Everyone likes smooth skin.

Shaving is the worst choice to get smooth skin for women.

Now, we are left with the waxing and Epilation.

Waxing is expensive, it is recommended to wax once in 2 to 4 weeks because going every other day or every week to the salon can cost you a lot in the long run.

The epilator is a lot cheaper than shaving and waxing in the long run because it is only a one-time investment.

Once you buy it you can use it as much as you want – two times a day, every day, or once a week. It is all your choice.

Now the question arises: how often should you epilate?

For beginners, it is recommended to epilate once a week because the more frequently you epilate, the less painful it gets. If you have thick hair and fast hair growth, epilate every day.

But, this question is not that simple. It depends on lots of factors which we are going to discuss later in detail.


Why should you epilate not shave or wax?

Epilation gives smooth skin for a long time at a minimal cost.

For smooth skin, shaving is not an option, at least for women.

Definitely, shaving is inexpensive, but its results last for only 1 or 2 days. For pubic hair, shaving might be a good idea but to get smooth arms, legs, or full-body, shaving is not a great choice.

Waxing and shaving give results for the same period of time because they both remove hair from the root. 

With waxing the positive point is that it hurts a little less than epilators because epilators pull hair one by one which sends lots of sensory signals to our brain and waxing just sends one pain shot to our brain.

But it can be avoided by using a simple tactic, just using numb cream, it blocks the pain signal and you can epilate without pain. Check out our guide – 7 Best numbing cream for epilation and waxing.

Epilators are a lot cheaper than Waxing. Just 2 times a salon visit can save you an epilator and numbing cream.

If you want a budget-friendly alternative go with an epilator.

Epilators are convenient and inexpensive, that’s why you should choose an epilator over waxing and shaving.

How often should you epilate?

how often can you epilate

Epilate once a week, at first.

For beginners, it is recommended to epilate once a week, this way your hair will be long enough to pull by the epilator and short enough not to cause much pain. But, if you are epilating for a long time, epilators give smooth skin for 3 to 4 weeks. In other words, epilate once your hair is longer than 3 to 5 mm, whatever time it takes.

But the answer is not that straight, because everyone’s hair grows at a different rate.

Facial hair grows at the slowest rate for women.

My Own hair grows at a slower rate and they are not very thick, so I epilate once a month. The hair on my face grows the slowest, so I rarely epilate on my face, sometimes once in two months.

But, this routine is not for everyone. If your hair grows at a faster rate you can epilate sooner, as soon as hair grows 3 to 5 mm.

This is a well-known fact that the more frequently you epilate, the slower hair growth, and less pain each time, and in the end, hair will start vanishing.

You will notice that hair is growing slower and slower the more you epilate because each time you pull out hair from the root it does some kind of defect in hair follicles over time it adds up and hair can’t grow anymore.

In short, if you are a beginner, epilate once a week. Don’t epilate too soon, it won’t catch hair or sometimes break the hair, also don’t wait longer, pulling long hair hurts most. But, if you do it for more than one or two months epilate once every 3 to 4 weeks.

Frequency of epilation for beginner – once a week

Frequency of epilation for the long term – Once every 3 to 4 weeks

This is my bonus tip for you. I wish I knew that before it will reduce the pain drastically at least for beginners – When you epilate for the first time, some people have low pain tolerance, and they will feel pain like hell. So, always use numbing cream at least for the first time.

Another thing a beginner can do is – wax at first and then epilate on regrown hair.

What is the best hair length for an epilator?

what is the best length for epilation

Epilation is much more comfortable with short hair than with long hair. The best hair length for epilating is 3-5mm. If hair is shorter then this epilator couldn’t grab hair perfectly and if the hair is longer it can cause you a lot of pain and inconvenience.

In general, after shaving it took 3 to 4 days to grow hair this long. If your hair is longer than 10mm you need to trim it down.

For waxing the minimum hair length should be 6mm and for epilation 3mm. If your hair is shorter than this, wait, no matter if you have epilated 1 month ago or 1 week.

Do not wax or epilate less than 3mm hair. Even avoid waxing on 3 mm do not wax less than 6mm hair.

Although, short hair is very comfortable to epilate and wax but too short hair breaks.

The maximum hair length for epilation is 12mm, if the hair is longer than this, trim it down.

Although some epilators can epilate 0.5mm long hair for this you need to get the best quality epilator and there is no point in epilating that short hair.

NameMinimum hair lengthBest Hair lengthMaximum hair length
Epilation3mm (⅛ inch)3-5mm (⅛ -¼ inch)12mm (½ inch)
Waxing6mm (¼ inch)6-12mm (¼ -½ inch)20mm (¾ inch)

When Will hair stop growing completely?

how often should i epilate, how many times to epilate before hair growth stops

Each time you epilate, hair follicles get damaged a little bit, it adds up in the long run, Hair grows finer and thinner, and in the end, hair follicles can’t grow hair out of it. It can take 8 months to one year.

Regular use of an epilator or waxing traumatizes the hair follicle. Traumatizing the hair follicle actually reduces hair growth and sometimes defects hair follicles permanently which stops hair growth completely.

But, this is not a golden rule that this will happen to everyone. There is no guarantee that hair will definitely vanish. Some people do Epilation and waxing forever but the hair didn’t stop growing.

Definite hair growth can slow down a little bit, but completely stops hair growth, this does not happen with everyone.

Although you can find a lot of people whose hair stops growing after regular epilation, it really depends on skin type, hair type, and genetics.

Would your hair growth stop completely? – to be honest, I don’t know it depends on your genetics, skin type, and hair type.

But whatever the situation, epilation is a lot cheaper and just a one-time investment. After that, your only job is to epilate once every 3 to 4 weeks.

How long does epilation take?

The time to epilate the whole body really depends on individual epilating skill, hair length, hair growth, hair type, skin type, epilator type, etc.

Although, epilating any given area or small section shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds. If we sum up all bodies and consider you have normal hair and normal skin condition, epilating your legs should be done in under 30 minutes. If you are a newbie it may take a little longer.

I have a very good and premium epilator and I am doing it for 1 year. I epilate my legs and arms in under 25 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes.

You would know with time how much it would take you to epilate your body because you can do nothing about it. 

You need to just follow the process and go slow. Don’t rush to just complete the epilation.

Always epilate when you have 1 hour of spare time. At least I follow this, I never epilate until I have time.

How to epilate painlessly?

There are six steps to epilate painlessly

1. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliator removes all the dead skin from the skin which prevents follicle clogging and as results prevent ingrown hair. 

2. Use numbing cream

Let dry your skin.

If you are doing it for the first time, use numbing creams that are made for epilation. You can check our brief guide on the 7 best numbing creams for epilation and how to use it.

3. Now use an epilator

Don’t go fast.

You go slow, tweezers will do their job by themselves. Position the epilator onto the skin at 60 to 70 degrees. Don’t try to perfect the angle, just remember neither too steep nor tilt. Try to angle at 60 to 70 degrees and move slowly in the direction of hair growth. Try to stretch your skin.

4. Apply moisturizer

After epilation, wash the skin and apply moisturizer. 

Final Thought

Now, you know how often should you epilate. how much time does it take and a lot of other things?

But, remember when you start epilating go slow, don’t rush.

Always epilate with the following proper process – Ingrown hair are much more common with epilation than with shaving and waxing. But, don’t we are with you.

Bookmark our website and click here to learn how to epilate properly.

Most Frequently Asked Question

Does epilation reduce hair growth over time?

Yes, the regular use of epilators can reduce hair growth and sometimes stops completely because each time you epilate traumatizes the follicle which sometimes destroys the hair follicle.

how often to epilate underarms?

For beginners, epilate underarms once a week. But, after some time you can change your epilation frequency to once 3-4 weeks.

How often do you epilate your legs?

For beginners epilate once a week. After that, you get some experience and your hair gets finer and thinner. You can change it to once a month or two months. But, this is not a rule of thumb. if your hair grows faster, do it frequently.


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