Shaving thighs are annoying. 

You don’t get a smooth thigh even for 3 days. Hair starts to regrow and you need to shave again within just a week.

You can’t even start waxing because waxing costs a lot, especially if you calculate its cost in the long run.

If you want to get results that last long the same as waxing does at the cost of shaving then try epilation.

You can epilate your body at less than shaving cost and it gives results that last 3-4 weeks.


Should I epilate my thighs?

Epilators are best for legs because they are fast and inexpensive.

But, you can also epilate the more sensitive part of the body such as the armpit, pubic hair, etc.

Thighs are also a very sensitive area.

There is dark and coarse hair on our thighs.

You can epilate your thighs. Definitely, it will hurt more if you have thick and dark hair like me.

But, you can minimize the pain by choosing the right epilator instead of picking up just any random epilator.

Remember you are plucking hair from the root so it will never be absolutely painless. You will definitely feel pain. If you are epilating for the first time then it will hurt like hell, but with time you get used to this pain.

Does epilating the thigh hurt?

Yes, epilating thighs hurt if you have dark and coarse hair as I have.

On thighs, you may not have dense hair but you might definitely have dark and thick hair.

If you have small and thin hair then you don’t need to worry about pain. You will feel little to no pain. You can just start epilating and you will have smooth and hairless thighs within minutes.

But, if you have thick and dark hair as I do then avoiding pain should be the first concern because on thighs we have thin and sensitive skin.

If you don’t epilate properly then you might feel an extreme level of pain. 

If you are sensitive to pain then an epilator is not for you. And you should restrict epilating some areas including the thigh.

Although, for the first time everyone feels pain, after a few uses they get used to this pain and it won’t hurt this much.

Which hurts more, epilator or waxing?

Epilator and waxing, in both methods, hair is removed from the root.

This means they both give results that last for almost the same period of time.

Now, what should you choose?

Although, there are a number of reasons for choosing between waxing or epilator.

But, which is better, waxing or epilator if we want to choose based on pain parameters?

Based on pain, waxing is clearly less painful because during waxing you feel one shot of pain and with this one shot of pain you wax a larger area. Now, you can move on to the next part.

But, the epilator pulls hair one by one, you will feel the same pain second by second till you are moving the epilator on your body.

When you are using an epilator on regrown hair this pain decreases drastically and to make epilation even more painless you can epilate shorter hair.

Conclusion – epilator is more painful than waxing because the pain you feel in one shot of waxing with epilator you will feel the same pain per second till you are moving the epilator on your skin.

Is it better to shave or epilate thighs?

Epilating is much better than shaving because it gives you smooth skin for weeks, on the other hand, shaving promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair root.

  • Cost – Shaving and epilation have almost the same cost. They both include a high upfront cost, a good epilator costs about $100, and a good shaving kit also costs around $100.
  • Convenience – epilator is more convenient than shaving because an epilator is just a single thing you need to epilate, while for shaving you need shaving cream, post-shaving cream, etc.
  • Pain – This is the key factor that encourages some women to choose to shave. Shaving causes no pain and epilation causes extreme initial pain. However, the pain vanishes after some time.
  • Results – With epilator results last for weeks and while shaving can provide smooth skin just for 2 – 3 days. This is why epilation is becoming so much popular among women. Because at the end of the day every woman wants smooth and hairless skin for weeks.
  • Conclusion –  if you want smooth and hairless skin for a long time then you can’t get a better and convenient option than epilation. Epilation is inexpensive and gives results that last the same as waxing does. The only condition at which you should avoid epilation is if you are super sensitive to pain.

Does epilating reduce hair growth?

Yes, regular use of epilators can reduce hair growth in that area. If you are lucky enough it can stop hair growth completely after long use in one area.

Just like waxing epilators also remove hair from the root.

Regular pulling out of the hair can damage the hair follicle and you will notice hair regrow thinner and slower each time you epilate. 

After epilation hair regrows generally in 2-4 weeks, but over time this time span will increase and hair regrowth time will be delayed. After years of epilation, it can stop hair growth semi-permanently or regrow very thin and take lots of time to regrow.

To stop hair regrowth it is important that you use an epilator frequently. As soon as hair grows to 0.5 – 1 mm, epilate immediately. This way it damages the hair follicle quickly and over time the hair follicle gets damaged completely and after that, it is no longer capable of growing hair.

How long does it take to Epilate your thighs?

To epilate any given small area takes me 30-60 seconds.

It takes 10-15 minutes to epilate both of my legs and to epilate my one thigh it takes me about 2-3 minutes.

But, I have 1 year of epilation experience and now my hair is thinner than before.

At first, when I had just started epilating my legs it took me 30-40 minutes to epilate just one leg. At that time I took long pauses and my hair was thick and coarse. Epilation pain was new to me and it was extreme but now it is worth it.

For beginners, it takes about half an hour to epilate one leg and 10-15 minutes to epilate just the thigh.

For an experienced person, it takes 10-15 minutes to epilate both legs, and to epilate thighs it takes 5-10 minutes completely.

Best Epilator for Thighs

Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-030

Key features

  • Full flexible pivot head
  • Senso smart technology
  • Two-speed setting
  • Smart light
  • Waterproof
  • Anti Slip grip
  • 50 minutes of cordless use
  • Extra accessories – massage and roller cap, facial cap, skin contact cap, trimmer comb, shaver & trimmer head, and body exfoliation brush.

Pros and cons

  • A Fully flexible pivot head can adapt to any contour.
  • It has 40 tweezers with micro grip technology that can pull the smallest hair.
  • SensoSmart technology helps to provide the right amount of pressure.
  • Battery life is amazing. It can be used for 50 minutes after one hour of full charge.
  • Get heated very quickly


You can epilate your thigh, although it is a little bit painful, you can manage it with the right process. Epilating thighs is much better than shaving and waxing because it is quick, easy, and inexpensive.

We have made a separate guide on how to epilate sensitive skin areas. Check this out.


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