry epilation skin, hair, and epilator all are dry. You can shower before epilation but you need to dry everything properly for it. 

Other than that are the pros and cons of epilation.

What are the Benefits of Wet epilation?

what is better wet or dry epilation

These are some important benefits of wet epilation you should know –

1. Painless

Pain is a deciding factor in choosing between dry or wet epilation.

Pain is minimum in wet epilation.

During wet epilation, you use warm water that calms your skin and opens up the pores which makes hair easier to leave the skin.

When warm water is poured on our skin there is less likely to send pain signals to our brains. Because our nerves are already sending a warm water sensation to our brains. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel any pain at all, but the pain will be minimal.

2. Cordless

For wet epilation, it is dangerous to use corded epilators because you can’t use power in the water.

Almost all the wet epilators are cordless.

Cordless epilators can be used anywhere in your house in the bathroom, bedroom, or on the roof. Although wet epilation is only done in the bathroom.

3. Exfoliation

During wet epilation, you use water continuously.  

When you are using water continuously, it exfoliates your skin naturally.

In water, It is also easy to remove dead skin cells and microorganisms which can prevent ingrown hair.

4. No mess

Wet epilation is less fussy.

Water wipes hair naturally. There are no hairs here and there.

If some hair sticks to your body or epilator. You can clean it easily with water.

What are the Benefits of dry epilation?

should i epilate dry

These are some benefits of dry epilation you should know –

1. Convenience

The main reason some women choose dry epilation is that it is very convenient.

During dry epilation hairs are dry, skin is dry and your epilator is also dry.

Hairs aren’t sticking to the skin and are not flat-lying. Hair strands are standing and the epilator can easily grab and pull.

2. Save time

Dry epilation saves a lot of time. 

Water makes hair slippery, it may leave some hair behind. You need to go to one place again.

During dry epilation, the epilator can grab a lot of hair at once which is not possible in wet epilation.

Believe me, practically wet epilation takes lots of time as compared to dry epilation.

3. Free to choose a place

You can do dry epilation at any place. You can do dry epilation watching tv, in your bedroom, kitchen wherever you want.

Not, like wet epilation mostly bound to the bathroom.

4. No charging

You don’t need to check charging before epilation or charge your epilator.

For dry epilation, you can use a dry epilator that can be used corded.

You can epilate with a continuous power supply which is definitely not possible during wet epilation.

Summary table wet epilation vs dry epilation

PainPainless than dry  Painful 
Cord Cordless Mostly corded 
Cleanliness Neat and cleanLittle bit messy
Time to completeEat a lot of timeQuicker 
Exfoliation Needed but Easier Necessary 
Freedom Mostly bound to the bathroomCan be performed at any place

Should You Epilate Wet or Dry?

should i epilate dry or wet

Epilation is painful.

For the first few times, you should always epilate wet, it is a little bit inconvenient but at the same painless. Minimizing pain should be the first priority for newbies. When you get used to epilation, then you can try dry epilation. It is convenient and efficient. Hair also starts thinning with time which reduces the pain.

Above we have discussed the benefits of wet and dry epilation.

From above it is clear that the basic criteria in choosing between wet and dry Epilation are pain and convenience.

Wet epilation offers painless epilation but at the same time, inconvenient hair weighs down and sticks to the skin.

Dry epilation offer is efficient and convenient but at the same time more painful than wet epilation.

If you are epilating for the first time then forget about convenience and efficiency. Epilation is painful. 

Your only focus should be to reduce the pain and make the epilation painless as much as possible. So Always choose wet epilation for the first time.

But, if you are doing Epilation for at least 2 to 3 months. To this point your hair becomes thin and the hair follicles are not any strong as before. 

Now, you can think about saving time and convenience. Dry epilation is best for little bit experienced people.

Should You Buy a Wet or Dry Epilator?

You should buy wet/dry epilators such as Braun silk epil 9 9-030. It can be worked in and out of the shower. 

For the first few times you can use it for wet epilation after that you can use it for dry epilation

You can get wet/dry epilators at all prices from low to high.

There are several benefits of using wet & dry epilators such as –

1. Corded or cordless

Wet & dry epilators can be used corded or cordless which becomes extremely comfortable if you generally forgot to charge your epilators.

Although, always remember to never use an epilator with a cord in the shower. If you are epilating wet always use cordless. For dry epilation, it doesn’t matter if you’re using an epilator corded or cordless.

2. Exfoliation brush

If you are buying a little bit of a high-end wet & dry epilator such as Braun silk epil 9 9-030, they come with an exfoliation brush. And I think you already know the importance of exfoliation in epilation.

Of course, you can exfoliate without an exfoliation brush but it will enhance the epilation experience.

3. Waterproof

Wet & dry epilators are always waterproof.

You can use them in the shower or out of the shower.

Although, you would not need a waterproof epilator if you are doing it for long because experienced people mostly do dry epilation.

But, safety is always better and you may need a wet epilator anytime.

4. Portable

Wet & dry epilators are easy to port. You can even use them when you are traveling

Wet & dry epilator can be used corded if it is not charged, and can be used cordless because there is also a wet epilator.

For travelers, only wet/dry epilators are best.

5. Convenient

A wet & dry epilator is a combination of the wet and dry epilator.

Of Course, it is going to be the most convenient, to port, to epilate with, and comfortable.

Best wet and dry epilator

Braun silk epil 9 9-030 is the newest and best wet & dry epilator. It has the best build quality.

It comes with an exfoliation brush, massage cap, shaver and trimmer head, etc. It is an all-in-one beauty kit.

If you still don’t have an Epilator. Then, believe me, this is the best wet & dry epilator.

How to Epilate Wet?

Few things to remember when you are epilating wet. Although, we made a complete guide on how to epilate painlessly. But, these are some tips and tricks to remember if you are epilating wet.

  • Always keep safety in mind. Never use a corded epilator in the shower. Just remember corded epilators aren’t for wet epilation.
  • Clean your skin before epilating properly. Don’t think that if you are epilating wet, you don’t need to clean your skin
  • Check battery level before epilating. 
  • Keep your skin properly wet during the epilation process
  • Clean your epilator properly. Check out our guide on how to clean an epilator properly. Cleaning the epilator is one of the most important to increase its lifespan of the Epilator.
  • Pat dry skin after epilation. Vigorous cleaning can cause bruises and irritate your skin.

How to Epilate Dry?

Dry epilation is very simple, you don’t need to do much for this. Just remember a few tips and tricks.

  • Shower with warm water first. It will help to open the pores and minimize the pain
  • Dry your skin and hair properly only then dry epilation will be convenient and hair will not stick to the skin.
  • If dry epilation is hurting then you can use numbing cream or LMX5 spray.
  • Cleaning is essential in both wet and dry epilation.


The bottom line is that wet and dry Epilation both have their pros and cons.

Dry epilation is convenient, grabbing more hair in one stroke, but more painful.

Wet epilation is inconvenient and eats a lot of time, but painless

So choose accordingly. It is head to head comparison between painlessly versus convenience.

At first, I prefer painless after that convenience.

Should You Epilate Wet or Dry?
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Should You Epilate Wet or Dry?
For the first few times you should always epilate wet, it is a little bit inconvenient but at the same painless. Minimizing the pain should be the first priority for newbies. When you get used to epilation, then you can try dry epilation. It is convenient and efficient. Hair also starts thinning with time which reduces the pain.
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