Epilation is painful.

But, you can decrease the pain drastically if you follow the right process and practice it with time.

Most people know how to epilate, but they are confused by one basic question:- should they epilate before or after a shower?

This shouldn’t confuse people because its answer is very simple and if you think technically you will get the answer automatically.

Should I epilate before or after a shower?You can epilate before and after epilation. But, you want to choose only one out of these, Always epilate after a shower because it will open up pores and exfoliate skin that prevents ingrown hair which ultimately makes epilation almost painless.

Although there are some other reasons which we will discuss below.

Should you epilate before or after a shower?

You can shower before and after epilation. Showering before epilation is mandatory and very important as compared to showering after epilation. If you want to take shower only one time before or after then you should go with showering before epilation.

There are lots of benefits of the shower before epilation which we have discussed below in detail such as it exfoliates the skin naturally, opens the hair follicle which is very important to make epilation painless, and it also helps with preventing ingrown hair.

However, showering after epilation is also important for cleanliness and to rinse off the hair strays. You should also take shower after epilation if possible.  

If you want to choose between shower before or after epilation choose shower before epilation.

Benefits of the epilation after shower

epilate before or after shower,

These are some benefits if you shower before epilation

1. Exfoliate skin naturally

One of the main reasons to epilate after showering is that it exfoliates skin naturally. It will remove lotion, dirt, and oil from the skin. Although, you can also use a Himalayan Body scrub.

It also helps with avoiding infections by removing the bacteria, sweat, and several other microorganisms that can enter the hair follicles after epilation. 

If you have sensitive skin then bathing with lukewarm water before epilation becomes very important.

I also shower with lukewarm water half an hour before epilation.

2. Open hair follicles

Showering before epilation makes this process almost painless.

Our skin soaks water from outside through the hair which makes the hair follicle filled and that turns into a loose grip over the hair in the follicle.

Showering with warm water opens up the hair follicles that hurt less when you pull hair out of it.

This is the key factor of wet epilation being almost painless as compared to dry epilation.

3. Prevent ingrown hair

Ingrown are very common with epilation as compared to shaving and waxing.

Epilation removes the hair from the root. If the skin is not exfoliated or cleaned properly before epilating then there are high chances that hair follicles get clogged. Hair is trapped inside the hair follicle and curls back, which can cause ingrown hairs.

A shower helps to remove the dead skin cells over the skin and smoothens the skin that helps to prevent ingrown hair.

4. Relaxed skin

A good warm shower also helps to reduce stress and calm down nerves.

With relaxed nerves, you also feel less pain.

Con of Showering Before Epilation

1. Make your skin softer that can cause bruises and Irritation

If you shower with hot water it will make your skin softer.

Too soft skin can cause bruises and Irritation when epilate. 

So always shower with lukewarm water before epilation

Avoid steam and bath, hot temperature makes the skin very sensitive for epilation.

2. Inconvenience

People tend to exfoliate skin 24 to 48 hours before epilation.

After that, the only job is to epilate skin.

But, shower before at least 30 minutes before showering and adjust their schedule according to the epilation routine.

Although it is beneficial to shower with lukewarm water before epilation, some people aren’t comfortable with that. 

3. Hair breakage

Showering with hot water makes our skin soft as well as our hair.

Soft hair can easily break and cause ingrown hair.

Tips to showering before epilation.

There are some most important tips to remember if you shower before epilation. Shower with the right process only then epilation becomes painless. Otherwise, it will rectify the pain 

1. Take a shower at least half an hour before epilation

Never epilate right after a shower. It can cause lots of inconvenience such as it may soften the skin too much that can cause lots of pain and hair lies flat, flat hairs are really difficult to epilate.

The best time to epilate after the shower is 2 to 3 hours, but do not epilate for at least half an hour after the shower.

2. Avoid Sauna or Steam Bath before epilation

Avoid exposing your skin to a hot temperature right before epilation.

So avoid sauna, and steam baths 24 to 48 hours before epilation.

Hot temperatures can dry your skin which makes it prone to Irritation.

3. Use lukewarm water and avoid hot water

You should use lukewarm water. Avoid hot water as it can increase the temperature of our skin and it may increase the risk of ripping off the skin with hair.

4. Don’t use an exfoliator or tool related to it

Don’t use an exfoliator or anything that is related to exfoliation. Exfoliation is very important to remove dead skin cells and prevent hair follicles from getting clogged, but this Should be done at least 24 hours before epilation.

Exfoliation right before epilation makes our skin oversensitive for epilation. 

5. Don’t use lotion, deodorant, or gel

Lotion and gel make hair harder to catch for the epilator because they make hair slippery that can decrease the control of the Epilator over hair that can cause hair breakage or leaving small hair behind.

Deodorant is also bad for sensitive skin after epilation it can cause irritation.

6. Don’t take too much time in the shower

Don’t take too much time in the bath. You have to do preparation before epilation. To give proper time to epilating you need to save some unnecessary time in bathing. 

7. Take just simple water showering

The bottom line is to take just 5 minutes of a simple bath with lukewarm water without soap, lotion, gel, oil, or deodorant. 

Shower’s main purpose is to remove dead skin, cells, sweat, and any microorganism that can cause infection or irritation after epilation.

Tips to epilation after shower

epilate after shower

1. Pat dry skin

Only pat dry your skin.

Avoid rubbing the skin with a towel or anything. It can cause bruises or close the pores.

Pat dry will help to remove only extra water that our skin releases easily.

2. Make sure skin temperature is normal

If you showered before epilation it may increase the temperature of the skin.

For epilation, it is extremely important to cool down your skin and maintain the normal temperature of the skin.

High skin temperature can be the source of unnecessary pain.

4. Don’t shower right after epilation

Don’t shower or exfoliate right after epilation.

Just wash your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water.

This is just to remove the small hair. Your skin is already cleaned and free from microorganisms.

5. Moisturize after epilation

Wail for at least 1-2 hours after epilation. The best moisturization for epilation is Aloe Vera gel because it soothes and hydrates skin.

Can you shower after epilation?

Yes, you can shower with lukewarm water after 2-3 hours of epilation. Avoid hot-temperature steam baths or saunas and also avoid using exfoliating products, soap, and deodorant. Take just a simple bath.

There are lots of reasons to shower after epilation.

To clean and achieve the most sanitary condition you should shower after epilation.

But, don’t shower right after epilation weight for at least half an hour.

If you have washed the area thoroughly with water then there is no need to take a bath, the area is already exfoliated and cleaned properly.

To rinse off the hair strays it is also important to shower. But, don’t use hot water. It may irritate your skin and can cause redness. Take shower with lukewarm water after epilation.

It is a natural exfoliator. Although, there is no need to exfoliate separately.

If you want to exfoliate make sure you wait for at least 48 hours after epilation.

Tip to showering after epilation

These are some tips to remember if you want to shower after epilation. Make sure you follow these steps strictly to prevent Irritation after Epilation.

1. Avoid showering right after epilation

Avoid showering right after epilation. Don’t take shower for 1 to 2 hours after epilation.

2. Shower with lukewarm water

Shower with proper water temperature. This way you can rinse off the hair and exfoliate the skin.

3. Avoid sauna and steam

Avoid Sauna or steam bath at least for 2 to 3 days after epilation. It can cause redness and irritate the skin a lot.

I also have done this, showering with hot water is painful right after epilation.

4. Skip soap or any exfoliating product

Skip soap or any exfoliation product at least 2 days after epilation. This is extremely important for people who have sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin tends to get irritated easily.

5. Avoid all lotions, perfumes, or deodorants

Epilation makes the hair pull from the root and open up the hair follicle. Lotion and deodorant can go inside these powers and cause Irritation, redness, and sometimes infection. So avoid using them right after epilation.

6. Pat dry your skin after epilation

Pat dry your skin. Don’t rub your skin with a towel. Your skin is too sensitive right after epilation. Rubbing hard can cause bruises.


Regardless of the area, you are epilating and the type of epilation you are doing wet or dry, always epilate after showering. The shower before epilation is mandatory.

Although you can shower after epilating, it is not as important as showering before epilation. Make sure you are taking a short bath with lukewarm water without using any skincare products.

Most frequently asked questions

Should you moisturize your skin before epilation?

No, you shouldn’t moisturize your skin before epilation. It makes epilation inconvenient. It makes hair slippery and can cause difficulty in grabbing hair firmly

Should you moisturize your skin after epilation?

Yes, you can moisturize skin after 30 to 60 minutes of epilation with Aloe vera gel. To soothe and calm down skin moisturizer is very important.

What epilator am I using?

Right now I am using Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-030. I have reviewed it also in one of my blog’s best epilators for coarse hair. It really likes its design and features. It is the best overall epilator for legs, arms, underarms, and pubic region. I think you should also check this out.


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