Hair trimmers are a lifesaver for men. For easy and quick grooming of a beard use a trimmer. To be honest, a trimmer is the best tool to trim or groom a beard even better than a shaver.

There are 612 million males between the ages of 15- 24 in the world. So, you are not alone. Who does not know how to use hair clippers for your beard?

How to use a beard trimmer? Go against the direction of hair growth with the longest setting and gradually decrease the setting and trim all your beard until the desired length is achieved, remove any excess clogging.

This process includes some other steps but it will give you good insight.

In this article, we will know in detail how to use a beard trimmer step by step but the first requirement is having a good trimmer. for this read our detailed guide on how to find the best trimmer for you?

If you are using Philips trimmer, nova, Wahl, or MI doesn’t all the steps would be the same.


How To Use a Beard Trimmer?

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Follow these simple steps to effortless trimming of your beard


Preparation is the first and most important step, this step affects the efficiency of trimming the beard.

1. Dry your beard

Clean your beard with water first, it is easier to cut clean hair.

But do not use the trimmer in wet hair, it is not convenient and clogs the trimmer easily. 

For easy and more precise trimming dry your beard before trimming.

2. Dispense 2-3 drops Oil on the blades. 

Trimmer’s blades slide on one another. For better speed and to reduce the friction between them, oil the blades with olive oil or what comes with the clipper. 

  • Turn and drip the oil onto them allowing oil to spread all over the blades.
  • Wipe all the extra oil. Make sure that oil does not run into the motor compartment. 
  • Just start the trimmer for 20 seconds to test it. Its sound should minimize.

3. Get comfortable

A beard trimmer can take time depending on your desired style.

Put a towel around your shoulder and also put shit on the floor, so it would be easier to clean.

Use a mirror to see hard-to-see places such as the neckline.

4. Set to the longest setting

Most clippers give 0.5-1mm precise cutting. It depends on you, what length you want.

But, do not start with the shortest length, start with the longest length possible.

So, decide what length you want to cut, and ensure that you use the right comb attachment.

Actual trimming

1. Use in an upward direction

Use a trimmer in an upward direction.

Trim against the direction of the beard. Facial hair grows out and points downward.

So, point blades up and move them against the beard direction.

Keep it sturdy and avoid scratching your skin.

2. Keep it slow

Move the clipper slowly through the beard and give it time to cut.

If your trimmer is of good quality then don’t worry. But, you should move it slow for better precision.

3. Switch to lower guard

Once you have trimmed with the longest setting then use a lower length. Repeat the process, and again use a lower length.

Use lower and lower until the desired length is achieved.

4. Define neckline

For a perfect beard look, you need a neat and clean neckline and chin edges.

Edges require close shaving, for this, you can use a naked trimmer or safety razor, but for me, a naked trimmer without a guard does work.

After trimming

1. Clean your beard trimmer

Once all work is done, it is very important to clean the trimmer properly. of course, you can cleaning can be very easy for you if you have a vacuum trimmer.

  • You can clean the guard underwater because it is plastic.
  • After that remove the blade head by using a thumb. You will hear a popping sound.  
  • Use a brush to remove all the hairs from the blades.
  • If your trimmer is waterproof then you can put it underwater.

2. Oil trimmer for the next time

Oiling a trimmer after trimming is a good maintenance habit. If you have done it before trimming then there is no need.

But for better health and the long-lasting life of trimmer, it needs to be well lubricated.

If you trimmed after a long time then this step is necessary.

Our Recommendation – Wahl Stainless Steel All In One Men’s Grooming Kit 

We have made a complete guide on what is the best trimmer for men check it out. But if you don’t have time. Then 

Wahl electric trimmer is the best overall trimmer for men. We are not here to just review that because probably, you already have a trimmer. That is why you are here. But, if you are still here let me tell you, it is overall the best trimmer for men

It is an. One-time investment and after that you don’t need to buy anything.

This multipurpose tool provides all the necessary tools that you need to groom your beard completely delivering a high-tech lithium-ion battery.

This one tool is enough to groom, trim beard, close shave, trim your nose and ear.

In this trimmer, lithium-ion 2.0 technology is used which delivers unmatched run time and charge in just one hour. 

12 different length comb makes it even more comfortable.


  • T-blades for beard
  • Nose and ear trimmer
  • Shaver’s head
  • Single charge let run for 6 hours
  • 12 individual comb
  • Stainless steel blades

User ratings – Got 4.5 stars out of 5 stars based on 2000 purchasers at Amazon. Also got 4.3 stars for battery life and easy to use, out of 5 stars.

Pros and cons

  • It comes with four different attachments, Valdes for beard, mustache trimming, haircuts, touchup, and body grooming.

  • Wahl also provides a rotatory ear and nose trimmer.

  • Shaver head for a close shave and sharp neckline and edges.

  • 12 individual combs allow you to cut your beard in different lengths.

  • Long battery life, single full charge allows you to shave for 6 hours and no charge-discharge during storage. 

  • 1-hour full charge

  • Nothing


Trimmer or hair clippers are safe. You don’t need to worry about nicks and cuts. But, you need to take some precautions, if you are a first-timer and I am assuming you are a first-timer because other than that there is no reason to be here.

If you are using someone else’s trimmer wash it properly before using it on your body.

Happy trimming.

Most frequently asked questions

Should I use a trimmer or razor?

Depends on your need. Although, I prefer a trimmer. Shaving gives you only one to two days extra benefits. I think I can compensate for it with convenience. Trimming is quick and easy without the risk of nicks and cuts. There is no allergic reaction such as razor burns, razor bumps, and ingrown hair. Trimming can also provide a very close precision of 0.5mm which is enough

Can we use a trimmer for the private part?

Yes, you can use a trimmer on your private parts. Although the trimmer is very safe, but, you need to take some extra precautions. Before and after use, wash properly. After all most of the time, you are going to use it on your face.

Can we use a trimmer while charging?

No, you shouldn’t use a trimmer while charging. Most of the trimmer charges slow and discharge fast. It can leave your beard half done. So, check charging before use. Charge fully before using any trimmer. If the trimmer is not fully charged, postpone your trimming schedule 1 or 2 hours

Can I use someone else's trimmer?

Yes, you can use someone else trimmer, but wash it properly before use. You don’t know where it was used last time, maybe underarms or pubic region.

So, make sure you disinfect the trimmer before using it on your body.

Can you use a trimmer without a guard?

Yes, you can use a trimmer without a guard. I mostly use a trimmer without a guard. It gives close trimming and the highest possible precision. But you need to carefully, make it slant and Don’t push it into your skin. If you are the first-timer then avoid or take someone else’s help.


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