Oh, you are here.

It means you are new to shaving and have a foil shaver.

Let me tell you, the foil shaver is extremely good and free from nicks and cuts.

In this guide, we will know how to use a foil shaver properly.

What does `properly’ mean?

This means there is less likely to cause skin irritations and allergic reactions such as razor bumps, razor burns, and ingrown hair.

Allergic reactions and skin irritation are dependent on how you use the shaver.

How to use a foil shaver properly?

To use the foil shaver properly Hold the razor perpendicular and start with short and controlled strokes against the direction of the hair growth.

If needed stretch the skin with your free hand and make sure that you are changing the direction and the length of the strokes. It is recommended to start with sensitive skin areas first.

This guide is designed for first-timers and teenagers who are just starting or planning to start shaving with a foil shaver. 

There is also a beginner guide to rotary shavers, you can. Check that too.

First, we should know what a foil shaver is and how it works.


What is an electric foil shaver?

how to use foil shaver in aright way

Foil electric shaver consists of sharp blades that oscillate sideways extremely fast behind the ultra-thin foil. 

These sharp blades oscillate with a speed of up to 14,000 CMP. Of course, some may oscillate less. But you can easily find a shaver that has a speed of 14,000 CMP.

Hair enters through the perforated metal foil and is then cut by sharp blades.

Almost all the foil electric shavers consist of at least one trimmer designed to cut long and extra hairs to make them manageable.

Foil shaver provides the closest shave because of its ultra-thin foil which aligns face shape without shifting skin.

How to shave properly? 

When you use a shaver no matter if it is a simple razor, rotary, or foil. There are four major and common phases in shaving. You can’t complete shaving without going through these phases

You need to follow all of them for a comfortable and safe shave 

1. Pre-shave – In this, you need to get ready for shaving. Rinse face with water, choose better shaving cream, trim long hair if you are shaving the pubic region or even a face, etc

2. Actual shave – In this, you are doing actual shaving, moving the razor up and down, stroking long and short, etc. We will discuss it in detail.

3. Post-shaving – This step is also an important one. In this, you clean your face, rinse your face with water and apply post-shaving cream

4. Cleaning – it is not an actual part of shaving. But you need to follow it after every shave. Clean and dry your shaver properly. Check the battery for next time, etc.

How to use a foil electric shaver?

There are lots of well-known foil electric shaver brands available such as Braun, Panasonic, Philips, and many more. After reading the blog you don’t need to worry about how to use a Braun foil shaver or Philps or Panasonic. If you follow the process properly, you will shave smoothly and without complications with any of these.

These are some easiest steps to follow to shave properly with a foil electric shaver –

1. Pre-shave

1. Cut long hair – make your hair 3 to 4cm long 

For convenience, cut extra long hair with the trimmer. For dry shaving, it becomes necessary. Too long hair can cause yanking, tugging, and plucking. Cut hair to the optimal length. Nowadays, most electric shavers come with a pop-up trimmer. So, you don’t need to lose an extra buck to buy a trimmer. If you are shaving down there trim first because down there their hairs are long, of course, if you are shaving the first time.

2. Exfoliate your skin with a cleanser

For wet shaving, clean your face thoroughly. Wash your face with cleanser and warm water. It softens your hair and makes them easy to cut. You can also apply alcohol base pre-shave to get dry skin

3. Apply shaving cream or gel for 5 minutes

Massage some foam or gel on all skin from where you want to shave. This step also needs to follow if you are shaving the pubic area. 

Leave it there for 5 minutes. It will soften thick, rough, and coarse hair.

2. How to shave properly with a foil shaver?

These are six simple steps to shave with a foil electric shaver –

1. Hold the razor perpendicular and apply little to no pressure

If you are new to shaving, then you need to remember to hold the razor perpendicular. After that, you can adjust the angle according to the need. Apply little to no pressure if it isn’t cutting hair with precise closeness then you can again hover the razor over that space.

2. Short and controlled stroke against the direction of the hair growth

First, start with small and controlled strokes against the direction of the hair growth. This will reduce the irritation and provide more closeness as well as follow every contour very smoothly.

3. Stretch your skin with your free hand

Stretch your skin using your free hand. This helps to track every single contour and causes hair to stand straight which helps the shaver in cutting.

You will need it where the skin is in the fold such as the neck and chin. You can also tilt your head, hold your chin skin up and shave below the jawline.

4. Change the direction and the length of the stroke

Short strokes aren’t some kind of rule. You can mix long and short strokes as per your need. Also, change the direction of the stroke in between.

For example, you can try long strokes on the cheeks and short strokes on the neck and jawline.

5. Start with sensitive skin area first

Start with the neck first. Shaver will generate heat, so you need to tackle sensitive areas first. It will affect sensitive areas more and cause inconvenience, you will know when you will get some experience.

6. Increase pressure if needed

Being gentle is your first step. But if you need more pressure you can apply. Don’t just push a shaver into your skin. Do it gently and carefully.

The amount of pressure will depend on the sensitivity of your skin. Some need more pressure and some less. So adjust carefully.

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3. Post-shave

1. Apply post-shaving creams

This step is the single most important step to follow. When you rub the shaver repeatedly, it can irritate your skin and cause allergic reactions such as razor bumps, razor burns, and ingrown hair. 

It will soothe skin and help to prevent ingrown hairs.

4. Cleaning 

1. Clean the shaver properly

With some high-end shaver cleaning stations also included you don’t need to clean them manually Panasonic Arc5, Braun 9 series, and many more. 

But a low-end shaver needs to be cleaned Manually. So read the guide carefully. You don’t want to ruin your shaver 

Pros and cons of shaving with foil electric shaver

  • Foil shaver gives closer than rotary. If you have small and fine hair, holes between the foil pull hair inward and cut them very finely.

  • They are gentler on sensitive skin as compared to rotary shavers.

  • A foil shaver provides more versatility than a rotary. It can cut thick, fine, long but not too long, and has small hairs.

  • They can provide you with a cut line and different beard styles while their counterpart rotary shaver can just give a clean shave

  • They are much noisier than rotary shavers.

  • Restricted to the movement. You can move them in just back and forth, circular motion is restricted.

  • Can’t shave long hair. You need to trim long hairs first.

Final word

You can’t be perfect just reading how to shave. 

It is a trial and error process, with time you will learn it better.

Just follow this process properly. You can make some adjustments to these tips according to your comfort. 

Give yourself time, and you will learn it.

Most importantly let me know your shaving experience in the comment section.

Happy shaving


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