For men, facial hair increases their charm and look.

But, at the same time, facial hair can embrace any woman and ruin their entire look.

It doesn’t matter if women have coarse hair or peach puff but the hair on the chin and upper lip are big unfortunate to any woman.

There are lots of options to remove facial hair from shaving to waxing. But what is the best and most convenient method to remove facial hair?

To be honest, Do Not try shaving. Shaving is not for women at least for their faces.

Waxing is expensive and not everyone can visit the salon.

Now, we come to the epilation.

Epilation is just waxing minus lots of money and mess.

But, should you epilate your face? Is it safe to use an epilator on the face? Let’s find out

First, we should know the advantages and disadvantages of the epilating face. Then we will move on to the  – can you use an epilator on your face? Why or why not.


Can you use an epilator on your face?

Yes, you can use an epilator on your face Epilator is just an instrument that grabs hair and pulls it out just like waxing. The only difference between waxing and epilator is that epilators grab less hair at once and waxing pulls a lot of them.

So, if you are already using any hair removal methods to remove facial hair such as threading or waxing then you can definitely move to epilation.

But, don’t just blindly choose any hair removal methods. Every method has its advantages and disadvantages.

First, know about the advantages and disadvantages and then choose.

Advantages of epilating face

These are some advantages if you are using an epilator on your face –

1. 4 to 6 weeks of smooth skin

Epilators give long-lasting results.

Epilators pull hair from the root and hair takes a lot of time to even come out to the surface of the skin. In general, once you epilate you can get smooth skin for 4 to 6 weeks. Although, this time also depends on your hair growth speed. But, you can expect at least 3 weeks of smooth skin if your hair regrows faster.

2. Hair growth slows down and new hair comes finer

Another advantage you get using epilators on the face is that hair growth slows down. The new one comes out finer and thinner. The more you epilate slower hair regrows. And eventually, hair growth stops completely. 

3. No need to wait for the right length

When you are using an epilator you don’t need to wait to grow a certain length like you need to wait when you are waxing. As soon as hair comes out of the hair follicle you can remove it.

4. Inexpensive hair removal

This is a big advantage of an epilator. Epilator is just a one-time investment, after that, it can serve you for years and you don’t need to spend even a dollar. This is the main reason women are shifting to epilators from waxing.

5. No need to be an expert

To use an epilator on your face you don’t need to be an expert, anyone can use it. You just need to follow some steps and the epilation is done. Although, you need to follow every step properly.

Disadvantages of epilating face

No hair removal method can be perfect, every method has its own disadvantages. And this method also has some disadvantages and you should know these before taking any decision.

1. Pain 

Pain is the number one reason why some people avoid epilating their faces. Our face skin is thin and sensitive. So, when you directly pull out hair this causes hell-like pain. 

If you are too sensitive to pain then epilation is not for you. Epilation can cause extreme levels of pain for those who are too sensitive to pain. Although, there are numbers of tips to reduce the pain. Pain also decreases the more you use it. You will feel little to no pain when you use an epilator 3 to 4 times.

2. Chances of ingrown hair and bumps

There are always chances of ingrown hair if you are not using an epilator with proper procedure. Although you can avoid ingrown hair, it is totally in your hand.

3. Cuts 

Although, getting cuts possibility is really low with an epilator. But there are always chances of skin getting caught in the epilator if you are pushing it too hard against the skin or you have dull and thin skin.

4. Inflammation 

Pulling hair mechanically causes trauma to the hair follicle. This can inflame the hair follicle and cause redness, bumps, bleeding, and swelling. But, these go away within just a few hours.

Is it safe to Epilate your face?

Yes, it is safe to use an epilator on the face. But you need to be a little bit extra careful because the skin on the face is thin and sensitive. Follow the right epilation technique otherwise, you can easily inflame your skin and get bumps, bleeding, redness, and swelling.

Whatever method you choose, you need to be careful when you are removing hair from your face, so why not be careful when you are epilating?

Who should avoid using an epilator on the face?

There are two types of people who should avoid using an epilator on their face.

Acne-prone skin – if you have acne-prone skin then don’t do epilation because epilation can cause breakouts. With epilation hair follicles get open and if they get clogged this can cause acne. If your skin is already prone to acne then this can worsen the condition and cause a number of breakouts.

Too pain-sensitive – if you have a very low pain tolerance capacity then you should avoid epilating your face because epilation on the face can cause extreme pain because the skin on our face is thin and sensitive.

3 Best Epilators for Facial Hair in 2023 (Reviews)

1. Braun Face 851 – Best for Eyebrow and upper lip

Braun is a well-known brand in the grooming industry. And they’ve been doing a great job in manufacturing epilators.

This Braun epilator is the ideal epilator for facial hair.

It has a very sleek and precise design and it can catch 0.02mm long hair. So, as long as hair comes out of the hair follicle you can remove it. You don’t need to wait to grow it 3mm long.

Its design is very precise, you can even use it to shape your eyebrows. 

Although, most people prefer R.E.M. Spring to shape eyebrows because women’s eyebrows are very thin. Most epilators don’t give that much precision. But this one can o it easily.

Another thing that is amazing about it, it comes with an exfoliation brush and a normal brush.

For the eyebrow and upper lip, this epilator is best.

Although, one drawback of it is that it takes lots of time to epilate your chin and you can’t use it to remove body hair.

To remove body hair you need to buy a separate epilator and this can cost you much if you are buying two different epilators for facial hair and body hair.

So, I will recommend it if you already have an epilator and you want to buy an epilator to remove upper lip hair and shape eyebrows.

Pros and cons

  • Suitable for eyebrows
  • Ideal for upper lips
  • Can grab extremely small hair
  • Best for traveling
  • You can reuse it in 2 to 3 days after epilation.
  • Cause little to no pain when reusing it.
  • It Takes lots of time to epilate chin hair.
  • Not suitable for body hair.
  • Little bit expensive

Who should buy it?

Women who already have an epilator and want to buy a separate epilator for eyebrows and upper lip hair then go with this one.

Who should avoid it?

If this is your first epilator and you don’t have any existing epilators then you should go with other options such as Emjoi or Braun series 9.

2. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-890 – Overall best

The above Braun Face 851 is only best for eyebrows and upper lip hair.

But, if you want to buy a brand new epilator that can remove facial hair and body hair as well then go with this one.

Although, this one is a little bit expensive, but it can serve you for years.

If you are buying your first-ever epilator then I will strongly recommend it. Go with this one. It has all the features that you need.

This has a compact design. It is lightweight although heavier than Face 851, but still lighter than most other Epilators.

It can grab 4 times shorter hair than waxing which is around 0.5 mm. Braun Face 851 can grab 0.02mm hair but this one is designed to use on the entire body and Face 851 is just for facial hair. So, you shouldn’t compare its precision. 

But, once they remove hair they give the same results.

With this one, you need to wait at least a week before reusing it.

It is designed to epilate the whole body so its head is a little bit bigger. But don’t worry it comes with its facial cap.

The only disadvantage of this epilator is that it cannot be used to shape eyebrows. To shape your eyebrows you can use threading or buy a R.E.M spring which is very cheap and can complete your kit.

Pros and cons

  • Epilate facial hair as well as body hair
  • SensoSmart technology can help to put the right pressure.
  • Can be used wet and dry.
  • Comes with a trimmer cap and skin contact cap that helps to epilate with precision.
  • It comes with a detailed trimmer that can be used to trim the hair from different parts of the body.
  • Cannot be used to shape eyebrows.
  • Little Bit expensive

Who should buy it?

If you are looking for an epilator that can remove body hair as well as facial hair then this is the best epilator for you. This one is also suitable for beginners because its SensoSmart technology helps beginners to put the right pressure on the skin.

Who should avoid it?

If your sole purpose is to remove facial hair then don’t spend your money on this one. This epilator is also not suitable for eyebrows. For eyebrows and only facial hair, you should buy Braun face 851

3. Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator  – Best For upper lip and chin hair

Some people want to check the epilator, so they can figure out whether they should use an epilator or not. If you are one of these then don’t go with any Braun epilator from above because their cost is high.

This epilator may not be an ideal epilator for body hair like Braun Silk epil 9, but this one is best for facial hair.

Although its design is not very precise, for eyebrows this is not a good choice, but to remove chin hair, upper lip, armpits, and bikini line hair this one is the best epilator you can get.

If you are in the initial stage then you should definitely go with this one.

It is a wet and dry epilator, so you can use it in or out of the shower.

It can grab very small hair.

Pros and cons

  • Can be used to remove armpit and bikini line hair
  • Epilate chin hair and upper lip hair very quickly.
  • Very inexpensive
  • Good for beginners.
  • Best for fine hair
  • Can Not use to shape eyebrows
  • Not suitable to remove arms and legs hair.
  • Do not epilate thick hair effectively

Who should buy it?

Beginner women who just want to check whether epilators are for them or not. If you want to buy an epilator just for your upper lip and chin hair, this one is great. It can also work on the armpit and bikini line. Although, it works best only with fine hair.

Who should avoid it?

If you are a person with thick and coarse hair then go with Braun silk epil 9 and if you also want to use an epilator on eyebrows then go with Braun Face 851.

How to epilate your face properly?

To epilate your face without irritating your skin and without causing any side effects always follow the right process.

Follow these four steps before properly

1. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is very important to prevent ingrown hair. Ingrown hair on the face is very painful and the whole purpose of getting a smooth face is defeated.

The best time to exfoliate is 24 hours before epilation. It removes all the dead skin cells and prevents hair follicles from getting clogged.

2. Soften the hair and hydrate your skin

Before using an epilator on your face. Make sure you soften facial hair and hydrate your skin. Pulling hair one by one is like torture to your skin. So make sure your face is well hydrated and your hair is softened. The more hydrated the skin the less pain you will feel when epilating.

For this, you can use Cetaphil face wash. It will remove dust particles and hydrate the skin and soften hair.

3. Epilate in the direction of hair growth

Epilate the face in the direction of the hair growth. Although generally, we epilate against the direction of the hair growth so that we can catch maximum hair at once. But, on the face, don’t try to catch maximum hair, just epilate in the direction of hair growth. Although, you need more passes, but at least you won’t get redness and ingrown hair.

4. Soothe and moisturize your skin

Epilation can cause trauma to our skin. To avoid post epilation side effects smooth and moisturize your skin properly. We have made a complete guide on after-epilation skin care checks this out.

The best moisturizer after epilation is Aloe vera gel. It soothes and heals our skin. It also helps to avoid irritation, redness, and inflammation.

5. Apply after epilation creams

If your hair regrows faster then you should definitely use epilation creams. It will reduce hair growth. For this, you can use Gigi Slow Grow inhibitors.

Side effects of using an epilator on the face

If you have epilated your face with the right process then there is little to no chance that you will feel these side effects. But still, there are always chances of getting these side effects.

The most common side effect of using an epilator on the face is redness and bumpiness. Epilators traumatize our skin and these are the normal side effects and these go away within a few hours. To avoid these side effects follow proper after-epilation care.

Another possible side effect is folliculitis or infection. Although epilator blades do not touch our skin, there are always chances of skin getting caught and infected. So always, use a cleaned epilator or disinfect it before using it on the face.

Is it better to shave or Epilate facial hair?

For women to remove facial hair epilator is a better option than shaving.

Because epilators can give smooth skin for 4 to 6 weeks and hair regrows thinner and finer. Over time hair growth slows down and it takes longer and longer to come on the surface of the skin.

Shaving gives stubble which regrows in 3 to 4 days.

The cost of shaving and epilation is almost the same.

Is epilator better than waxing?

First, we should know the pros and cons, then choose between waxing and epilator.

Epilator and waxing both works the same way. They both remove hair from the root. So, both give results for the same period of time.

The main difference between waxing and an epilator is that epilator is more painful than waxing. But, at the same time, an epilator is a lot cheaper than waxing. With 2 to 3 waxing sessions you can get a premium epilator that will serve you for years.

Epilator is also more convenient than waxing. You can use epilators anytime you want. You don’t need to go to the salons or take help from others.

Conclusion to remove facial hair in the long term choose an epilator because, after 2 to 3 use, it becomes virtually painless. But, if you want to remove facial hair only one or two times then save some pain and go with waxing.

How often should you Epilate your face?

In general, you should epilate your face once every 4 to 6 weeks. A beginner should epilate once a week for the first 4 weeks.

But, the epilation frequency greatly depends on the individual woman’s hair growth. Some women’s hair grows back faster than normal. They can use an epilator after just 2 to 3 weeks. 

Some women may have slower hair growth on their faces they can epilate once in 2 or 3 months.

So, Instead of this question, you should ask what is the right length for epilation?

The right hair length to epilate is 3mm. Epilate your hair as long as it grows to 3mm. For some women, it can grow faster and for some, it may take months.

What is the best time to epilate your face?

Nighttime is the best time to epilate your face. If you get some post-epilation side effects such as redness, irritation, and bumpiness, it will settle down till morning.

In the morning you get smooth and silky skin.

Make sure you follow the right process and always apply moisturizer after epilation.

Don’t use hair growth inhibitors at night. For this, you can wait till morning.

What should I put on my face after epilating?

The best thing you can use on your face after epilating is moisturizer. Normally you should wait for at least 30 -60 minutes before using a moisturizer after epilation.

But, if you have Aloe Vera gel then you can apply it immediately because it soothes and moisturizes the skin. It also has some healing properties that help with decreasing trauma to our skin. 

Most Frequently asked questions

1. Do facial epilators leave stubble?

No, epilators don’t leave stubble if you have used it right. It may leave stubble in some cases such as if hair gets broken at the surface of the skin instead of coming out from the root. For this, you can use an epilator after a week. That is why it is recommended for beginners to use an epilator once a week.

2. Which epilator is best for facial hair?

Braun Face 851 is the best epilator for the face. You can use it to epilate the upper lips, chin, and eyebrows. It is a complete grooming kit. You also get an exfoliation brush, an extra-sensitive brush, and a beauty sponge with it. So, if you are targeting only facial hair then this is the best epilator for you.

3. Does epilating the face reduce hair growth?

Yes, epilating the face slows down hair growth. The regrown hair comes out thinner and finer.

4. Does hair grow back thicker after epilating?

No hair grows back thinner and finer after epilating. But, to get hair fine and thin you need to use an epilator lot of times before getting this result.

5. Can I use a Philips epilator on my face?

You can use Philips Beauty Satinelle BRE235/04 on your face. It is compact, small, and lightweight.

6. Do epilators permanently remove hair?

Continuous use of epilators for a long time helps with reducing hair growth over time. It takes longer and longer to grow back, but it is very rare to see that hair growth stops completely. I have never seen that. But, hair grows back weaker and finer.

7. Can I use an epilator on my upper lip?

Yes, you can use an epilator on your facial hair. facial hair also includes upper lips, eyebrows, and chin. In fact, the epilator is the best way to remove upper lips hair.


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