This question is very common among women, their partner has a beard trimmer and it works amazing for them.

They also want to use it to clean down there, especially the bikini line.

Women are generally more concerned about the pubic bush, and you might too because that’s why you are here.

Can you use a beard trimmer on female pubic hair? The short answer is NO. You shouldn’t do that because a beard trimmer is wider and made for thick hairs. But, the pubic hairs are soft and thinner. For pubic hairs, you need a narrow, lightweight, and high-quality trimmer. Although, there isn’t a golden rule where you can use a beard trimmer or not. But, If you trim body hair frequently then it is always good to buy a dedicated trimmer just for you.


Let me explain


Why shouldn’t you use a beard trimmer on female pubic hair?

You might be thinking about whether you should use a beard shaver for pubic hairs. The straight and short answer is NO because they are Designed differently. So, don’t even think about using a men’s shaver to shave pubic hairs.

And as far as trimmer concerns. Women want to use a beard trimmer because they think all hairs are the same, they are the same on the face and down there. You want to cut them.

And they are right it’s not about hair it’s about safety and the way trimmers are made.

Beard trimmers are made for thick hair which is not the issue but they are wider and not made for soft skin.

Most well-known brands during manufacturing keep in mind that this trimmer will use for beard trimming and they design it accordingly.

The other issue here is that beard trimmer offers more flexibility but due to lack of flexibility down there are more chances of injuries.

Although it is not impossible to cut pubic hair with a beard trimmer, you can use it if you are careful and have experience. But it is not convenient to cut pubic hair with a beard trimmer every time you clean down there.

If you are going to clean more frequently down there you should buy a dedicated one.

Are you wondering what features you should look for? Let me explain.

What should you look for in a beard trimmer if you want bikini trimming?

These are main things you should look for. We also have detail guide for you –

1. Use lightweight trimmer

Trimmer should be lightweight. So, you can maneuver around easily and not spun easily.

With a lightweight trimmer, you can cut pubic hair more carefully and Can hold it for a long period of time.

2. Blade should high quality

Blades are the essential part of the trimmer. Blades should be of the best quality.

You should look for titanium and stainless blades. They are durable as well as less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Blades should be self-sharpening. Sharp blades are less likely to cause razor burn, irritation, razor bumps, and itching.

3. Multiple size guard can be very useful

Trimmer should have multiple guards and complete control over the length of hair. Actually, this is a good thing about a beard trimmer.

For you can cut hairs a little bit longer and after that, in precision.

4. Disinfect before and after using

Disinfect before and after use of beard trimmer. If you are using it for public hair. Remember your partner is going to use it on your face. If he cuts, there can be serious health problems like infections, etc.

Well women should have a dedicated trimmer for pubic hair

Option is always

You can try this

Braun Epilator Shaver and Bikini Trimmer

Image courtesy –

You can find it in detail here

  • Wet & Dry Use
  • For smooth skin
  • Multiple precision

How to take care of the trimmer after use?

No matter, you are using a beard trimmer or dedicated trimmer. If you are using a trimmer in different parts of the body. Then cleaning and disinfection of the trimmer after every use is essential.

Down there, also sweat. So spreading bacteria to your face or other parts of the body is not good for your skin, especially if you are using your partner’s trimmer.

So, always wash the blades of the trimmer or disinfect them with alcohol after use.

You can do –

1. Wash the blades of the trimmer after every use and remove hair properly. Most rimmer has pop-head. You can wash them easily

2. disinfect the trimmer with alcohol.

Is removing pubic hair hygienic?

Removing pubic hair isn’t hygienic. It would be the same as saying that cutting scalp hair is hygienic.

Pubic hairs are the same as your head or chest.

Yes, it does collect some sweat but if you bathe regularly cutting down hair is not the issue.

In fact, pubic hair can be useful in protecting sensitive skin from external bacteria and dirt.


You shouldn’t use a beard trimmer for your pubic hairs if you are a woman. But you can use it, with keeping a few things in mind such as disinfect after use.

But, most of us who really love shave off hairs. For convenience, should have separate and good quality trimmer.


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