Epilation is overall the best method to remove unwanted body hair for women.

Because it is more inexpensive than shaving and results last as long as waxing’s result.

Epilation can give smooth skin for 4 to 6 weeks depending on hair growth.

But, there is one concern with all the hair removal methods, it causes ingrown hair.

So what about ingrown hair with epilation?

Do epilators cause ingrown hair? – yes, any hair removal method can cause ingrown hair but you can prevent it if you use the epilator with the right process. 

What is ingrown hair?

When small hair grows back into the skin, it causes inflammation and bumps which is called ingrown hair.

Sometimes when you remove hair, if it gets broken from the surface of the skin or sometimes just below the skin, dead skin cells block the face of the follicle after that hair grows below the skin surface. It causes bumps also called cysts or ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair is very painful and annoying.

What causes ingrown hair?

Ingrown hair happens when hair grows back into the skin. The main reason for growing hair inside the skin is – not exfoliating the skin before removing hair.

Although, there are some hair removal methods in which exfoliation is done naturally such as waxing but other than that you should always exfoliate before removing hair.

Although, there are some other factors also responsible for ingrown hair but not Exfoliating is the main cause.

What does an ingrown hair look like?

Do epilators cause ingrown hair?

Not only epilators but waxing and shaving can also cause ingrown hair. 

The fact is, any hair removal method can cause ingrown hair.

But, ingrown hair is a little more common with epilators only if you do not epilate the right way.

In shaving, you use shaving cream and razor blades which remove all the dead skin cells and other particles from the skin 

In waxing, wax strips also remove dead skin cells along with it when it removes hair.

But, in the epilator, there is no such self-cleansing process involved.

Lack of exfoliation before epilation is the main reason for ingrown hair.

Another reason that can cause ingrown hair- is not using the epilator the right way. If you do not use the epilator the right way it breaks hair from the surface of the skin or removes hair partially.

Hair is not removed completely from the root but it gets broken from just above the hair root. Now, hair curls back and grows in that follicle. This becomes more common if you don’t use a good epilator.

So always exfoliate and use a good epilator.

How do I prevent ingrown hairs when epilating?

It is totally possible to prevent ingrown hair. There are only two things that contribute to ingrown hair when epilating – exfoliator and epilator. If you understand these two things and use them the right way you will get only hairless and smooth skin not ingrown hair.

1. Exfoliation is the key to preventing ingrown hair

Exfoliation before epilation is the most important to prevent ingrown hair.

Because the most common factor of ingrown hair – is trapping hair inside hair follicles while dead skin blocks the opening.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and other particles that can clog the hair follicle.

When skin is free from dead skin cells and impurities, there is no chance of getting ingrown hair.

But, exfoliation also makes the skin too sensitive because it removes one layer of dead skin cells.

So, don’t exfoliate too close to epilation.

The right time to exfoliate is 24 hours before epilation.

Exfoliation before epilation helps to remove dead skin cells which prevents clogging of follicles during epilation but our skin is constantly changing. 

After two to three days, our skin generates enough dead skin cells that clog the hair follicle again. 

So, exfoliate in regular intervals, to prevent ingrown hair when epilating you should epilate two times a week.

There are two types of exfoliator

Use these exfoliators according to your skin, not every type of exfoliator is right for your skin.

For dry skin use a Chemical exfoliator because physical exfoliators make it flaky.

For sensitive skin use chemical exfoliators, physical exfoliators may irritate it more and make it red.

But, for oily skin, use a physical exfoliator because it removes oil physically which also helps grab hair firmly when epilating

For normal skin, you can do any of those combinations.

Best exfoliator for your skin

Skin Type Exfoliator
Oily skinStrong chemical or scrub or gloves
Normal skinChemical or scrub

After choosing the best exfoliator for your skin that will prevent ingrown hair. Now, it is time to exfoliate properly before epilating.

How to exfoliate the right way before epilating?

  • Wash the area with warm water. It will help you to release body’s natural oil and it opens up the pores. It also makes it easy to remove dead skin cells.
  • Apply exfoliator in a circular motion with fingers. Take an exfoliator on your fingers, apply it to the area and rub it in a circular motion.
  • Rinse off with cold water and pat dry. Don’t rub the skin, it can cause redness or irritation because the skin is already a little sensitive.

Now next step is to use the epilator the right way

2. Use Epilator in the right way to prevent ingrown hair

The second best thing you can do to prevent ingrown hair is to choose a premium epilator.

Choosing the right epilator is as important as exfoliation.

Hair is trapped inside the hair follicle because hair hasn’t been removed properly, some of it is left inside. 

Exfoliation will prevent it from trapping inside so hair can grow outside, but a good epilator will remove hair from the root and not part of the hair left behind.

It removes the possibility of ingrown hair entirely. The epilator for ingrown hair should have micro-gripping technology that can grab very small hair and an exfoliation brush. Of course, other features are mandatory such as wet and dry, better battery life, and cordless.

How to use the epilator in the right way?

1. Go slowly and steadily

Go slowly and steadily. 

This way it gives enough time to the epilator to grab hair firmly from the bottom.

When you move the epilator slowly it prevents hair from breaking and removes hair entirely from the root.

Movement should be steady all over the body. If some parts have denser hair, move the epilator more slowly, so it can remove hair without breaking it and properly.

Epilate wet, this also helps to avoid ingrown hair.

2. Hold the epilator 90 degrees to the skin

Hold the epilator perpendicular to the skin. Some epilators have an ergonomic design or S-shape design. Hold them in a way the head is perpendicular to the skin. It will also prevent the breaking of the hair.

Best Epilator For Ingrown Hair

1. Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 Flex 9-300

This one is overall the best epilator to prevent ingrown hair.

You can use it on your arms, legs, face, armpits, and bikini line.

It comes with all the accessories that you will need to epilate your body.

It is designed in a way that prevents ingrown hair.

This comes with 40 Micro grip tweezers that can grab extremely small hair easily and firmly.

It won’t leave even the smallest hair behind.

The other thing that is best about it, it comes with an exfoliation brush which is also very important to avoid ingrown hair.

It comes with a separate facial epilator that can be used to epilate the upper lip and eyebrow hair.

You can use it as a shaver and trimmer also.

It is a beginner-friendly epilator, it has SensoSmart technology that helps beginners to put the right pressure on the skin. If you put too much pressure, the red light will be on, otherwise, it will work as a flashlight.

In other words, this one is best for ingrown hair.

The problem with this one is it is a little bit expensive. But, don’t worry if you can’t afford this, choose another one.

Pros and cons

  • An exfoliation and massage pad is included which can be useful in preventing ingrown hair and bumps.
  • Micro gripping tweezers technology can grab extremely small hair.
  • You can use it on your face.
  • A full flexible head is best among all the epilators.
  • Wet and dry.
  • SensoSmart technology helps as a pressure guide.
  • Battery life is amazing.
  • Expensive. Not everyone can afford it.
  • Shaver’s head is useless, it trims hair instead of shaving.

2. Braun Epilator Silk-épil 5 5-895

This is a mid-range epilator for ingrown hair. You shouldn’t expect a good epilator below this range.

Its tweezers are so precise that they can grab extremely small hair (0.5mm), 4 times shorter than waxing.

It also comes with an exfoliation brush for the face and body. You already know the importance of exfoliation in preventing ingrown hair. 

I didn’t expect that we could get that many accessories at this price.

It also has two-speed settings that can be very useful if you have fine or coarse hair.

Although the head is not as comfortable as with flex 9 300 but good enough to epilate efficiently.

This one also has SensoSmart technology which helps put the right pressure on the skin. It can be very beneficial for beginners. When you are using this if you apply too much pressure red light will be on, otherwise white light.

Although the battery is not the best it gives 30 minutes of cordless after one full charge.

It is waterproof so you can easily clean it under running water.

Pros and cons

  • An exfoliation brush and facial cap are included.
  • It can grab extremely small hair.
  • SensoSmart technology that can be used as a pressure guide.
  • 100% waterproof, can be used and cleaned under running water.
  • Two-speed settings.
  • Battery life is not that good.
  • Shaver or trimmer is not of good quality
  • Not very comfortable.
  • The Head could be better.

How to prevent ingrown hair after epilation?

Follow these steps right after epilation if you want to avoid ingrown hair after epilation. After epilation skin care plays important in preventing ingrown hair and healing skin.

1. Rinse your skin

Rinse your skin with cold water. It will remove the residue of epilated hair and numb the pain.

2. Apply moisturizer

Moisturizer is the must-use product after epilation. It will soothe and heal your skin from microwear and tear. Don’t apply moisturizer right after epilation, wait for at least 30 to 60 minutes. If you are using Aloe Vera gel then you can apply it right after epilation.

3. Wear loose-fitting

Epilators cause wear and tear to our skin. So, right after epilation avoids hot baths, sweat, and wear loose-fitting cloth, so the skin can breathe and heal faster.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do you treat infected ingrown hair?

If you do all things properly then there are high chance that you won’t get an ingrown hair. But, if by chance you get ingrown hair you should treat the area carefully-

  • Make sure you keep the area around ingrown hair clean.
  • Avoid shaving and epilation in that area. It will hurt extremely if you shave or epilate it.
  • Give a warm compress every day. Give 10-15 minutes of compresses 3-4 times a day.
  • Apply antiseptic cream or solution such as turmeric, tea tree oil, etc.

How do you prevent folliculitis after epilating?

  • Wear loose-fitting
  • Avoid sauna
  • Avoid Exercise 
  • Wash skin with warm water.
  • Avoid touching the area again and again.

How do I get rid of ingrown hairs on my legs after epilating?

According to Medical News Today, you should do the following things

  • Wash the area and exfoliate gently
  • To open the hair follicle apply a warm wet cloth directly over the affected area.
  • Hold the cloth there for 30-60 seconds.
  • Use a sterilized needle to tease the skin. To sterilize the needle, clean it with an alcohol sanitizer.
  • When the hair face comes out then by grabbing with tweezers remove it from the root.
  • Wash area and apply aftershave.


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