Periods are once a monthly cycle.

You cannot skip your schedules for periods because then you have to change lots of schedules.

There is little to nothing that can stop you cause of periods.

Removing hair is also like having periods, every woman does with an almost fixed schedule.

But what happens if both schedules clash?

However, most women try not to schedule their hair removal routine with periods.

But you know, sometimes periods arrive earlier or late and clash with your hair removal schedule.

Can you use an epilator during periods

Yes, you can use an epilator during periods, there is no harm in using the epilator itself. But, if you want to minimize the pain then you should reschedule your epilation routine.

In this article we would know in detail – should we epilate during periods or not? And how to minimize the pain?


Can I use an epilator during periods?

can you use epilator on periods

Yes, you can use an epilator and wax during periods. There is no reason to avoid Epilation during periods. It is totally safe and there is no harm in using an epilator during periods.

Epilator is just a machine and it can’t cause any reaction, infection, etc. to your body.

Even you can go to salons and get Brazilian wax during periods. Definitely, you need to do some extra precautions such as thorough cleaning down there, using fresh tampons, etc. However, most estheticians are trained for this particular situation.

But, this is just half the side.

Technically, the question should be asked – is it safe to use an epilator during periods? – yes it is safe but it is not recommended. Why? here is why?

Should I use an epilator during periods?

If you change the question bit Should I use an epilator during periods? Then the answers get a little bit complex.

No, you should not use an epilator during periods. Although, epilating on periods is safe but during this time of the month skin gets too sensitive and it causes lots of pain. 

Epilation itself is a very painful process, but during this time pain gets boosted.

Bikini areas already have very sensitive skin and cause too much pain even without being on periods, during periods I can’t even think about getting epilated.

But, don’t get too scared because pain can be managed and minimized.

If you are talking about epilating body hair such as arms, stomach, and legs, here skin is a little bit thick and hairs are also minimum. You can easily manage pain here. So, you can epilate these areas without much discomfort.

We have made a complete guide on how to epilate without pain check this out this may help you.

In short, you can epilate arms, legs, and stomach during periods. Their pain is manageable. But, you should avoid epilating pubic hair because their skin is sensitive and gets even more sensitive during periods. Using an epilator can cause unmanageable pain during this time.

Conclusion – Reschedules your epilation routine. If you are on periods due to hormonal changes epilation can be more painful than usual. Epilation is painful enough even without being on periods.

Should I epilate my face during periods?

Well, this answer is the same but the reason behind that is different.

During periods our face gets oily, this is why most acne pops up during this time.

Although you can epilate your face and pain is also manageable. Epilation opens hair follicles and oil can block these hair follicles and can cause ingrown hair.

You can also do so if you can keep your face clean and oil-free or exfoliate occasionally.

How to epilate during periods with the minimum pain possible?

Here are some tips to epilate during periods. These are small tips but help a lot to minimize the pain especially when you are sensitive to pain.

1. Manage pain

Pain management is the deal maker or deal-breaker in epilation.

You should get ready for lots of pain especially if you are epilating pubic hair.

Epilating pubic hair itself causes lots of pain even without being on periods.

There are several tips to manage pain.

  • Use numbing cream numbing cream numbs skin for 20 to 30 minutes during this time you can epilate without pain. Don’t rub it too hard or apply it to a large section.
  • Take painkiller – The painkiller takes 5 to 10 minutes to show its effect. This also helps you to minimize the pain. This becomes very important if you are epilating the Brazilian area. 
  • Use an ice cube – After epilation to suppress the pain you can also use an Ice Cube.

2. Shower before Epilation

Showering with warm water helps with opening up the hair follicle. Opened hair follicles grab hair less firmly which causes less pain on pulling.

Other than that there are other benefits of showering before epilation such as it calms nerves and skin, prevents ingrown hair, avoids infections, and many more.

Showering before epilation becomes necessary if you are on periods.

After showering pat dry skin gently.

There is a separate article on why you should epilate after showering and its benefits.

3. Hair length should be 3 to 5 mm

Hair length also plays a very important role in managing pain.

Small hairs break, the epilator can’t grab them firmly and long hair causes lots of pain because they get messed up.

So, trim hair to 3-5mm whether you are epilating down there or any other part.

4. Use new tampons or cup

Before epilating, use new tampons or cups just before epilating, it is also recommended for waxing.

Down there should be clean. 

Wipe blood with a cloth, use new tampons, and now you are ready to epilate down there.

But, do not epilate too close to the labia or butthole. Although, you can epilate nearby. But, these are the most sensitive part and cause maximum pain.

5. Epilate small section by section

Don’t go all in one.

Epilate small section by section, this way pain is manageable. If it is causing too much pain then you can try after 5 to 6 hours.

You can epilate a little section in the morning, a small section in the evening, and a small section the next morning.

Give yourself time to be harsh on yourself.


You can epilate while you are on your period. But, if you ask, should I do that? – then definitely not, you should avoid Epilating especially Brazilian. Your body is a little bit extra sensitive to pain during this time. It is worth rescheduling. But, If you are certain about epilating then you can minimize the pain by following the above tricks and techniques.

Most Frequently Asked Question

Can we do threading during periods?

Yes, you can do threading on period. Just do some extra preparation to manage pain such as taking a painkiller pill half an hour before threading. 

Can I get laser hair removal during the period?

Yes, you can get laser hair removal on period especially if you are removing hair other than pubic hair. But if you are removing pubic hair then make sure you follow proper hygienic routines. Take shower, do a thorough cleaning, change tampons just before treatment, etc.

Can I wax my legs during periods?

Yes, you can properly wax your legs during periods. There is no reason to reschedule your waxing routine to wax your legs. Estheticians are trained to do even Brazilian waxing on periods.

Which epilator is painless?

Braun Epilator Silk-Epil 9 9-579 is the best epilator for sensitive skin.

However, it is a little bit expensive, but still, it is worth buying. It comes with 40 powerful tweezers which help you spend less time on epilating. It comes with a facial brush, skin contact cap, and massage cap.

I can’t recommend a better product for epilation than this.

Can I Use an Epilator During Period?
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Can I Use an Epilator During Period?
Yes, you can use an epilator and wax during periods. There is no reason to avoid Epilation during periods. It is totally safe and there is no harm in using an epilator during periods.
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