Today’s electric razors are very sharp and safe. It will take you just 2 to 3 minutes to shave.

Although, You need to learn the proper way to shave.

We have made a detailed guide on how to shave with an electric shaver whether it is foil or rotary.

If you want to Shave without any irritation and Ingrown hair check this out.

Now, questions arise: do you always use shaving cream? No, I don’t always use shaving cream and most of the time I don’t even use water with an electric shaver. Although, you can use it if you want to. Just choose a dry/wet electric shaver.

But, if you ask a question – can I use shaving cream with an electric shaver? – It is not necessary but Of course, you can use shaving cream with an electric shaver.

There are lots of electric shavers that can be used with shaving cream and also during showering such as Panasonic ARC5, Braun series 7, Braun Series 9, etc.

Shaving cream’s only job is not to just stand flat-lying strands but, also to help with moisturizing skin, soften hair, and prevent skin irritation.

Do you use shaving cream with an electric razor?

The electric shaver’s blades cut hair above the skin. Its blades do not touch the skin directly, its foil touches the skin, hair enters through it, and after that blade cuts hair inside it. So, generally, you don’t need to use shaving cream with an Electric shaver.

It is not necessary to use shaving cream with an electric shaver. in fact, most electric shavers are made for dry use because of their electricity and battery use.

First of all, you should look to see if your electric shaver is dry or wet. 

If your electric shaver is a dry shaver then do not use shaving cream with your electric shaver.

And if your electric shaver is dry/wet then it comes to your choice, you can use it dry or wet. 

But For extra skin comfort, smoothness, and ease of shaving, it is recommended to use shaving cream.

There are some skin conditions when you should use shaving cream with a dry/wet electric shaver

  • Sensitive skinshaving cream lubricates the skin and creates a very thin layer between the skin and the razor which reduces the drag friction between them. If you use shaving cream on sensitive skin it is less likely to cause irritation and allergic reactions. Shaving cream on sensitive skin is mandatory.
  • Rough beard – if you have a rough beard and your electric razor is not covering the beard properly, shaving cream can be a great help. It softens the tough beard and the shaver can cut it, properly and easily without any discomfort. Try this you will thank me.
  • Dry skin – dry skin is more likely to cause redness and irritation, especially if your shaver is not good quality and you are going to the same places again and again. Shaving cream hydrates skin and prevents any discomfort or patchiness which you are going to experience after a dry shave.
  • Flat lying longer beard – shaving cream’s primary work is to make hair strands stand up. It is easier to shave stand-up hair and these are less likely to leave behind.

You can always revert back to dry shaving, but as far as your skin health is concerned, it is always recommended to use cream when you are shaving.

You shouldn’t use shaving cream that creates a lather layer, it can clog an electric shaver. So always find a non-lathering variant of shaving cream for wet shaving while using an electric shaver.

Tips to get a smooth shave using shaving cream with the electric shaver

how to soften stubble

There are some qualities that should be in a dry/wet electric shaver if you want to use it with shaving cream –

1. Good motor quality is a must

The first thing you should have in your foil shaver is your motor should be fast. When you shave you can clearly tell the difference between 7000 CMP and 13000 CPM.

Fast and powerful motors are essential to avoid plucking and tugging. 

If you have a coarse and thick beard with sensitive skin then you can’t afford to miss that feature in your electric shaver. There are lots of shavers available which have 10,000 to 14,000 CMP.

2. Sharp blades

This is the best gift you can give yourself. Sharp blades can alone make a great difference between smooth shaving and irritating shaving. It will help you to be quick without any irritation and pain.

Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades might be gentle on sensitive skin, but ultra-sharp blades are more important than that. Only sharp blades can cut thick and coarse hair gently and provide you with a smooth shave. 

Powerful motor gives power and speed to cut hair, but sharp blades give accuracy and comfort during shaving

3. Be quick 

Do your job quickly, with time the electric shaver starts getting hot, becoming harder and harder to keep on the skin. This can affect your shaving quality.

But, being quick won’t help alone, you also need to be efficient cut hair properly and try to catch more hair in one stroke

In other words, don’t be lazy if you are doing other stuff such as cleaning the shaver in between turning off the shaver.

4. Wash your face and neck

Exfoliate or just wash your face and neck before shaving.

Washing cleans up the oil and dirt which makes the electric shaver easier to shave without clogging.

Washing with warm water also helps with making hair soft and easy to cut.

5. Use good-quality shaving cream

You should always use good quality shaving cream, otherwise, it is better to just dry shave.

Only good-quality shaving cream contains ingredients that hydrate and soften your hair and skin.

Good quality shaving cream does not contain chemicals that can damage your skin.

If you have sensitive skin then only use a cream that is intended for sensitive skin. These creams contain less powerful ingredients and are less harsh on the skin.

6. Avoid lather layer

When you shave with razor blades you need a thick layer of lather that can prevent irritation and Nick and cuts. 

But, when it comes to electric shavers you don’t need a lather layer.

In fact, the lather layer can clog the shaver. 

So use shave cream that is free from leather ingredients and specially made for wet shaving with electric shavers.

7. Clean often

When you are wet shaving with an electric shaver, clean the electric shaver often under running water. 

To avoid clogging and save some extra time, clean it frequently. Rotary shavers need to clean more often than foil shavers. 

8. Massage with cream against the direction of the hair growth

Use a small amount of shave cream. Use just 1 or 2 drops. 

More shave cream can clog the shaver quickly. In fact, use shave gel instead of foam if your hairs are small.

Massage with cream against the direction of hair growth. This will make the hair strands stand up and be ready to shave. Let there, and cream for 5 minutes.

9. Shave against the hair growth

Shaving against the direction of hair growth will help the shaver to capture more hair in one stroke and cut it from the bottom.

You need to use a foil shaver usually in back and forth and a rotary shaver in a circular motion. Check the complete guide on how to shave with a foil shaver and how to shave with a rotary shaver

10. Apply aftershave

Apply aftershave cream this will soothe your skin and keep your skin hydrated for 24 hours or more. 

This will prevent some unwanted and painful reactions such as Ingrown hair, razor burns, razor bumps, irritation, redness, etc.

11. Clean the shaver properly

Clean your shaver properly after use. Let it dry and pack it in its case. Taking proper care of the electric shaver is also essential if you want to use the shaver for a long time.


You can use shaving cream with an electric shaver.

It is always recommended to use shaving cream for better skin health. 

But, make sure your electric shaver is dry/wet shaver. If your shaver is only a dry shaver then avoid using that shaver or do not use shaving cream at least with that electric shaver.


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