Waxing is much more expensive than an epilator.

You have heard many times that an epilator is just a one-time investment and that an epilator is cheaper than shaving.

But, how much you can save after shifting to the epilator from waxing and shaving?

According to Statista, the average person from the United States spends $21.62 on shaving per year. 

Average bikini line waxing costs $30-$50, it also depends on the salon you are visiting. According to reports, the average woman spends over $1000 on waxing per year.

But, a low-end epilator that can last 3 to 5 years costs around $20-$30. Although, a premium epilator costs around $100 that lasts over a decade. Epilator cost under $10 per year.

Now you can think about how much money you will save with an epilator.

How long does an epilator machine last?An average epilator can last 3 to 5 years. Epilator lifespan depends on the quality. The best quality epilator can last 10 to 15 years, while a cheap quality epilator that costs $15-$20 can wear out in just 1 to 3 years.

It will show some signs that you need to change your Epilator and you can increase the lifespan of the epilator to double if you use it with care.


How long does the epilator machine last?

Epilator durability table

Quality LifespanMaintenance 
Average epilator ($30 to $70)3 to 5 yearsRegular cleaning and may need to change head
High-end epilator (>$70)5 to 10+ yearsThorough and regular cleaning and replace head sometimes in 2 to 3 years.
Low-end epilator (<$30)2 to 3 yearsRegular cleaning

Epilator is my favorite tool to remove unwanted body hair whether it is facial coarse hair or bikini line.

Epilator is a one-time investment and it will serve you for a long. 

You don’t need to change the epilator very often. Most of the epilators last for 2 to 3 years. Although, some high-end epilators can serve you for 10 years or more depending on the brand and price of the epilator.

Epilator is a single machine that is needed for epilation.

The lifespan of an epilator greatly depends on how you use it. If you use it carefully and take care properly then all the epilators low-end or high-end will serve you at least for 2 to 3 years and sometimes up to 5 years. This is what I could get most out of the $30 epilator.

But, if you buy a high-end epilator such as Braun silk epi 7 or 9 they can last for 10+ years.

You can also get replacement parts online, if some parts wear out, this also decreases the cost of epilation in the long run.

Your only job is to use an epilator properly and take extra care of the motor and the epilator will also stay in shape as long as replacement parts are available.

Use with extra care will also help with the durability of the epilator.

When to change an epilator machine?

Now, the question may arise why you should change the epilator. How would you know that this is the time to change the epilator?

Well, there are signs every epilator gives that it needs service or needs to replace the part or sometimes to change the Epilator.

There are three main parts of the epilator

  • Battery
  • Motor 
  • Head

Although there are some other parts such as LED lights, indicators, etc, they are secondary.

If anything happens to these three parts then it is a red alert and this indicates that you might need to replace the part or change the epilator.

These signs are –

  • Epilator head starts to leave hair behind and not picking small hairs – If the epilator is not epilating hair properly, there is nothing much you can do, you need to replace the head or change the epilator.
  • Motor heats up quickly – This is the sign that you have done something wrong or it has lived its full life. You can’t replace it because it is the heart of the epilator. Now, is the time to replace the epilator and buy a new one.
  • The battery drains or heats up quickly. – This problem is very common, especially in cheaper epilators. Although this can also happen with high-end epilators this happens when the epilator is too old. You can do nothing about it manually at home you need to change it which is very rare or buy a new epilator.

How to use the epilator properly?

There are some tips and tricks to remember during epilation so that epilators can stay in shape and don’t wear out quickly.

  • Wash the area properly with warm water – it will open up the hair follicle and make hair easier to pull for the epilator and of course hurt far less.
  • Angle epilator 90 degrees don’t touch it with the skin properly – it will grab lesser hair for the first time and the epilator head’s spring will work properly and will not its strength easily. Going slowly without rushing is also very important for the epilator.
  • First, go with the direction of hair growth after that go against the direction of hair growth – it will also help with grabbing less hair naturally this way you don’t need to lift the epilator.
  • Epilate section by section and then rest for some time or for a day – this will help you to get prepared and it will hurt less. It will also prevent the epilator from heating. This becomes extremely important if you are using a low-end epilator.
  • Check the health of the motor – the motor is the most important part of the epilator. You can not replace it, you need to buy another epilator if it gets damaged.

Why do epilators wear out?

There are several reasons for wearing out of an epilator quickly. But the most common one is not taking care of properly.

The main reasons for wearing out of Epilator are

1. Overuse

Overuse of epilators is one of the main reasons that epilators wear out very quickly. Don’t try to epilate your entire body for the first time in one session especially if you have too much hair. It heats up the epilator too much and can ruin the motor and battery, although it doesn’t affect the epilator much. The battery and motor are the core of the epilator.

Don’t overuse it. Epilate smaller hair section in a small session

2. Not cleaning properly after use

If you are not cleaning the epilator properly after use, the hair is left behind in the epilator’s head. After some time it becomes a hairball which provides resistance in rotating the head that turns into the heating of the motor and overuse of the battery.

To avoid this clean epilator properly after every use. 

3. Battery lived its full life

Sometimes it’s not your fault. The battery has lived its full life. Now it is genuine time to change the battery. Their capacity to hold charge go down with time.

Don’t let the battery come below 20% and also don’t charge above 80%. This work great for lithium ions battery.

4. The motor of the epilator is not of a good quality

The lifespan of the motor is also limited. It can’t last forever.

But, don’t overuse the motor, and don’t let heat up.

Does the epilator head go blunt?

Epilators have no sharp blades like razors so they never go blunt. 

The epilator is made of tweezers and springs, so they work less efficiently over time and go dull.

Spring and tweezers might be worn out with time due to moisture, rust, and overuse.

The best indicator for the dullness of the epilator is when hair slips and it does not pick a small straight hair strand properly.

How to maintain an epilator to it can last a decade?

There are some extra tips for care that you can do if you want to protect the epilator for a decade or more.

1. Clean it properly

Clean your epilator properly. This is the main reason for wearing out the epilator too soon.

If you don’t want to open the epilator head every time you epilate, at least make sure that your tweezers are well-cleaned. Clean the epilator in a proper way at least after two times use

Thorough cleaning is the only thing that can make your epilator last longer.

2. Don’t let it get hot

Don’t overuse it and let it overheat. Heat kills the motor too fast. If the epilator gets hot, take a break and try it after some time.

3. Dry before storing 

Always let the epilator dry first. Water can easily rust tweezers that decrease their efficiency and ruin the epilator quickly.

4. Protect the battery

Most epilators come with lithium-ion batteries. One specialty about the lithium-ion battery is that it has definite cycles and the most effective cycle for a lithium-ion battery is that it doesn’t let the battery be below 20% and also won’t charge above 80%.

5. Store epilator at 15°C to 25°C

The best temperature to store electronics is between 15°c to 25°c. So make sure to store your epilator between this temperature range if you are storing your Epilator for long.

Do You Need to Replace Epilator Heads?

If the epilator head is not working efficiently and it is leaving small hair behind then the best thing is to change it.

Although, you will not get every epilator’s head. Mostly only high-end epilator heads are available.

There is no point in changing the $20 epilator’s head.

But, changing the head is not only one preference.

If your epilator is not working properly, first make sure that it’s motor and battery are working properly, if these two things are not working properly then there is no point to change the epilator’s head.

But, if the epilator’s battery and motor are working properly then the best option is to change its head. 

You can get an epilator’s head online if a brand is well known and popular then chances are you can even get them at Amazon.

What is the most durable epilator?

Now, you know that an average epilator last 2 to 3 years. But, there is some epilator that can last even more than a decade.

How to find an epilator that lasts more than 10 years.

You need to find a high-end epilator that costs $100 or more because you can easily get a replacement part if it got breaks and these are well-known brands. They don’t want to ruin their brand value just for a couple of bucks.

So, well-known brands such as Braun, Philips, Panasonic, etc. can provide you epilator that lasts for 10+ years. 

Such as Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-720 is the best and most durable epilator that I can find till now.


An average epilator lasts 3 to 5 years, a low-end epilator lasts for 1 to 2 years, and a high-end epilator can last for 10+ years. 

This life span greatly depends on the brand you’re choosing and taking care of. A high-end epilator can get spoiled in less than 5 years if you are not taking care properly.

So clean your epilator properly after every use. 

Frequently asked questions

How often should I clean my epilator?

You should clean your epilator every use, even session was very small. If you are not using an epilator frequently even then you should give regular frequent cleaning.

Should I oil my epilator?

No, you shouldn’t oil your epilator. Instead of this, you should disinfect the epilator. Oil makes the epilator blade slippery which can further decrease efficiency when you epilate.


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