Body hair including belly hair is normal for both men and women.

Although, some people do not like to clean belly hair because most of the time belly hair is covered with cloth.

While for some people belly hair driving crazy.

Can you remove belly hair safely? – Yes, belly hair can be removed safely with waxing, shaving, hair removal creams, laser, and epilators.

The cheapest and most preferred method to remove belly hair is an epilator.

Epilating stomach hair is a little bit painful but easy. You can epilate at home without being an expert. 

It is good to see you here because researching before putting your hand on what you don’t know is really a good habit.


Things You are Going to Need to Remove Hair 

These are the basic four basic things you are going to need to remove hair from your stomach.


Although there are several epilators under $20 to $30. If you want to check whether epilation is for you or not then this $30 epilator is for you. But, if you want to use an epilator for a long time let’s say 5 to 10 years then check out the $99 Epilator, it can serve you for a decade.


Without exfoliation, epilation can’t complete. Before epilation, exfoliation is mandatory for this you can buy any type of exfoliator or regular scrub.

You should also exfoliate your skin after epilation. For this, you should use an exfoliating pad that can exfoliate your skin without rubbing.

Post-waxing or after shaver

If you don’t want to use exfoliating pad then you can use tend skin or PFB vanishes. It can exfoliate your skin as well as keep your skin clean.

Hair growth inhibitor

To remove hair permanently from your belly you should definitely use a hair growth inhibitor. It will slow down hair growth after Epilation. Check prices at Amazon

How to Use an Epilator on Stomach Hair in the Right Way?

This is a complete guide on removing stomach hair with an epilator. Although, collectively it is more of a tip.

1. Is this worth it or not

Before epilating stomach hair, your first job is to analyze whether it is worth it or not.

First, analyze how much hair you have, how much time your belly is shown, the color of the hair, the density of the hair, etc.

If you have thin and very little hair on your belly then you can try shaving, bleaching, or using depilatory creams. 

I guess you are hereafter realizing that you want a clean belly because that is why you are here. Otherwise, you would be on an article should I epilate stomach hair or not? 

If you want to show your abs or want to wear mini dresses definitely epilating stomach hair is worth it.

2. Painful experience

After deciding that you want to epilate belly hair.

Now, this is the time to prepare for pain.

The stomach is a really sensitive area, there we have sensitive skin.

So, it is better to prepare for pain.

The pain you are going to feel during epilating is far less than epilating pubic hair or during Brazilian epilation. But, more than epilating arms, legs, and face.

If epilating pubic hair pain is 10 then pain during epilating stomach is 7.

So, if you have experience with epilating pubic hair then don’t worry you have felt more pain than that.

Don’t worry if you don’t have experience with epilation, you can use numbing cream. Which we will discuss later in detail.

3. Hair length should be 3 to 5 mm

For epilation, the ideal hair length is 3 to 5 mm.

Too short hair is not easy to grab and too long hair can traumatize your skin.

Hairs less than 0.5mm are extremely difficult to grab, and although there are epilators that can grab 0.5mm hair, they are on the high end.

Hair more than 5 mm is ideal for waxing, but for epilators, it can cause extra mess and pain.

To get the right hair length, you can trim or shave hair 3 to 4 days before epilation.

4. Exfoliate

Cleaning the skin and removing dead skin cells is extremely important to prevent ingrown hair.

To do so exfoliate your skin 24 to 48 hours before epilation.

Don’t exfoliate too near to epilation, it can make you over-sensitive and can cause pain and redness.

5. Plan for several session

If you are epilating for the first time then you might not take this seriously because you don’t know the pain.

But, believe me, the stomach has a large area, and to epilate this in one session can cause a lot of pain.

Epilate small areas little by little and plan to epilate your stomach in a week or more. This way your body will adapt to pain.

When you epilate your stomach in a week or so, after that you can plan to epilate the stomach once a month.

If you are epilating your stomach for the first time, plan for several sessions after that you can do that according to your need and pain tolerance.

6. Clean your belly

Make sure your belly is cleaned. Remove oil, dirt,  and moisturizer properly. 

For sure you have exfoliated your skin because it is the first part to be done 24 hours before.

But, dirt and oil can sit on your skin in between this time.

So make sure you rinse your skin thoroughly and clean the oil. You can use a cleanser to do so.

Hair should be dry so that Epilator can grab hair firmly.

7. Clean the epilator before using

Before starting epilation make sure you clean the epilator properly. 

Not only dirt and oil on your skin can cause Ingrown hair but dirt on the epilator head can also cause ingrown hair.

If the epilator had been used by someone else there could be bacteria on the epilator’s head that can cause irritation.

Make sure you clean it properly, at least with water.

Check out our guide on How to clean an epilator?

8. Go slowly and steadily

Go slowly and steadily.

Don’t just rush into it. First, start with the lowest speed setting. Keep the epilator 90° to the skin and steadily so that the epilator can grab small and long hair firmly.

Check out our guide on – how to epilate painlessly.

9. Keep skin tout

While going slowly you can use your free hand to keep your skin tight.

Tout skin offers epilator smooth skin and if the hair is flat-lying it makes them stand only if they are dry.

It will also help the epilator to grab small hair on the loose skin area.

10. Soothe skin after epilation

After epilating skin, it is very important to soothe and calm skin.

You can calm your skin with home remedies or over-the-counter solutions.

You can use aloe vera, cold compress, apple cider vinegar, etc. to soothe skin naturally.

But, if you are out of these ingredients you can also apply some over-the-counter solutions such as aloe vera gel, cortisone, after shaver, etc.

If you don’t know how to soothe skin properly then try ours after an epilation guide.

11. Prevent ingrown hair

Ingrown hair is more common with epilation than with any other hair removal method.

It is more common in the belly because hair and follicles are thicker here which means there are more chances of getting follicles clogged and causing ingrown hair.

The best way to prevent ingrown hair is to remove dead skin cells and keep the skin clean.

Exfoliation is the best way to keep the skin clean but over-exfoliation can cause rashes and redness.

So,  you can use post-waxing such as tend skin which is my personal favorite.

12. Use hair-grown inhibitors

To keep your belly smooth forever you can use hair re-growth minimizers. It will reduce hair regrowth as much as possible. These creams are inexpensive. You can get these creams for under $10. My Personal Gigi Slow Grow inhibitors 

Final thought

Epilating stomach hair is simple just like any other body part. 

But, remember epilating the stomach is much more painful than other body parts and ingrown hair is also common here.

So make sure that you soothe the skin after epilation properly and use numbing cream after epilation.

Follow these tips properly if you want to epilate your stomach with the minimum pain possible.

Most frequently asked questions

How to get rid of stomach hair without shaving?

There are several other ways to get rid of stomach hair such as waxing, hair removal cream, epilation, electrolysis, laser, etc. Although, some of them can remove hair permanently such as electrolysis and laser. But, they are quite expensive.

Is it normal for a girl to have hair on her stomach and chest?

It is normal to have hair on the stomach and chest for a girl. If a girl has too much hair on her stomach and chest this could be due to a high androgen level. But it is common.

Does shaving stomach hair make it thicker?

No, shaving does not make stomach hair thicker. This is due to the illusion after shaving hair regrows blunt which makes them look thicker

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