If you are not a fan of waxing and don’t like stubble after shaving, the most convenient and natural option for you is Epilation.

Epilation is safe, you can epilate pubic hair safely. Despite being safe for pubic hair it hurts the most down there. 

If you are using an epilator for the first time then it is going to hurt like hell.

Epilators can easily grasp thick hair, but thick hair hurts the most when gets pulled.

You can reduce the pain by following the right procedure and sticking with dos and don’ts.

The good news is that hair regrowth is finer and thinner and pain also decreases over time.

Although epilation becomes less painful over time, remember the epilator is a combination of 30 to 50 tweezers that pull hair from the root, so pain is never going to be zero.


Can you epilate full Brazilian with an epilator?

Yes, you can epilate full Brazilian with an epilator. Epilators are safe to use on the bikini line, buttcheeks, and around the butthole region. Definitely, the whole process is painful but you can make epilation painless. For this, you need to follow a process that is briefly described below.

pain scale to apilate down there
Purple – highest pain, blue- lowest pain

You can use waxing and shaving but shaving doesn’t give results for long as an epilator and waxing are not convenient as an epilator. For best results and convincing epilator is the best.

Epilate pubic hair without pain at home

These are a few steps you need to follow every time you epilate the bikini line, buttcheeks, around the butthole, and most intimate part. When you epilate the vag and around the anus, these parts have the most sensitive skin, you will feel extreme pain there.

Epilating can also be divided into three parts like shaving.

  • Preparation – it will make sure that epilation goes smoothly and without pain
  • Actual epilation – it is the actual epilation. In this step you move the epilator over the hair, it will be painless or painful preparation would decide this
  • After epilation – this step is essential to prevent any skin irritation, redness, ingrown hair, etc.

These all steps are essential to make the whole epilation process painless.

How to epilate pubic hair at home (without pain) – Step-by-step guide

Preparation- 5 most important steps to prepare for epilation

Preparing your skin for epilation is the most important part of epilation. Only this step will ensure that epilation goes smoothly and painlessly.

1. Hair should be 3-5mm but no less than 0.5mm

trimme, how to epilate pubic hair

Epilators can’t grasp long hair easily. Long hairs are inconvenient and pulling long hair hurts a lot because flat-lying long hair lies on each other so you don’t have strict control over it.

  • Use your special bikini trimmer.
  • Trim carefully, at this time you are trimming the most sensitive skin. Read our guide on how to use a bikini trimmer.
  • Use a comb to make sure that your hair isn’t too short.
  • A modern premium epilator can pick 0.5mm long hair but it would be better if you epilate 3-5mm long hair. Too short hair gets broken easily.
  • You don’t need to follow this step every time. You can skip this step when you epilate next time because from now on you are going to epilate frequently.

2. Wash the area properly or take a warm bath

If you don’t have much time then you can just wash the area properly and thoroughly.

But, if you do have some time to spare then take a warm bath.

Warm water will open the pore which makes pulling off the hair painless.

3. Exfoliate with an exfoliator or body scrub

  • Dead skin cells can clog the open hair follicle which can cause ingrown hair.
  • Removing the dead skin cells is very important in order to prevent ingrown hair.
  • You can use a body scrub or exfoliator brush to remove dead skin cells
  • Exfoliators also stimulates hair follicles which also reduces the pain
  • Don’t do it for too long, when I was exfoliating the skin I did it for 7-10 minutes. But, it is not necessary to exfoliate the skin for this long. This step should be completed in 2-3 minutes.
  • Exfoliate your skin 24 hours before epilation.

4. Get comfortable

Full Brazilian may take up to 30 minutes, although it really depends on the individual.

But, down there is sensitive skin, and believe me, it hurts a lot, you can expect 20 to 30 minutes just to epilate down there.

To sit this long you have to get comfortable first.

5. Use numb cream or take painkiller pills 30 minutes before

best numbing cream for epilating and waxing

Believe it or not, epilation down there hurts like hell. In fact, in your whole body, this is the part where you feel the highest pain on the pain scale.

If you can bear this pain you can bear all epilation pain in your body.

If you are using an epilator for the first time down there, then the only thing that can save you from this is numbing cream or painkiller pills.

The best thing that you can do is use numbing cream. 

But if numbing cream is not available, you can also take a painkiller pill. First, make sure that the painkiller starts showing its effect, only after that start epilator.

Numbing creams are very easy to find and get. Check out our guide on the 7 best numbing creams for epilation.

How to use numbing cream? 

  • Put on gloves
  • Do a patch test 24 hours before
  • Apply the cream directly to the skin where you want to epilate.
  • Wait for 30 minutes and then wash it
  • Start epilating

Actual epilation – 6-Step to use epilator on pubic hair

This step includes the actual epilation. Although all steps are equally important, this step will teach you – how to use an epilator on pubic hair properly.

1. Angled epilator at 90 degrees

Epilators should be exactly angeled 90 degrees on your skin. Sometimes epilators have slight bends from the bottom. At that time it isn’t necessary to angle the epilator at 90 degrees.

epilate down there without pain

Epilator’s tweezers should be directly 90 degrees over the skin. 

It will help the epilator to grab hair perfectly and pull it over.

2. Go slow and steady

Move the epilator slowly and steadily over your skin. Moving fast can break the hair and if hair gets a break from just above the root it may damage and cause ingrown hair.

Slow and steady movement helps the epilator grab and pull the hair from the root properly. It also helps with continuing the process without pain.

3. At first lift the epilator a little bit

epilate down there without pain,

If you have too much hair then try to pull long hair at first. In the beginning, the epilator moves slowly, barely touching the skin. Just lift the epilator a little bit, not too much, just a little bit over the skin. It will help the epilator to grab long hair.

4. Go against the direction and pick as many hairs you can

It is recommended to go against the grain.

But, Down there it is hard to find the direction of the hair because hairs are coarse and curly.

Once you trimmed (which is also discussed above) hair try to grab the maximum hair possible in one stroke.

5. Second time move the epilator along the skin

When you have removed the long hair. Now, you can move the epilator along the skin. This time you can touch the epilator with the skin, but don’t push into the skin too much.

6. Epilate the area little by little

Don’t try to epilate all areas at once; it will hurt too much. Just try to epilate a small area at once. If it is hurting too much, take a break and then try after some time. Especially in the Brazilian area where the pain is unbearable for the first time. Though it will hurt you far less if you have some experience with epilator epilating Brazilian but pain is never going to be zero. Still, you are going to feel some.

After epilation – Very important to avoid any after effect

After epilation, steps are very important to avoid ingrown hairs, rashes, irritation, etc. but this step also includes cleaning the epilator which is essential in order to increase its lifespan of the epilator.

1. Apply soothing lotion

After epilation, there are high chance that it can irritate your skin and cause redness, burning sensation, and allergic reactions. So always use soothing lotion after epilation this way you protect your skin from minor wear and tear.

  • Use a soothing lotion with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba oil, etc.
  • If you have sensitive skin then try to use fragrance-free lotion.

2. Clean your epilator

After epilation, cleaning the epilator is also very important to use it lifelong and get the maximum out of it.

Follow these steps to clean the epilator 

  • Disassemble epilator head
  • Use a cleaning brush to dust off
  • Wash the epilator head under running water.
  • Wash it with alcohol or soap to disinfect it.

7 Steps to make epilation absolutely painless

Remember these clever tips and tricks during epilation. These tips will help you to epilate your pubic hair painlessly. It will need no extra money. Just need to be extra prepared and cautious.

1. Use warm water and a towel to numb the pain

When you epilate immediately dip the towel in warm water and pat it. It will help you to numb the pain immediately.

During the process only use warm water when the process is done then you can use cold water or ice.

This way your skin again becomes tough after contraction.

2. Try wet epilation

When you epilate during a shower it opens up the pores. In addition to that, cleaning hair and epilator is also easy. Although during the shower your hair will lie down and it makes it harder to grasp the hair. But, epilating this flat-lying hair is worth the pain it prevents.

3. Shave 2 to 4 days before

The ideal length for epilating is 3mm to 5 mm which is the hair length that grows 3 to 4 days after shaving. 

Shaving 3 to 4 days prior to the epilation makes epilation so much easier. It will reduce the hair length and equal them all. 

4. Don’t drink caffeine before 6-8 hours

Caffeine makes you aware.

It is an energy drink that prevents you from becoming lazy or sleepy which may help you with pain tolerance. caffeine may increase the pain sensation by awakening pain receptors. 

5. Higher the number of tweezers better and quicker the process will be

Epilator is a combination of rotating tweezers. More tweezers mean more hair it will grab which means more hair will be removed with just one pain shot.

More tweezers mean quicker epilation with less pain.

6. Squeeze the skin

Although it is a little bit difficult to squeeze the skin down there. In that case, you can stretch it.

But squeeze the skin if you can. It will help to block the pain receptor by sending the pain signal to our brain.

7. Avoid epilation during, before, and after 3 days of menstrual

During the menstrual cycle, hormones change and women’s skin becomes more sensitive. This time any painful process becomes more painful.

So women must avoid Epilation during periods as well as before and after 3 days of periods.

Final thought

If I tell you from my experience then pubic hair epilation (Brazilian epilation) is a painful process. If you are trying it for the first time then pain you are going to feel unbearable pain. 

But, you can reduce this pain drastically if you follow the process properly as described above and also follow these tips and tricks.


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