Most men don’t know how to use a rotary electric shaver properly.

Even if some people know, they are concerned about skin irritation which is of course not true because hair is cut under the foil. There is no issue with the skin.

If you have a coarse, thick, and stubble beard, and want to clean shave daily then a rotary shaver is the best choice for you. 

Rotary shavers are the best choice for you if you want a close, smooth and quick shave.

How to use a rotary shaver?Use a rotary shaver in a circular motion in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction, mixing circular motion with small back-and-forth strokes. Do not put pressure on the skin let the shaver do its work.

If you are wet shaving, rinse the shaver regularly under running water, and don’t tap the shaver against hard surfaces.

In this article, we will know how to use a rotary shaver properly in detail, so you can avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions.

But first, we should know what a rotary electric shaver is and how they work.


What is a rotary electric shaver?

how to use rotary shaver

A rotary shaver has three heads with round shaving foil under which blades move in a circular motion. 

Rotary shavers can be used in a circular motion around the head, face, legs, and body, unlike foil shavers which are used only back and forth.

A rotary shaver is best for people who have thick, rough, and coarse hair. You can find trouble with shaving if you have longer facial hair or do not shave daily.

4 Phase of the shaving 

There are four phases of shaving, it doesn’t matter if you are using a rotary shaver, foil shaver, or just a razor.

These four steps can be small and lengthy depending on your shaving type. For dry shaving, it would be a matter of time and for wet shaving, it can take 5 minutes to add to the process.

  • Pre-shave
  • Actual shave
  • Post-shave
  • Cleaning

You just can’t skip all three phases and jump to the actual shaving phase. These four shaving phases are equally important for a close and smooth shave and if you want to prevent ingrown hair and allergic reactions such as razor bumps, razor burns, and skin irritation, all steps are a must. 

For shaver maintenance and long-life cleaning, the step is just as important as the others.

How to shave with a rotary electric shaver properly?

Here we will shave with a rotary shaver phase by phase and step by step.

1. Pre-shave

Pre-shave is common for both foil and rotary electric shavers.

1. Trim extra long hair

A rotary shaver is not suitable to cut very long hair. If you are shaving for the first time then chances are you have long hair and it is recommended to trim long hair first. If you don’t know how to use a trimmer on your face check this.

2. Exfoliate your face

It doesn’t matter whether you are shaving wet or dry. You should exfoliate your skin first. 

You can use an exfoliator or just warm water to exfoliate the skin. Removing dead skin cells is also very important. 

If during shaving there will be follicle breakout which has a high chance, it will prevent entering dead cells, which further prevents the clogging of the pores. 

So, exfoliate your skin, don’t skip it.

Exfoliator for face – Paulas Choice – SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid Exfoliant

3. Wash with warm water

Although this step is covered above if you exfoliate your skin with warm water. But you need to know why you should wash your face with warm water before shaving.

It will soften your beard and exfoliate your skin and both are essential for a close and smooth shave.

4. Apply shaving cream evenly all around the face

If you are wet shaving then Apply shaving cream or shave gel evenly to the face and massage it for 2-3 minutes. 

Wet shaving is very effective in providing close shaves and it is less likely to irritate your skin.

2. Actual shave

Now we come to actual shaving. This phase determines how you shave and how satisfied you are with your shaving skill. 

How to use a rotary shaver on your skin?

In this, we will know how to actually use a rotary shaver for shaving –

1.  Move the shaver in a clockwise direction and then anticlockwise.

You are not restricted to any motion. But, in a circular motion, you can catch more hair in one stroke.

First, move it clockwise and then anticlockwise direction. It will help to capture and cut hair that grows in different directions.

2. Sometimes Mix circular motion with short and controlled up-and-down strokes

With a rotary shaver, you are not restricted to just circular motion. Mix circular motion with up and down motion too.

It will help to cut hair. In different directions and there will be less chance of getting left behind any contour.

3. Don’t put pressure, the shaver will do its work fine

Do not put any pressure, the shaver will do its work.

New people tend to put pressure which is not recommended. Let the shaver do it work, you can get close without putting pressure.

For maximum closeness, you can hover the shaver again and again, although it will increase the chances of skin irritation. But, if you put too much pressure it will also cause skin irritation.

4. If you are wet shaving, rinse the shaver regularly and do not tap the shaver on a hard surface and

When you are wet shaving, shaving cream, and hair are deposited on the shaver.

Excess shaving cream and hair can clog the shaver and it will affect the quality of the shaver.

People tend to tap a shaver on a hard surface because it takes no time. But, it will negatively affect the durability of the shaver.

Rinse the shaver regularly under running water instead of just tapping it on a hard surface.

3. Post shaving 

In this phase, you will know what to do when you are done with shaving.

1. Clean your face with water

When shaving is done, now it’s time to clean your face with water. Dry your face with a towel and now examine the face, whether is it whether you have shaved properly or not.

If yes then

2. Apply post-shaving gel or moisturizer

If everything is fine and you are satisfied with shaving then apply post-shaving cream. They are readily available in online and offline stores.

If now, the post-shaving gel is not available, you can apply moisturizer or just simply coconut oil.

4. Cleaning

This phase will determine the maintenance and durability of the rotary electric shaver.

Some people don’t pay attention to the cleaning part. But let me tell you, cleaning is an inseparable part of shaving. You can never close your shaving process without cleaning.

Clean the shaver properly. Sometimes some high-end electric shaver comes with an auto cleaning station. But, if you have a low to mid-range budget rotary electric shaver then the chances are, that it has no cleaning station.

To clean the shaver properly read the manual properly. Most of the shaver heads open with just one click. Put it under running water and it would be cleaned by itself.

Pros and cons with shaving rotary electric shaver

  • shavers cut thick and coarse hair well. If you have this kind of hair, a rotary shaver might be the better option for you.

  • It follows and adapts face contour easily. Blade’s head has a more frequent and independent motion.

  • A rotary shaver is a lot quieter than a foil razor. For silence at least more silent than foil shave you can choose a rotary shaver.

  • These are a suitable option for rough skin

  • Doesn’t give a close shave as much foil shaver gives. It can easily tackle thick hair but leave behind fine hair.

  • They are harder to clean manually than foil shavers 

  • They give clean shaving and hard-to-find precision with a rotary shaver. It is hard to do detailed work on the face.

1. Are rotary shavers better than foil shavers?

You just can’t compare them. Foil and rotary are made for a purpose. There is a reason behind why they are made. 

It depends on your needs and what is best for you.

If you have regular to tough skin with thicker and coarse hair rotary shavers are best for you.

For sensitive skin, with finer hair and detailed work on the face rotary might not be the best option for you, you can go with a foil electric shaver.

2. Can a rotary shaver give the closest shave?

No, a rotary shaver does give the closest shave. For the closest shave, a disposable razor and foil shaver are the best options for you.

However, disposable razors give the closest shave because there is no foil between the blade and the skin. Only blades will slide over the skin. But, it is not the safest.

For whom rotary shaver is the best option?

If you are a person with regular to tough skin or have thick and coarse skin and intended to shave daily then a rotary shaver is best for you.

3. Can you use shaver cream with rotary shavers?

Yes, you can always use shaving cream with a rotary shaver, but make sure your razor is compatible with wet shaving. Shaving cream will provide more safety and closeness during shaving

4. How long do rotary shavers last?

Reputed brands are more likely to last longer than others and also the price is also an important factor. Higher price, longer life expectancy.

High-end shavers can last for more than 10 years and mid electric shavers can last for 5-7 years and low-end shavers can last up to three years.

But, remember if you don’t care about shaving it can only last for a few months, so, clean it properly.


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