If you are a guy with a dense and nice beard and consistently using razors. Then removing and changing the razor blades might be simple for you.

But, if you are a person who has just started using a razor, you will need this skill.,

Changing blades is very simple. Anyone can do that. Although we are going to discuss it later.

How to remove the blade of the razor?

Push the button and pull out if you are using a disposable razor. If you are using a safety razor then twist the handle in the anticlockwise open upper plate and replace the old blade with a new one.

but if you want to take apart the disposable razor then soften both sides of the razor and pull out the blade with a tweezer of needle nose pliers.

But, taking apart Gillette razor blades is not something that is meant for everyone.

You need to learn although learning is very simple, learning how to take apart razor blades is very important otherwise you will hurt yourself very badly. 

This a detailed guide. You will learn these steps visually and step by step in this article.

But, it would help if you were careful because Neither you nor we want this. So, in this, we will give step-by-step instructions for changing and removing razor blades.


How to change the blade of a safety razor? – With Video

When you feel your blade is dull and pulling and tugging on hair, it is time to change the safety razor blade. I used to use safety razors for 2 to 3 years, although now I am using Gillette razors, I have a lot of experience changing the blades of safety razors.

Changing safety razor blades is the easiest task you can do. Just follow these instructions. I have also embedded a video for a better experience.

1. Hold the razor properly

The first thing you need to do is hold the razor properly. 

Hold the razor head with a non-dominant hand from the breadth side carefully. Safety Razor blades can cut easily, so you need to be extra careful.

Holding the razor handle in your dominant hand, it will give you the power to move the razor handle freely.

2. Twist the razor handle counter-clockwise

When the holding part is done. Now you need to twist the razor hand in a counterclockwise direction to unscrew the handle. When unscrewing is done this leads me to the next step.

3. Remove the upper plate 

Now, you are going to expose the blade. Remove the upper plate. But, it should be in the right position, so the blade stays on the razor. Do not tilt the razor.

4. Replace the blade with a new one

Now it’s time. To replace the blade with a new blade. Be careful. Hold the new blade cautiously and put exactly where the old one is.

5. Put the bottom plate back and insert the handle and twist clockwise

Put the bottom plate back on the blade without touching the blade. The blade should be in its original position. If everything is right insert the handle and twist it clockwise. Now you are ready for the next shave

This process might seem long but it’s not. It is one of the easiest things you can do and doesn’t take more than a minute.


How to change the blade of Gillette Venus? – With image

Changing the razor blades of a disposable razor is even simpler than a safety razor. Here to show you, we will change the razor blade of Gillette Venus.

1. Hold the razor blade in the right position

hold razor properly
Hold the razor sidewise

Hold the head of the razor blade in a non-dominant hand in a side-wise position, not from the front side. Grip the razor hand in your dominant hand.

Although, you will know instinctively how to hold the razor.

2. Put the thumb on the button on the neck and press it, at the same time pull the razor head.

push the button
Press Button

When you have held the razor properly. Now, put the thumb on the button on the neck of the razor with the hand you are holding the handle.

During pressing also pull the razor head with the other hand.

pull the head
Pull Head or handle

Now, the head and handle should be separated. If not, try to understand the previous steps.

3. Push the new razor blade on a handle

If you have separated the razor blade from the handle. Now, it’s time to replace the old razor with a new one.

put razor handle in head
Take new blade

Open a new razor blade and push it into the razor handle. It should easily fit into the handle. Now you got a new razor blade with the old handle. Interesting huh?

pink Gillete venus
Push Into the Blade
Now it’s done

How to take apart razor blades? – Step-By-Step With Photos

When you take apart the disposable razor blade you will need a lighter or candle, tweezers or needle-nose pliers, and a matchbox.

Although you need to be careful when you are using these tools because you can easily hurt yourself with a candle or with hot plastic, and believe me hot plastic gives the most painful wound.

I have also done this process the first time I have done it easily. But, when I tried this method the second time I became overconfident and overheated the plastic and put a drop of hot plastic on my hand when I was looking somewhere else. And I really don’t want you to experience that painful experience.

So, my advice to you is not to become overconfident and be careful. No matter how perfect you are. You are here, so I am assuming you are a first-timer trying this.

1. Prepare all necessary tools

You need to gather all tools and put them in one place, so you can find them easily when you need them. Also, keep one wet towel in case you hurt yourself with a plastic or a candle.

Things you will need

  • Tweezers although needle-nose plier does a better job
  • Matchbox or lighter candle
  • And of course, the disposable razor itself

2. Soften the plastic with the flame

soften both side of the razor
Softens both sides

Now, the actual process begins.

Lighten up the candle and hold the razor above the candle for 15 to 20 seconds on each side.

Don’t over-melt the plastic otherwise, it will coat the blade with plastic.

Razors are not made with superior plastics, so they are easily melted.

3. Grab the blade with needle-nose pliers

take out blade with tweezers
Take out the blade with a tweezer or needle-nose plier

It’s time to take apart blades from razors.

Both sides of the razor are softened. Now immediately take needle nose pliers and grab the topmost blade.

Doesn’t matter if there are two, three, or five blades. Start with the most blade.

Although, if there are only two blades. You can start with the top or bottom.

But if more than two blades, then only start with the top blade.

4. Hope you didn’t get hurt during the process. But, if you are, use a wet towel on the wound, and don’t scratch plastic from the wound immediately.


I have used safety razors for quite a long period of time. Although I am using a Gillette razor right now, I have quite a long experience with safety razors in changing the blade. And of course, I am using a Gillett razor right now, so I am sharing my experience with these razor blades.

Changing the blade of the safety razor and a disposable razor is the easiest task you can do.

But taking apart the disposal razor blade is tough and sometimes painful.

If you are taking apart the razor blades carefully, it is quite an easy task, but you can easily hurt yourself.


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