If you are thinking about shaving your head, it is actually a good thing.

Everyone should shave their head at least once in two years. 

Shaving the head helps to clean the scalp and remove damaged hair.

Although, shaving your head is not simple as the face.

While shaving your head your position gets uncomfortable and sometimes you can’t see the area you are shaving such as the back of your head. 

In this guide, you will learn how to shave your head quickly and comfortably without any expertise.


How to use an electric shaver on the head the right way?

how to use foil shaver in aright way, shaver for coarse hair

Shaving your head with an electric razor isn’t hard for a beginner too as compared to the regular razor.

There is no danger of cutting your scalp. But, using the right techniques is important because there is no danger of nicks and cuts, but the possibility of razor burns, razor bumps, ingrown hair, irritation, etc.

You should follow all these steps properly-

1. Get necessary tools

Hair clipper

While shaving a beard you may not need a hair clipper, but to shave your head you need a hair clipper. Without a hair clipper, you can’t shave your head. You will know about this later in detail. But hair clippers will help you to cut down hair length to the optimal length.

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If at this moment you don’t have a hair clipper then you can use a scissor. Although with a scissor, it would take lots of time and possible danger of cuts in your scalp, be careful. For beginners, scissors are not recommended.

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Electric shaver

how to shave your head

Getting the right electric shaver is also most important.

While shaving your head you will not always see the shaving area such as the back of the head. You’ll be in an uncomfortable position and surely you don’t want to be in this position for long. So get a good quality electric shaver.

If you are choosing a foil electric shaver then it must have a powerful motor, good battery life, and most importantly 3 or more blades. 4 or 5 blades would be better. It means you don’t go to the same place again and again. For this purpose, you can choose Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV95-S or Braun series 7 or 9.

But, for a shaving head, a foil shaver is not the best choice. Instead of this, you can go with rotary shavers.

Rotary shavers cover a larger area, easily adapt to scalp curves, and are used in a circular motion.

Rotary shavers are better options to cut thick and tough hair. If you want to shave your head forever then you should buy a dedicated rotary shaver. There are lots of rotary shavers that are separately made just to shave heads and they have 4 or 5 blades which can reduce the time to half and are more comfortable than anything. For this, you can choose Philips Norelco S8950/91 or AsaVea Five-Headed head shaver.


A mirror will help you to shave hard-to-see places. Get two mirrors if you can. One set behind your head in which your head sees perfectly and adjusts the front mirror that way so you can see back mirror reflection in the front mirror. Adjust the back mirror above your head and tilt it down, so that you can easily adjust the front mirror accordingly.

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2. Preparation – Softens your hair

First, you need to soften your hair, especially if you have coarse and thick hair. We have made a detailed guide on how to soften hair.

Take a warm bath, it will soften your hair and remove dust particles, oil, and condition your skin.

If it is not possible then at least wash your head with warm water. Use a towel to dry it, let there be some moisture.

3. Pre-Task – Short long hair to 3-4mm

There is one task before shaving your head. Now you will need a hair clipper. Most of the electric shaver comes with a Pop-up trimmer. You can use that too.

You need to cut down long hair to the length of 3 to 4 mm. Shaver only cuts that length properly.

Hair clippers can reduce hair length to 1 mm or less. So if you have a decent hair clipper, you can use it first.

If you don’t have a hair clipper then you can also use scissors.

You have seen a barber cut hair for a long time, so you might already be familiar with the process of a scissor.

First, cut the longest hair strand top to the bottom and move the side. You need to be extra cautious when cutting hair around the ear because in the mirror your hand moves differently.

Although if practically speaking it is very difficult to cut your own hair with scissors. So, if you can only afford scissors and your electric shaver doesn’t have a trimmer, then it is best to ask another person to help to shorten the hair.

4. Actual Shaving – Use foil or rotary shaver

If you have followed all the steps properly till now. You should only be left with stubble.

When only stubble left the actual shaving part started.

It doesn’t matter whether you wet or dry shave with an electric shaver. So it is your choice you can use shaving cream or just go dry.

If you are shaving with a foil shaver, then don’t rush, go gently with a small back and forth stroke.  Don’t press it too hard against the skin.

It will take time but eventually, you will have a perfectly shaved head.

But, if you are using a Rotary shaver then this job is going to be very easy for you. Go slowly in a circular motion, clearing the side and back first, and then move to your scalp. If too many hairs are here and there, first clean all the hair, after that again start shaving, and eventually, you will be left with a perfectly bald head.

5. After shave care- Apply lotion

Wash your head with lukewarm or cold water. You can wash with warm water, now it is totally your choice.

Dry with a towel and apply after shave lotion. It will condition your skin and hair.

6. Cleaning – Maintain your electric shave and hair clipper

This step is very essential to maintain the Electric shaver and increase the life span of your shaver.

Clean your shaver head and trimmer head with water. Oil your trimmer and let your shaver dry before putting it in case.

Things to remember when shaving your head

  • Use a clean electric shaver or you can disinfect before using it especially if you are using someone else’s
  • Check skin underneath hair for acne, scar, or rash.
  • Use a good quality electric shaver
  • Use hair clipper instead of scissor
  • Use a mirror for extra help
  • After shaving makes sure that there are no patches left.
  • Try to avoid using traditional razors or disposable razors.

Final thought

After reading this now you are already aware of how to shave your head the right way? 

Shaving your head is not a difficult task, everyone can do that without any expertise. Always shave your head when you have time. Don’t shave in a rush and use a hair clipper which is safer.


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