There are three most common methods of hair removal – shaving, epilator, and waxing.

In this article, we are going to discuss epilator vs waxing vs shaving- which is better and why?

Here we are not just going to discuss the pros and cons, but we will give you an honest opinion about Epilator vs waxing vs shaving. 

We are also going to discuss some women’s personal experiences and what they are using right now and why. 

This is going to be interesting.

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What is an epilator?

Epilator is a device with consistent rotating tweezers that trap and pull hair from the hair follicle.

Epilator removes hair the same way as waxing. But, for waxing, you need to grow hair to a certain level.

Waxing needs hair at least ¼ inches, unlike epilators that can pull hair ⅛ inch long.

Epilator vs waxing vs shaving – which is better?

Epilator vs Waxing vs Shaving.

We are going to compare the three most common methods to remove hair based on certain factors. Those are very useful in day-to-day life.

1. Ease and quickness

Epilator – is very easy you don’t need any preparation. Just start epilating, of course, there are some dos and don’ts. 

But in terms of quickness, epilators take some time.

Waxing – is not easy and quick. Most of the time you cannot do waxing at home, you need expert support and it takes lots of time.

Shaving – is the best method to remove hair in terms of ease and quickness. It would not take any time and would not need much preparation.


Shaving is clearly the winner in terms of ease and quickness among epilators and waxing. But if we compare epilator and waxing then epilator is clearly the winner. Most people prefer epilator over waxing just because it is more convenient.

2. Price 

Epilator – A mid-range epilator can easily cost you around $100. But it is a one-time investment. After that, you don’t need to spend even a penny. You may need to change the epilator head in one or two years but you can get it under $10.

Waxing – You have two options with waxing. You can go to professional waxing salons or buy waxing strips at home. Professional waxing is not cheap, although you can buy Veet waxing strips at really low prices, it will add up cost over time.

Shaving – An electric shaver can cost you $100 – $200. You have other options such as using a disposable razor. On average one single shave can cost you UNDER $1. But, it will add up with time and in one year can cost you about $100 to $200.


Epilator is a winner. Epilator is a lot cheaper than waxing so there is no debate. But, between shaving and epilator, people get confused. Shaving needs a disposable razor, shaving gels, aftershave, etc. But an epilator is just a one-time investment after you don’t need to buy anything.

3. Results

Epilator – Epilator removes hair from the roots. So, it gives results as long as hair takes time to regrow from the root. In general, Epilator results last around 3 to 5 weeks

Waxing – waxing also removes hair from the roots. So, it also gives results as Epilator gives, around 3 to 4 weeks.

Shaving – shaving cuts hair from just above the skin. It gives smooth skin just for 1 day. After that, you can feel stubble. If you want smooth skin without stubble you need to shave every other day.


Epilator and waxing both are winners because they remove hair from the root. Shaving is the worst if you want to get smooth skin. Don’t even think that shaving can give you smooth skin for even two days.

4. Hair length before reusing

Epilator – To reuse the epilator you need to regrow hair about ⅛ inches (2 to 3mm). Epilator can only grasp and pull this long hair.

Waxing – If you have waxed a few days ago and now again want to wax your hair then the minimum hair length should be ¼ inches or 5-6mm.

Shaving – To shave you don’t need even 1mm long hair. You can shave whenever you want. You can shave when hairs are 0.1mm long.


Epilator is the winner if we compare Epilator and waxing because you need to wait a little shorter before epilating again. Shaving is out of the competition because you can shave whenever you want. You can shave every day regardless of your hair length.

5. Pain 

Epilator – Epilor is a combo of a lot of tweezers. It grasps the hair and pulls them out from the root. It pulls hair one by one. So it sends lots of sensory feeling to our brain which causes our brain more pain, especially if you have used depilatory creams and shaving for a long time this causes the follicle to get strong which results in more pain.

Waxing – waxing, and epilator pull hair from the root but the main difference between them is that wax pulls lots of hair all at once. It sends sensory signals only at once to our brain which causes less pain.

Shaving – not cause pain at all. It cuts hair from the surface of the skin. Shaving can cause pain only if razor blades are not sharp enough. In short, shaving is a painless process.


Undoubtedly shaving is the winner. But, if we compare Epilator and waxing then waxing is less painful than Epilator. That is why it is recommended to first wax off all the hair if you use depilatory creams and shaving. After that, you can use an epilator on regrown hair. This way it hurt lots less.

6. Skin irritation

Epilator – can cause a number of red bumps which is totally normal because epilators remove hair one by one. Although, the redness goes away after one hour or two.

Waxing – can cause skin irritations if you have sensitive skin. But other than that it removes dead skin cells this leaves smooth and fresh skin behind.

Shaving – does not cause skin irritation if you shave properly. Of course, there are some allergic reactions such as razor bumps and razor burns but these are not painful as red bumps. You also use shaving cream and aftershave which rejuvenate your skin and make your skin fresh and alive.


Shaving is much safer than Epilator and waxing if you want to prevent skin irritation. But if we compare Epilator and waxing then waxing is the winner.

7. Hair regrowth

Epilator – If you use Epilator again and again hair gets thinner and thinner and at last vanishes. This is the best thing about removing hair from the root. Re-growth after removing hair is not perfect and hair gets thinner over time.

Waxing – hair also gets thinner after regrowth with waxing. But waxing is a little bit pricey. So, you need to put lots of money in order to get rid of the hair from its place.

Shaving – shaving hair has no effect on hair regrowth. Hairs are a little bit tough and stubble after shaving continuously.


In this case, waxing and Epilator are both winners. Shaving has no effect at all on hair regrowth.

8. Ingrown hair

Epilator ingrown hair happens when hair curls back and grows under the skin. It can be caused by any hair removal method. But, it is more common with Epilator. Epilator pulls hairs and leaves red bumps filled with blood, this stops hair from growing outside the skin. The most affected areas are sensitive skin regions such as underarms, pubic regions, etc.

Waxing – waxing can also leave red bumps behind mostly in the sensitive skin regions. It can happen in other body parts too, but it is less common with waxing than epilators.

Shaving – Ingrown hair with shaving can also occur but it’s not that common. If you shave properly and use aftershave, etc. Chances are you will not get an ingrown hair.


Shaving is the winner. You can prevent ingrown hair completely with shaving. But, if we compare Epilator and waxing then waxing is a winner because ingrown hairs are more common with Epilator.

9. Skill needed

Epilator – can be done at any time and by anyone at any place. You just need to learn how to use an epilator. Although some level of skill is needed, it is a matter of minutes to learn epilator.

Waxing – you need to learn how to do waxing at home properly. Waxing is not something that anyone can do. Sometimes you may need the help of professionals. Only professionals can do waxing properly if we need to wax off the whole body.

Shaving – is the easiest thing to learn, the basics of shaving should be done and now you are an expert in shaving.


Epilator is the winner. You do need to do any preparation for an Epilator or extra accessories. But in shaving and waxing shaving is the winner. Because you might need expert advice for waxing.

For Girls Epilator vs Waxing vs Shaving  – why an epilator is the best?

For girls and women, Epilor is better than Shaving and Waxing.

In fact, most women replace waxing and shaving with epilators.

To get smooth skin, waxing is the better option because it hurts less and causes less skin irritation than Epilator. Waxing results also last as epilator results because both pull hair from the root.

But, it costs you a lot. A single visit to salons costs you $100 to $200. 

Epilator costs you about $100 and It is a one-time investment. Epilator costs far less even if you are buying Veet waxing strips and wax at home because in the long run cost adds up.

Shaving is off the competition because shaving is not for women. 

There is an experiment by a woman who uses shaving on one leg and an epilator on the other leg. After seeing results she moved to an epilator.

There is an experiment by another woman who also permanently moved to an epilator after shaving and waxing. 


because epilators give amazing results and cost less as compared to shaving and waxing.

Final verdict – Epilating vs Waxing vs Shaving

We have discussed the nine factors above out of which epilator is the winner in four and shaving is a winner in 4 and waxing is the winner of 2. In two factors Epilator and waxing both are winners.

But, these factors don’t define Epilator or shaving as good and waxing as bad. These are just pros and cons. And one is better than another in that particular factor.

You should choose one of these according to your condition, hair, and need.

For example, a man may not want to use an epilator or waxing on his face but a woman might want to use only an epilator or tweezer on face 

If you want smooth skin for a long period of time at home then Epilator is better than shaving and waxing. But, if you are using an epilator for the first time then it will hurt more, so for the first time you should wax off hair and use an epilator on regrown hair that way it will hurt less and soon hair will get thinner and thinner.

Shaving is the best option to remove hair from sensitive skin regions where waxing and Epilator hurt a lot such as the armpit, pubic region, etc. It is a quick and painless method to remove hair. But, don’t expect smooth skin. After one or two days later you will get stubble.


All facts, personal experience, and experiments say an epilator is a better option for women than waxing and shaving. Epilator results last longer, it gives smoother skin, and cost far less than shaving and waxing.


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