Shaving your head is more common than you think. Believe me, nowadays, the clean head is a trend. And to be honest clean head is better than small patches of hair on the head.

Now, the question arises:- can you shave your head with an electric shaver or trimmer? Yes, you can shave your head with an electric shaver or trimmer at home without any difficulties and risk of nicks and cuts.

To get the perfect bald head you don’t need to go barbershop.

Just buy a good quality electric shaver or hair clipper and shaving cream, not mandatory but for extra safety.


Which is better – a traditional razor vs a hair clipper vs an electric razor?

Let’s discuss one by one

Traditional razor – Although you would get a perfect shiny head for a longer time and these days you can easily find a razor that can adapt to the curve of your head. 

But, in a traditional razor, there is always the risk of nicks and cuts. They aren’t fast enough and need experience. 

Try to avoid them. 

Personally, I don’t like them. If you don’t have experience with shaving, don’t even try to think of using them.

Hair clippers – A good quality hair clipper is the best option to get a perfectly bald head. Hair clippers are quick and safer than a razor. 

They are also suited for sensitive skin.

A good quality hair clipper can give precision up to 0.5 mm. if you are happy with 0.5 mm hair length then a hair clipper is the only and the best option for shaving the head.

Electric shaver– Electric shaver is safer than a razor and there is little to no risk of getting nicks and cuts. Although they aren’t much compatible with sensitive skin as hair clippers, a good quality electric shaver can solve this problem for you.

You need shaving cream to get the perfect bald head and shaving cream. They make the whole shaving process very easy.


Definitely, traditional razors are off the table. 

There is no straight answer for what is better hair clippers and electric shaver.

Electric shaver and hair clipper are both equally good both would take less than 5 minutes to completely shave your head.

Choose hair according to your choice if you want more closeness electric shaver are good and for quickness and very sensitive skin hair clipper are good.

What is a better rotary shaver or foil shaver to shave the head?

If you have chosen an electric shaver to shave your head. There another problem arises:- there are two types of electric shaver foil and rotary. Which is the best for head shaving?

Foil shaver – foil shaver generally has 3 to 5 blades and a trimmer. Sometimes it ones with a separate trimmer head and sometimes a pop-up trimmer. Trimmer help to reduce the length of hair which helps blades to cut more closely.

But, they have restricted to just back and forth movement and shave very small areas per stroke.

Although, they are better to shave thin and very small hairs

Roarty shaver – rotary shaver also comes with 3 to 5 blades and more. The rotary shaver moved in a circular motion which helps to capture more hair per stroke.

A rotary shaver is also more efficient to cut thick and coarse hair.

Although, a rotary shaver can leave a small thin hair strand behind.


A rotary shaver is best to shave the head. Head hair is thick and dense. Rotary shaver move in a circular motion which helps you to shave any part of the head conveniently. Their design somehow perfectly aligns with the head shape. Although, for the first time you may need a trimmer or scissor to cut hair short. After that shave.

A rotary shaver is better than a foil shaver to shave your head, it doesn’t mean you can’t shave with a foil shaver. If you already have a foil shaver then there is no need to buy a separate rotary shaver to shave the head. Foil shaver can also do their job fine.

How to shave your head with an electric shaver and hair clipper?


  • Choose a good quality hair clipper or electric shaver.
  • Check battery before starting anything. If it is not full there is plenty of fast-charging electric shaver and trimmer available.
  • Cut your hair to the 1cm length if you are shaving with an electric shaver in case of hair clipper, not mandatory.
  • Take a hot bath. It will soften your hair which makes it easy to cut and less harsh for sensitive skin.

Preparation would be the same in the case of a hair clipper and electric shaver.

The shaving part would be slightly different.


How to shave with an electric shaver?

We have a detailed and separate guide on how to shave with a rotary and foil electric shaver. We recommend you check that out too.

  • Apply shaving cream to your head let it be there for 2-5 minutes. For dry shaving not necessary.
  • If you are using a rotary shaver, move the shaver in a circular motion.
  • Don’t push down too hard. 
  • Don’t clog shaver. Wash it frequently under running water.
  • Once it shaving is done. Do a quick scan. You can also run your shaver quickly one last time to make sure shaving is done quickly.

It is very easy and quick you don’t even need another person’s help.

How to shave with a hair clipper?

  • Set hair clipper to the lowest setting possible.
  • Guide your clipper section by section
  • First, shave the front section, then the side, and at last back.
  • Shave carefully ear and neck. These parts can forget easily and they make all the difference.
  • If the lowest setting in the clipper is not good, you can remove the comb and guide the trimmer bare without the comb.
  • Again use complete section by section

This is a very easy step you don’t need to worry about. Comment below if you find different problems.


Clean your shaver and hair clipper properly. In most hair clipper there is detachable head or blades put it under running water. Let it dry and pack back together.

How often should you shave your head?

When your hair length reaches 2 to 3 mm. You can plan to shave again. Although it also depends on your choice, if you are okay with a little bit of stubble, you can add one or two more days.

It is okay to shave 2 to 3 times a week. But, don’t shave daily it can irritate your skin and can cause ingrown hair, razor burns, and razor bumps.


The shaving head is very common these days.

You can easily without any difficulty shave your head at home.

But, you need to choose the right tools for you. 

It is also very important to use these tools in the right way. 

The electric shaver is more convenient to shave your head and get a perfectly bald head. 

Check our guide, on how to shave with electric shavers?

Thank you and Happy shaving.


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