Getting smooth legs, arms and face is every girl’s dream. 

There are lots of hair removal procedures out there such as tweezing, laser, electrolysis, shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams.

We are not going to talk about laser and electrolysis because they are good and permanent solutions everyone knows, but they are very expensive and they are not for everyone.

But, on the other hand, shaving, waxing, and hair removal cream are within everyone’s reach.

Everyone can use it right away. They are present in everyone’s shaving kit.

Now the question arises what is the best method to remove hair from your body and private parts for women and men?


Which is better for pubic hair? – Shaving vs Waxing vs Hair removal cream

wax vs hair removal cream vs shaving

1. Process

Shaving – You just need a razor, shaving cream, and aftershave. Apply shaving cream and glide the razor. Everyone is familiar with it, and it is the quickest and most convenient among these.

Waxing – Waxing is not the most convenient method. Sometimes you need to go to the parlor. Of course, you can do that at home. Buy a Veet strip. Rub it with your hand. Apply it to hairs and when it cools down, rip it off.

Hair removal cream – is the easiest method everyone can use without any expertise. You just need to do a patch test before 24 hours. if everything ok, then use it the next day on hairs

The process is very simple with all of these everyone can use them with or without a little bit of expertise.

2. Simplicity 

Shaving is the simplest method to use. Everyone knows how to do that

Waxing is a bit complicated, you can do that at home, but need to follow instructions properly.

Hair removal cream is also very simple. But need to do some precautions.

3. How it works

Shaving cut hairs from the surface of the skin. It has nothing to do with hair roots and hair growth. Although, hair regrowth will be blunt.

Waxing is an epilation method, it removes hair from the root. If you wax frequently it reduces hair growth. And eventually, hair will be removed permanently.

Hair removal cream is a depilatory cream. It has nothing to do with hair roots and hair growth. Hair will grow naturally after using these creams.

4. Price

Shaving includes razors, shaving cream, and post-shaving gel. It will all cost you about $0.1-0.2 per shave.

Waxing – wax kit costs around $25-40. At a salon or spa, it costs $30-50 for a half-leg, bikini line not included. Waxing is much more expensive than shaving and hair removal Cream.

Hair removal cream costs you between $10-20. They are also very inexpensive. 

5. Pain during the process

Pain during the process is also one of the most important aspects to choose the right process.

Shaving includes no pain. If you are shaving with a safety razor there is a risk of nicks and cuts. But, if you are shaving with an electric shaver, there are no such risks.

Waxing includes lots of pain. That’s why people avoid it. Otherwise, it is one of the best ways to remove hair.

Hair removal cream is the most comfortable method to remove hair. It involved no pain at all.

6. Result

Shaving results don’t last longer than 3 days. After that, new hair feels stubble.

Waxing results last the longest among shaving and hair removal creams. It removes hair from the root. So, its results can last between 3 to 6 weeks before hair regrow.

Hair removal cream – its result can last long for 3-4 days after that you can expect hair regrowth.

7. Side effect

Shaving has no such side effects that can cause lots of pain and skin damage. But there are some painful side effects such as razor burns, razor bumps, redness, and ingrown hair. But they all can be prevented and cured if you are following the right method, using good quality shaving cream, aftershave gel, and exfoliator. Check our shaving guide.

Waxing will definitely cause pain. It is a fact not a side effect. Other than that waxing can be really bad for sensitive skin. It can cause redness, irritation, and rashes. And believe me, they are very painful. In addition to that, it can also cause temporary bumps, ingrown hair, bleeding, and allergic reactions.

Hair removal cream is not much behind waxing. It can also have painful side effects such as chemical burns if it stays there too long, allergic reactions, skin damage, and little black patches they are really bad to have in your arms or legs. But you can avoid them easily. 

First, do a patch test to check the allergic reaction problem. Second, don’t leave it there too long or more than 5-6 minutes. It will solve the rest of the problem. Follow our guide on how to use hair removal cream.

8. Convenience

Shaving is very convenient. Take 2-3 minutes. Sometimes less if you shave frequently

Waxing is some kind of headache but gives a long-lasting result.

Hair removal cream is the most convenient but takes at least 10 minutes.

9. Hair regrowth

Shaving and hair removal cream doesn’t affect hair roots or hair follicles. So it does not have any effect on hair regrowth. Hair regrowth as usual and hair start growing back after 3-4 days.

Waxing removes hair from the root. So if you wax frequently, hair growth and density start decreasing over time.


There is no right or wrong method to remove body hairs. Some people might say waxing is best because they want smooth skin for a longer time and can’t shave daily. But, again people with sensitive skin might hate that method because it causes lots of pain.

Some people might say hair removal cream is the best method to remove body hair because it causes no pain and is not that expensive, it can also cause black patches and allergic reactions.

And some say shaving is best because it takes no time and is very inexpensive.

I personally prefer shaving for private parts and facial hair, for legs hair waxing, and for chest and armpit hair removal cream. This is my choice. You can choose accordingly.

What is best for sensitive skin, shaving or waxing, or hair removal cream?

Shaving is the best method to remove hair from the body. Because eventually, hair will regrow back sooner or later. So we should choose a method that is quick, easy, convenient, and has no side effects. Of course, shaving can cause razor burns, ingrown hair,  and razor bumps. But they can be avoided by simple precautions.

This is just my personal choice. You may want to do waxing and hair removal cream. 

For sensitive skin hair, removal cream can cause a chemical burn and allergic reaction, and waxing can cause rashes, and bleeding which increases the risk of ingrown hair.

We can absorb the pain if the result is permanent. Soon again hair will grow back so why don’t choose methods which cost less and are easy and quick.

But, you should always choose a suitable method for you. It is totally your choice but whatever you choose you should have a solid reason to do that.

What is best for pubic hair: shaving or waxing or hair removal cream?

Shaving is best for the private part.

The private part has very thin and sensitive skin, and shaving causes no allergic reaction. There is a risk of nicks and cuts, but if you give yourself time and do it with an electric shaver you can minimize the risk. And it is very convenient to shave after 3-4 days or it is daily. If you do it daily it won’t take more than a minute. 

Hair removal cream contains lots of chemicals that can burn skin and a lot of risk of touching the cream to the labia or penis. If it happens it can cause adverse side effects. 

And why take the risk just for 3-4 days?

Most importantly I am not very comfortable with using chemicals on my private parts. 

Waxing is very painful down there, and you should not even consider having Waxing on your private part. Believe me, it is one of the most painful experiences.

Again it is my experience and research. You can choose hair removal cream. Or shaving is totally your choice. 

It is safe to use shaving cream on the bikini line and groin area.


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