Removing pubic hair is very common among men and women these days.

But, hair removal methods are very expensive or some don’t give desired results for a long time. 

Now, epilation comes to save which gives long-lasting results at a very inexpensive price.

But, can we use an epilator for Brazilians? Or is it safe or not for pubic hair? 

Can You Use An Epilator For A Brazilian?

Yes, you can use an epilator for Brazilians. But, the full Brazilian includes the most sensitive skin of the body, pulling hair from the root there can cause unbearable pain.

The pubic region is the most sensitive area of the skin because there are lots of nerve endings. 

Because lots of nerve ends down there, if you pull hair from roots lots of pain signals run toward our brain and you feel extreme pain.

This pain can become unbearable if you used to shave or use depilatory creams a lot in the past. 

Because every time you shave or remove hair from the surface, hair follicles become stronger.

If hair follicles become stronger then pulling hair from the root becomes harder and harder and you will feel more pain when you epilate.

So always use numbing cream before epilating such sensitive skin.

One other option is that you can wax for the first time and epilate after that on regrown hair.


This leads me to the next part.

Epilating or Waxing – Which is Better for a Brazilian?

can you use brazilian for waxing

To determine which is better, epilating or waxing for Brazilians, we have to compare waxing and Epilation side by side for Brazilians.

1. Pain 

Epilator and waxing both pull hair from the root. So they both hurt equally.

But, this is not true.

Epilators have 30 to 50 tweezers that pull hair from the root. When you move these tweezers across your skin they pull hair one by one along the way. Which sends lots of sensory signals to our brain and we feel more pain.

Waxing also pulls hair from the root but covers a larger area at once. 

Once you pull a wax strip it sends pain signals to your brain only at once.

Although you can easily find epilators that have 100 tweezers. But, in comparison to wax, I think waxing is the winner.

If you compare epilator and wax for Brazilian with the pain you will feel during the process waxing is the winner.

But you can prevent pain by using numbing cream.

2. Results

Results last longer for the same time for epilator and waxing because they both pull hair from the root.

You can expect results from the epilation and wax for 3 to 4 weeks.

If you look at the results, both are the winners.

3. Cost

Cost is one of the most expected to discuss because the cost is the one factor that is pushing women toward epilation from waxing.

Waxing is very costly. 

Waxing for both legs at the spa can cost you $50-$100 bikini line is not included. 

If you just want to know about Brazilian wax, then Brazilian wax at the spa can cost from $30-$50, but it depends on the spa and salon how they will change.

A good and premium epilator can cost you around $100-$150, but after that, you can use it again and again. In the long run, epilation is cheaper than shaving too.

In terms of cost undoubtedly epilator is the winner

4. Skill needed

Skill sets are also very important for convenience.

Epilator is the most convenient for Brazilians, even more, convenient than shaving. 

For epilation, you need just an epilator, nothing messy, creams, setup, etc.

But, for a Brazilian wax at home, you may need to try yoga and different poses. Just to reach and wax some places.

Epilation is the most convenient. Undoubtedly epilation is the winner

5. Ingrown hair

Ingrown hair is much more common with epilators than waxing.

Epilator can cause redness, rashes, and ingrown hairs because it pulls hair one by one.

But waxing pulls all hairs at once, this prevents the breaking of hair which may save you from ingrown hair as epilation does.

In terms of ingrown hair, waxing is the winner.

But, you can prevent ingrown hair by exfoliating the skin before and using moisturizer or post-shave gel after epilation.

6. Reusing frequency

With waxing, you can’t wax off hairs smaller than 5 to 6 mm. So you can wax only after 3 to 5 weeks which may increase the level of pain you may experience

But, a powerful and premium epilator can epilate hair 0.5mm which means the smaller the hair lesser the pain you will feel. Obviously, that small hairs can get broken and cause ingrown hair, but, you can epilate once a week which makes the hair follicles weak over time.

If you ask me what is better epilator or waxing for Brazilians then I would say you can go with a mixture of both.


For the first time, epilation is much more painful than waxing. So, for the first time, you can go with Brazilian waxing and after that, you use Epilator to keep it neat and clean.

The other thing you can do is use numbing cream before epilating.

Summary – Epilation vs waxing

PainMore than waxing for the first timeLess than epilationWaxing
Results3-4 week3-4 weeksboth
Minimum hair length3-5mm, for some 0.5mm6-9mmEpilator
costLess than $1 in long term$30-$50 sometimes moreEpilator
Skill requiredNot needNeededEpilator
Ingrown hairCommon than waxingNot very commonwaxing
Reusing frequencyCan be used once a week or once 3-4 weekOnce in 3-4 weeksEpilator
Overall winner5 times winner3 times winnerEpilator
My choiceCheap, convenient, and frequently reusableExpensive and not convenient at homeEpilator

What is more unique about epilators than wax?

I choose an epilator over waxing for Brazilians. Because it has lots of merits over waxing.

The three things that win over waxing epilation are is very cheap, convenient, and you can epilate very small hair.

One-Time Brazilian waxing can cost you around $30-$50, obviously, it depends on the pricing of the salons but you can expect this, only three visits to salons for Brazilian waxing can save you – a premium epilator and a numbing cream.

Convenience is the other thing that affects most women because women are mostly busy. They don’t have enough time to go to the salon but they can’t do Brazilian waxing at home. You can do epilation anytime at any place. Epilator is in your hand you can use it day or night in the bathroom or bedroom, the choice is yours.

The third and most important merit of epilation is that you can epilate even 0.5mm long hair. 

You can’t wax less than 4 to 5mm long hair. But, you can use an epilator on very small hair again and again which makes epilation less painful over time.

Is It Safe To Use An Epilator On Pubic Hair?

Yes, it is safe to use an epilator on pubic hair, but there is the most sensitive skin down there. Some people can struggle more with rashes, Irritation, and ingrown hair than others.

Also, there are lots of nerve ends down there that can cause extreme pain for first-time users.

But, you can prevent these complications by using natural cream that prevents ingrown hair, soothes, and calms skin. And to prevent pain you can use numbing creams that block the pain receptor to send pain signals to our brain.

Can you epilate your vag?

Yes, it is safe to epilate your vag. Although down there is the most sensitive skin you will feel pain like hell. but, don’t worry you don’t need to epilate your whole vag in one session. you can take your time and epilate when you have enough motivation.

You can use an epilator for Brazilian, Brazilian include the vag, butt cheeks, and around the butt hole area. which means you can epilate all these things.

if you have longer hair, you should trim your hair first. but, don’t trim too much, it makes it difficult to epilate.

Final thought

Whatever you choose, remember if you have more sensitive skin than others then you are going to feel pain like hell. So be prepared.

Epilator and waxing both have their own pros and cons.

Don’t believe blindly in others’ opinions and experiences, try them both and then choose the right option for you.

Only you know your skin and pain tolerance. So, choose what fits best for you.


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