Rotary shavers are the best shavers for coarse hair and for the closest shaving.

If you shave daily and like to have a clean face then a rotary shaver is the best shaver for you although, sometimes they overkill a thin beard, overall a great product.

Coarse hair tends to blunt the sharp edges quickly and you might need to change the blades occasionally.

But, the blades of the rotary shaver are harder to change than disposable razors and foil shavers, Although we have made a detailed guide on how to change the foil and blades of foil shaver and disposable razor blades. You can check here.

Other than that, we have made this a detailed guide on how to change rotary shaver blades step by step With pictorial representation.

How to change the blades of the Rotary shaver properly?

The process of changing the blades is very simple. this process is the same for almost all rotary shavers. in this article, we have changed the blades of the Philips Norelco shaver. But if you have any other shaver process that would be the same, just follow the instruction.

1. Press the release button and pull to detach the shaving head

Press the release button on the front side and then open the shaver head.  It is very easy and almost the same in every shaver. Sometimes can be found on the backside of the shaver.

press button to open, open rotary shaver head,

After that apply a little force to detach the shaver head from the shaver. Don’t pull too hard. Just a gentle push.

detach the shaver head, separate shaver head from shaver

2. Turn the middle part counter-clockwise to unlock and remove the retainer of the blades

Don’t get confused, it might seem fancy but it’s not.

After the first step, you need to remove the retainer, then you can only separate the blades.

open the retainser of the rotary shaver, turn counter clock wise

To unlock the retainer, turn the middle part counterclockwise. If you still can’t understand then open your rotary shaver, you would know or just look at it in the picture.

3. Remove old blades and dispose carefully

When the retainer is removed, now blades are free to make any movement.

It is time to remove the old set of blades and dispose of them carefully.

remove old blades

4. Take out a new set of blades

It is time to unpack the new blades, but before opening the package make sure that you have purchased the right set of blades. Otherwise, after that, you won’t be able to return them.

take out new set of blades

But, we are assuming that you have bought the right set of blades and taken them out.

5. Match wings with notches in the shaving head holder and fit securely

It is most important and needs a little bit of focus. 

fit blades into blade holder carefully

Don’t hurry.

Carefully match wings with notches in the shaving head holder.

match wings with notch

You can fit any blade in any of the blade holders. 

But matching blade wings with shaver head holder notches is very important.

Repeat this process with all the remaining blades

repeat this process carefully

6. Return the retainer to its old position and lock it by turning it clockwise

You have changed the blades successfully. 

Now return the retainer to its old position, when all blades are under the retainer perfectly then lock it by turning clockwise.

return the retainer
lock by moving it in counterclockwise

7. Reattach the shaver head and close

This is the final step.

Everything’s done properly.

It is time to reattach the shaver head back to the shaver.

Now, your shaver is ready to shave with new blades.

Final thought

Changing the blades is the simplest part. But, you need to use them carefully. If you don’t know how to use rotary shavers properly then you can click here, but using them properly is essential for the lifespan of blades and electric shavers.

Hope you understand these steps, but if you have any following questions you can ask them in the comment section.


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