Nowadays Removing pubic hair is an obsession for men and women.

Most women want clean and smooth skin down there including me.

There are lots of methods available for hair removal but some give too short results and some are expensive.

Women have been continuously trying to find the most effective way to remove pubic hair and they found an epilator.

Epilator is cheaper than shaving but effective like Brazilian waxing.

Now the question arises: can you epilate pubic hair?

Yes, It is safe and effective to epilate pubic hair. Epilating pubic hair gives results like Brazilian waxing at a very cheap price even cheaper than shaving. Although you should epilate longer than 3 mm hair once every 3 to 4 weeks.

Now we will know in detail about epilating pubic hair.


Can You Use An Epilator on Pubic hair?

Yes, you can epilate pubic hair with an epilator. It is safe to epilate pubic hair as safe as Brazilian waxing and shaving. Epilating public hair with an epilator is effective as waxing and cheaper than shaving.

Epilator is just a mechanical device that pulls out hair from the root. It is a little bit painful but an effective method to remove pubic hair.

When you start from the bikini line it isn’t painful. It seems normal. But as soon as you move to your central part, it hurts quite a bit.

The first time epilating your pubic hair takes time sometimes it takes 1 hour or more. But, smooth and hairless skin is worth this time.

You should always check your skin before Brazilian epilation because sensitive skin hurts the most and if you have sensitive skin down there, epilating pain will hurt like hell for the first time.

To avoid this kind of pain condition the skin and always epilate with the right technique.

If you Brazilian wax first and then uses an epilator on regrown hair it will hurt you far less than it would have the first time.

I also come across one woman’s personal experience of epilation for the first time on pubic hair. I find it very interesting. I think you should give a look at it. 

In this, she described her own experience in her word with an epilator, and now she is continuously using an epilator for Brazilian. This kind of personal experience gives you insight into what you will feel when you use it.

Pros and cons of epilating pubic hair

There are pros and cons of epilating pubic hair. Decide after looking positive and negative sides of epilating pubic hair.

Benfits of epilating pubic hair

1. Smooth skin

Epilation leaves behind smooth and hairless skin. There is no hair left behind when you epilate which gives you smooth skin as Brazilian waxing gives. With shaving, you can’t even think about this kind of result.

2. Can be Done without any expertise

You can use an epilator without expertise. You just need to buy the right epilator and turn it on. Although there are some dos and don’ts, you can learn them in five minutes.

3. Cheaper than Shaving

Shaving costs you around $1 but an epilator is much cheaper than shaving in the long run. A good epilator costs around $100, but this is just a one-time investment after that you don’t need to buy anything. Even shaving costs exceed this cost in the long run.

4. Results last for 3 to 4 weeks

Epilator and waxing results last for the same period of time around 3 to 4 weeks because they both pull out hair from the root. Shaving can’t give super smooth skin even for two days.

5. Thin Hair regrowth

Hair grows thin and thin over time. After using Epilator for a long time, hair vanished from its position and pain with that.

6. Pain becomes less and less

After using an epilator again and again pain also fades out but you need to increase the frequency of using it. The epilator hurts extremely only for the first time after that pain starts decreasing gradually.

Side effects of epilating pubic hair 

1. Pain

The epilator snatches hair from the root so it hurts as much as waxing does, sometimes even more.

2. Skin Irritation 

Skin Irritation is also very common with an epilator. When hair comes out from the root, the hair follicle becomes empty and germs take over it. So always exfoliate your skin.

3. Skin damage

If you have shaved or used depilatory creams frequently before the epilator hair follicle becomes too strong and when you pull hair out it won’t come easily and sometimes damage the skin.

4. Ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair happens when hair grows under the skin. After epilation sometimes hair follicles are filled with blood which clogs the follicle and hair grows under the skin which is quite painful. Use a skin exfoliator to prevent ingrown hair. 

Any hair removal method can cause ingrown hair but it is more common with an epilator.

5. Some time skin infection

Dirty skin and empty hair follicles can be invaded by bacteria and can cause skin infection which is a potential danger of epilators.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best epilator for pubic hair?

Panasonic ES-ED90-P  is the best epilator for Brazilian epilation. It is powerful and comes with six different attachments that are very helpful for epilating different parts of the pubic region.

How often should you epilate?

Since everyone’s hair grows at a different rate, you should epilate as soon as you see hair down there longer than 2-3mm. Generally, it takes 10 -14 days for the hair to grow this long.

When should you avoid Epilation?

You should avoid epilating your pubic hair if you are on during periods or 3 days before and after periods, during pregnancy, on HRT, and taking hormone pills, because when hormone changes in your body it makes the epilator more painful.

How long do epilator results last?

Epilator results last for 3-4 weeks. The longer you do it the slower hair grows and the need for an epilator again also decreases over time. Epilator results last as long as Brazilian waxing results last because they both pull out hair from the root.

Do epilators cause ingrown hairs?

Any hair removal method can cause ingrown hair, but it is more common with an epilator because it pulls hair from the root and if you have a stronger hair follicle it is filled with blood which also increases the chances of ingrown hair.

Is it better to Epilate wet or dry?

Epilator is more painless on wet skin than on dry skin. Wet skin is relaxed when washing with warm water and this is the best time for an epilator. You should always use an epilator on wet skin if you have sensitive skin.

Should I have a bath before epilating?

It is always a good idea to wash sweat, germs, and bacteria before the epilator. Because empty hair follicles are the prime target of bacteria. Before using the epilator, make sure that you are using cleaning. Skin thoroughly.


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