For close and comfortable shaving, foil shavers are the best.

A premium foil shaver can last for 10 to 15 years. But, you need to change the blades of the foil shaver continuously after 12 to 15 months.

When you change foil and the foil shaver’s blades, its performance increases and cuts hair smoothly as the new shaver does.

To make your old shaver new, changing the blades and foil shaver is the first thing you can do. 

Changing the foil and blades of the foil shaver is the easiest thing you can do. It is even simpler than changing the blades from Safety razor and Disposable razor.

But, first-timers might get confused. So, check this detailed guide step by step information with pictures.

How to change foil and blades of foil shaver?

There are lots of foil shaver variants available we can’t describe all, but the process for all foil shavers would be the same. In this, to show, we would change the blades of Braun series 3.

Follow these simple steps and next thing you will know, blades have been changed.

For this you foil need foil and blades

1. Press the button on the right corner

Press the button on the right corner of the shaver pull shaver head. It should come out easily. If it is resisting, check it again or press the button harder.

take new blade and shaver
press the button on he right corner of the shaver. open foil shaver

2. Pull out the blades

Now you can see the blades of the shaver. Pull out the blades with your finger and thumb. Don’t be afraid, just hold the shaver strongly and pull them with power.

pull the blade out of the shaver,

3. Take out new foil and blades

Now your shaver head is fully disassembled. Take foil and shaver out of the pack. Now, it is time for changing blades.

opened balde and shaver

4. Push new blades in the position of the old ones.

Take a new blade and push it in the position of old blades. Push it with sudden pressure. Pressure shouldn’t be too strong. You will hear a click sound.

5. Take new foil and push it in place of old foil.

This process is the same as for the blades. Take new foil and push it in place of old foil. You will hear a click sound. 

Now foil and blades are both changed and enjoy the smooth shaving experience.


Changing the foil and blades is very essential to maintain the performance of the shaver. And it is easy, you just need to, just click the button on the right corner and pull out foil and blades and replace them with new blades. 


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