Epilator is a new rising trend to remove hair.

Now, every woman uses an epilator instead of shaving and waxing.

Well, you already know the benefits of an epilator over shaving and waxing. If you don’t know, you can check out the epilator vs shaving vs waxing.

Epilator is a long-lasting machine and easy to use, but the epilator easily gets clogged and causes a hygienic problem if you are using it without cleaning.

For long-lasting use and to keep it hygienic you need constant cleaning.

Cleaning is very simple and takes a few minutes no more than 5 minutes.

In this article, we will know how to clean the epilator in just 5 minutes.

This guide includes every type of epilator such as Braun silk 7, Philips, and many more.


Why should you clean the epilator?

Before knowing how to clean it is much more important to know why you should clean the epilator. And What is the need to clean?

Thorough cleaning of an epilator is essential and necessary to maintain. This is the only thing needed for a long-lasting epilator.

Epilator itself is a long-lasting machine, when you epilate you don’t need anything but an epilator. For smooth and painless epilation epilator is the only thing needed.

The only requirement to increase the life span of an epilator is a thorough cleaning. It doesn’t matter that you have used it for 1 minute or one hour, cleaning is only and basic requirement.

When you epilate, it pulls hair and dead skin cells also stick with it that irritates your skin when you next time epilate.

Why cleaning of epilator is necessary

  • To Maintain hygiene.
  • Maintain epilator performance
  • To remove dead skin cells
  • Increase the lifespan of the epilator
  • To avoid irritation
  • Prevent ingrown hair.

How to clean an epilator?

Cleaning an epilator is very simple. You just need to follow these steps. All these steps explain with images. Clean the epilator frequently in order to maintain it for a long.

1. Open up the head from the epilator

This is the same for all types of cleaning whether your epilator is waterproof or not and cleaning with alcohol or without alcohol. 

To clean all types of epilators you need a separate head from the epilator.

Open Epilator Head carefully in 4 step

1. Turn it off

Never try to open up the head of the epilator without turning it off. By doing this you can hurt yourself.

2. Unplug it

Make sure it is unplugged. If it is attached to the power supply and you try to wash it or clean it, you may get into trouble even though it is turned off.

Unplug epilator first

3. Loosen the head, by pressing the button, unscrewing the skew, or by pushing the head in one direction.

For example, Braun silk epil 5 needs to be unscrewed. It contains two screws in the bottom

Unscrew Braun silk epil 5

Braun silk 7 contains a press button on the front.

Press the button on the front

Philips Satinelle epilator head needs to be a push in the direction of the arrow as shown on the head. 

Push in the direction of the arrow
Press sidewise

While some epilators have a press button on one side.

Press nob on one side of the head, Braun epil 7

Open the head of the Eyebrow and face the epilator in the same way. Pull the head apart out of the epilator.

Pull the head with a little bit of force

These 3 are just an example; you may have different types of epilators, although most of them are open up in the same way as described. 

Your first job to clean an epilator is to separate the body and head of the epilator.

4. Pull apart head

When you have loosened the head now it is time to pull the head out of the epilator. 

Loosening of the head is different for all types of epilators. But, This step would be the same for all types of epilators.

Pull apart Braun silk epil5
Pull head Philips
Release the head of Braun silk 7

For an eyebrow epilator, you need to take tweezers out of it

Take out tweezers

Once you have disassembled the epilator all is set for cleaning. Now, it is the actual time for cleaning.

2. Clean all the bulk hair with a brush

Clean all the bulk hair from the epilator using a brush.

Most epilators come with brushes. The only purpose of that brush is to remove hair.

A brush can only remove hairs that are in bulk.

It won’t have much effect on small hair strands that are stuck between tweezers.

So, don’t try too hard to brush clean hair below tweezers and too small areas.

Clean the epilator with the brush in 4 step

1. Clean both the lower motor part and head part 

Clean both the upper and lower part

2. First clean the upper side of the head or tweezers

First, clean the head part

3. Flip the head and clean from the inside.

Clean form backside

4. clean the eyebrow epilator head the same as others, just tp it a little bit against the hard surface and clean it with the brush.

Tap it against the hard surface and clean it with a brush

3. Wash the epilator head with water

Although the head of all the epilators is waterproof because it can’t affect the motor part. 

But, try to wash only a wet epilator if your epilator is under warranty or it is under warranty first read the warranty guidelines.

Washing is much more effective than brushing or air blowing because water can reach inside the tweezers and wash all small hair strands from inside.

Clean the epilator with water properly

1. Hold the epilator head under running water

First, clean the front side

2. Rotate tweezers manually with the thumb while holding it under running water

Rotate tweezer manually

3. Shake it well and again put it underwater

4. Hold it there for two minutes and continuously rotate it underwater.

Wash it from the back & front side

4. Blow air using an air blower

Blow hot air if you have a hairdryer or any device that can.

You can skip the previous step and jump to this if you don’t want to clean the epilator with water. 

If you are using water you can skip this step too.

But, This step becomes extremely important if you are not using water to clean the epilator head. Only air can reach difficult-to-reach areas and blow even small hair strands that are left behind.

Other than that it has additional benefits; it will dry the epilator head quickly. So, if you have a hair blower available you should use this whether you are cleaning with or without water.

5. Wash the epilator head and cap with rubbing alcohol or antibacterial liquid

This step is to disinfect the epilator’s parts that touch our skin. 

You need to kill bacterias that can cause skin irritation and folliculitis.

To kill these bacteria nothing is better than 70% isopropyl alcohol also called rubbing alcohol. you can also use alcohol if you don’t have 70% isopropyl alcohol or hand sanitizer.

But, if you don’t have alcohol and you want to clean your epilator without alcohol You can do this by using any antibacterial liquid or antibacterial dish wash soap.

6. Let it dry

This is the last and final step in the cleaning of an epilator

Let it dry.

Simply pat dry it with a towel if water is not evaporating then put your head in the towel and leave it there for 1 day.

Put the epilator head in a towel
Dry it properly

The best trick to dry the epilator head is using an air blower.

When all is done. now it is time to re-assemble the epilator.

Re-attach the head with an epilator

Do’s and don’t to clean an epilator

These are some tips to remember while cleaning the epilator it will help you clean easily and protect it from spoiling

  • Use running tap water to clean
  • Avoid soap or detergent they are hard to wash
  • Disinfect the head and cap properly. You can disinfect the head again before using it next time.
  • Do not put the epilator into the case before drying it properly.
  • Before putting an epilator underwater, make sure it can be used underwater.

What extra can you do to increase the lifespan of the epilator?

Cleaning is the most important thing for the long lifespan of an epilator.

But, there are some extra things that you can do to increase the lifespan of an epilator.

  • Keep the motor cool – try to keep the motor cool, don’t let it heat. If it is getting heated you can pause the epilation and resume after some time. The motor is the first thing that gets worn out.
  • Protect battery – it is the second most important thing in an epilator after the motor. Use it fully and protect it from water and humidity.
  • Store carefully – carefully store the epilator at optimum temperature. Too much humidity and temperature can easily damage it from the inside.


Regular and thorough cleaning is very important to protect the epilator for life-long.

But, remember some of the most important tips and follow them strictly otherwise the epilator may get spoiled.

But, don’t worry cleaning of epilator is very easy you can do that without any difficulty and putting in the extra effort.


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