Epilator is one of the best methods to remove body hair. It is cheap and gives long-lasting smooth skin.

But, the only concern with an epilator is that it causes lots of pain.

Epilators cause lots of pain and trauma to the skin, so people are also interested in knowing whether epilators darken the skin or not. 

Does an Epilator Blacken a Girl’s Skin?

do epilator darken the skin

Epilators do not work the same way as shaving.

Shaving can also darken the skin even though it didn’t cause any trauma to our skin, but it is different from waxing or epilation. Repeated shaving of the skin causes frequent rubbing over the same area, which causes irritation.

But, when you use an epilator you don’t need to use it again for 4 to 6 weeks. So repeated use is not responsible for that.

The only thing which is responsible for the darkening of the skin after epilation is infection such as ingrown hair, or damage to our skin done by pulling off the hair.

Epilator itself doesn’t cause darkening of the skin. Actually, it is the opposite of that, using an epilator can glow skin.

But, epilators cause damage to our skin after that even mild trauma can cause irritation and inflammation. Sensitive skin is more prone to darkening of the skin.

This inflammation or irritation can affect cells that produce pigmentation and it can cause hyperpigmentation.

Before epilation, we also exfoliate our skin and after that use an epilator this makes our skin sensitive to the sun which can easily darken the skin. so, after epilation, skincare is very important.

You can prevent ingrown hair by exfoliating and using the right Epilator. And you can. Reverse the damage by moisturizing skin after epilation.

How to prevent the darkening of the skin after epilation?

These are a few things in your hand that you can do in order to prevent the darkening of the skin after epilation.

1. Use the best epilator

To avoid infection such as ingrown hair or irritation use the best epilator. To avoid ingrown hair use an epilator that can grab hair firmly and from the bottom. 

To avoid infection disinfect the epilator before use. The epilator should be bacteria-free before you use it. 

To get maximum precision on facial hair, use an epilator that is specially designed for the face such as a Braun Face 85. It can grab 0.02mm long hair.

But for the body, you can try Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex 9-300 Or Panasonic ES-EL9A-S. These are some premium epilators but they can help you to prevent ingrown hair.

When you are using an epilator, also change the epilator from time to time if you are using it for too long.

2. Exfoliate well before epilation

No matter if you epilate, wax, or shave but exfoliation is the key. Always exfoliate before removing hair.

Although waxing naturally exfoliates skin during the process, for shaving and epilation exfoliation is necessary.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the upper surface layer of the skin which prevents clogging of the hair follicle.

This prevents ingrown hair which indirectly prevents the darkening of the skin. Don’t exfoliate too close to the epilation as it may make your skin over-sensitive to this, and traumatized skin even more. So, exfoliate at least 24 hours before the hair removal process.

3. Avoid products that include alcohol after epilation

Do not use alcohol-based products on the skin after epilation.

After epilation, our skin needs to be hydrated well, but alcohol-based products make our skin dry.

4. Avoid going out in the sun 

Exfoliation makes our skin sensitive which makes it vulnerable to the sun. 

After epilation, our skin becomes even more sensitive to sun and tanning beds that can affect cells that produce melanin.

So, right after epilation avoids going out it may cause a burning sensation or irritation.

5. Avoid hot baths or saunas

Hot baths and steam baths can stimulate pain. Hot is not beneficial in healing the skin. After epilation, take a shower with cold or warm water.

The hot temperature may cause hyper-pigmentation after epilation or waxing.

7. Wear loose and comfortable clothing

You already know that epilation causes lots of wear and tear to our skin.

After that our skin needs healing and breathing.

So, always wear loose clothing so our skin can breathe and heal faster.

After epilation, our skin becomes very sensitive. It can easily irritate if rubbed against hard surfaces. To avoid friction against the cloth, wear cotton or soft smooth silk cloth. It will heal skin faster 

8. Moisturization is the key 

Moisturization is the key in order to preventing discoloration of the skin.

Epilators pull hair mechanically which traumatizes our skin. Pulling hair mechanically causes lots of pain and damage to our skin. Sometimes blood also comes out.

To refresh and heal skin the only thing you can do is moisturize skin. Keep skin moisturized all the time, at least for 24 hours.

The best moisturizer for after epilation is Aloe vera; it has antioxidants that prevent inflammation and also has hydration properties.

But, you can also use other moisturizers or aftershave such as Tend Skin. But, wait for at least 30 minutes after epilation before applying it.


No epilator does not cause dark skin by itself, but for epilation, we exfoliate our skin which makes our skin sensitive to the sun which may cause darkening of the skin.

Epilators pull hair mechanically which may rupture the tiny skin cells which can cause reddening or darkening of the skin.

But, if you moisturize your skin after epilation and avoid the sun and hot temperature then the skin glow instead of darkening.

Most Frequently Asked Question

Does the epilator damage your skin?

Epilator is a safe way to remove hair but it can be excruciating, especially at first.

It can damage your skin if you are not using the right epilator in the right way. But if the epilator is used in the proper way. It can be beneficial for the skin.

Do epilators lessen dark armpits?

Dark armpit generally happens after shaving. However, epilation can also cause premature pigmentation and hair hyperpigmentation.

Darken armpit may happen if you use an epilator for the first time or not after epilation care.

If you give proper aftercare it reduces dark spots and makes the skin look fresh.

Does epilator darken underarms?

No, epilating under arms doesn’t darken the skin because its blades don’t irritate the skin like shaving, its epilator pulls hair, and it doesn’t use chemicals as we use in hair removal creams.

Does venus razor make skin dark?

Razor itself doesn’t make skin dark or cause hyperpigmentation. The razor method itself causes irritation to the skin due to repeated rubbing of the skin. Although, if you use a good shaving cream and proper after shaver then darkening of the skin can be prevented.

Does an epilator make hair thicker?

No epilator doesn’t make hair thicker. Instead of this, it reduces hair growth and in time makes hair thinner and thinner. 

Does waxing darken skin?

Waxing can damage your skin and rupture your hair follicles. This extreme trauma to the skin can cause dark patches on the skin. But if you use premium waxing stripes under proper guidance it can be avoided. Waxing itself is a great method to remove unwanted hair for a long time.


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