Grooming down there is more common than you might think. 

Women are more concerned about secret garden grooming than men.

A recent survey found that more than 80% of women groom pubic hair regularly and 5% of women groom down there daily. About 75% of women remove hair from the front and bikini line monthly. More than 60% of women wipe their hair completely.

Trimming is an easy, quick, and convenient way to groom pubic hair.

Momen or we should say teen girls aren’t familiar with trimming because they have just hit puberty and their hair just started to grow. 

Believe me, trimming is the easiest and most convenient way to remove hair, it takes 5-10 minutes and anyone can do that without any risk and expertise.

Trimming is better than shaving. Trimming gives you good results, it is quick a process and you can trim daily it won’t take even 2 minutes if you do it daily. On the other hand, shaving takes time, and you need to prepare for it, during shaving there is a risk of nicks and cuts and after shaving there can be razor bumps, razor burns, irritation, redness, etc.


How to Use Trimmer for Ladies?

how to use bikini trimmer

If you are a teen girl or starting trimming for the first time you need to remember a few things. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Philips, Veet or nova trimmer process would be the same.

1. Check the trimmer

We assume that you already have a trimmer if don’t check the 5 best trimmer list.

How to check the trimmer?

Before starting trimming make sure your trimmer has enough charge. We really don’t want to leave our business half done. 

  • Clean blades with a brush 
  • some trimmer blades need to be oil, which makes it easier to slide blades over one another which helps to not pluck hair and cut smoothly.
  • Use a timmer guard if you are a first-time user, but most of the trimmers are not sharp and safe you can skip using a comb or guard if you want a close shave.

If the trimmer, is not enough charged, it takes just 15 min to charge the trimmer to do your work.

2. Make hair 1-2 inches long

If your pubic hair is too long then you need to make it shorter. 

You can use a trimmer guard or comb to make hair shorter probably to 1-2 inches long before making them shorter than 1mm.

Through short hair, it is easy to maneuver around and cut in precision. 

It will also make this process faster later.

Don’t worry if you groom more frequently you might not need that.

3. Clean with warm water

Before start trimming the bath with warm water or trim the father showering.

If you want to trim first then splash the pubic region with lukewarm water. It will make hair softer and easier to trim.

It will open hair follicles, for close shaving you can try that.

Soak or clean hair before 5 minutes of trimming.

4. Start trimming

After all, have done start trimming.

Inside to outside, if you are trimming the pubic region, trim from inside to outside toward your body or legs at first. It will be safer, especially for first-timer.

Although if you are trimming in other parts of the body then trim against the hair growth.

For example, if you are trimming your legs then go ankle to up.

Hold your skin tightly, curly skin makes it hard to trim.

Do not push blades to the skin.

5. Do not go fast

Cut in precision trim slowly and don’t go fast. When hair is very short then you can go back and forth for the closest trimming possible.

A good quality trimmer can cut with 0.5mm precision which is good enough. If you want more precision you can use an electric shaver to give the final touch.

6. Again wash with water

Now again wash the pubic region properly, it will clean all the small hairs that stick to your skin and won’t let curl inside the tips of the hair which can cause ingrown hair.

Pat dry your skin and also clean the head of the trimmer and trimmer comb if you used it.

7. Apply aloe gel or moisturizer

Sometimes we try to trim more and close, and we rub the trimmer, again and again, which can cause a burning sensation and dryness.

Sensitive skin is more prone to irritation, so as a precaution you can apply moisturizer or aloe vera gel.

How to make bikini trimming even easier?

1. Choose the right trimmer

You need to choose the right trimmer for extra convinced and precise control over hair length.

You need a lightweight and narrow trimmer for pubs. Se

 If you don’t know what to choose check this out.

2. Trim frequently but not daily

Even if pubic hair makes you uncomfortable do not trim it daily. It’s not worth your time. You should trim in a 3-5 days cycle. Also, you feel easy and comfortable.

3. Wash the trimmer properly

Always wash the trimmer properly after use. It will make it easier to shave the next time.

4. Use a mirror

You can use a mirror for more details. It is a bit harder to see down there, especially for girls. You can use a mirror as your third eye to see a secret garden.

5. To avoid a burning sensation, first your condition skin 

Before trimming condition your skin first. Wash with warm water, making hair softer and easy to trim.


To use ladies or female trimmers doesn’t matter if it is of Philips, Nova, or Veet, they all are safe and there is almost negligible chance of nicks and cuts.

You don’t need any expertise, but of course, there is a process to follow to make trimming easier. If you have experience with trimming then don’t worry. But if you are new to trimming then follow this whole process which is simple and quick.

The most frequently asked question

Do most girls shave down there?

Yes, most girls shave down there. A recent study found that about 75% remove hair from the bikini line and front. More than 60% go completely bare.

Can you use a men’s trimmer?

You can use a men’s trimmer but isn’t advised. The bikini trimmer is lightweight, easy to hold, and narrow which makes them useful for the pubic region.

Do guys prefer no hair down there?

Yes, most men prefer no hair down there. A survey data reveal that 46% like complete bare down there, 30% like trimmed, 12% like landing strips, and very small 6% like the natural look.

How often should you shave your vag?

It depends on how much you like or tolerate it down there. If you do a close shave it lasts 2 days and needs to shave 3-4 days later.

Although, you should shave your vag once a week.

How much pubic hair is normal for a woman?

It is normal to have lots of pubic hair. Most pubic hairs grow between 1-1.5 inches with pof 0.5mm per day.


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