A good quality electric shaver comes with heavy prices and definitely not in the range of everyone. 

Good quality and high-end electric shavers can easily cost you around $100, $200, or sometimes more than $300.

So, we decided to bring you the most affordable but good-quality electric shavers. 

Here are the 7 most inexpensive but best quality shavers for you.

We have listed 7 electric shavers because you need to choose an electric shaver according to your need. For example, if you have coarse hair then choose Panasonic Arc but it overkills fine hair. So, women can go with Panasonic ES2216PC, etc.

These are the 7 most affordable electric shaves under $50.


Buying guide for Affordable Electric shaver

These are a few things that can affect the price of an electric shaver

1. Less than 3 Shaving blades

If you want good quality but affordable shaver then you should always choose a shaver that has less than 3 shaving blades. More blades don’t mean you get quality shaving. 3 or 2 blades also work fine, such as Braun series 3 is a good quality shaver and has only 2 blades. Extra blades can cost you a couple of bucks. 4 and 5 blades are just gimmicky and just increase the cost.

2. Not including a cleaning station

A cleaning station can increase the price of a shaver from $50 to $60 which is definitely not worth it. You can manually clean an electric shaver

If you want to save a couple of bucks then do not include a cleaning station rather have manual cleaning. The cleaning station can increase the price by about $50 to $100 which can be saved if you clean the electric shaver manually.

3. Blades should be high quality and shouldn’t blunt easily

Make sure your electric shaver blades are high quality. Blades shouldn’t be blunt easily. 

There is no point in buying an inexpensive shaver but you need to change blades frequently. That defies the whole purpose of affordable shaving.

4. Work with slow charging

Fast charging is a great feature but you can easily work with slow charging if you have a tight budget. Although, we have listed shavers that are affordable as well as fast charge. But this is a rare case. Most shavers at the lower range have slow charging.

5. Extra accessories

Extra accessories are just for making your life a little bit easier, but to be honest you don’t need a shaver with lots of extra accessories except for the comb. Try to avoid massagers, exfoliators, etc accessories that have no purpose except for adding extra money.

6. Avoid Extra features that just add up in price

Their lots of extra features such as speed setting, beard density sensor, LED display battery indicator, led light, and vibrating foil, are just gimmicky features. You can easily shave without all these features. They just add a price to your shaver.

7 Most Inexpensive Electric shaver in 2022

NameImageKey featureBest for
Panasonic Arc3 ES8103SMotor with 13,000 CMP Motor with 13,000 CMP, Flexible pivot headThick and coarse hair
SweetLFUSB quick charging, Floating head, Pop-up trimmerDense beards or coarse hair
Braun Series 3 310s3 flexible blades, Wet and dry, WaterproofBest for men and women
Philips Norelco Shaver 1100Self-sharpening blades, Flexible head, CordedBest for people with a thick beard but not with coarse hair
Panasonic Electric Razor ES2216PCFlexible pivot head, Wet and dry, 5 lengths Bikini attachmentWomen with sensitive skin
Remington WPG4020USAdjustable comb, Exfoliator, Wet and dryMaintain and groom pubic hair
PaiTree Head Shavershow to shave your headWet and dry, USB fast chargingMaintain a bald head

1. Panasonic Arc3 ES8103S

Panasonic ARC 3, affordable razor for men,

Panasonic Arc3 is overall the best affordable electric shaver for men with thick and coarse hair.

We want a shaver that is inexpensive as well as gives the best performance and at this price, no shaver can match with Panasonic Arc3.

For men with coarse hair and sensitive skin Panasonic is a really good choice at a lower price, Although there are lots of other better options available such as the Panasonic Arc 5 or Braun Series 7, you also need to pay a lot of extra money.

This electric shaver works efficiently and shaves thick hair effortlessly.

It is the best choice for coarse and thick hair, thousands of people have trusted it, it got 4.4 stars out of 5 stars at Amazon from more than 7,000 people and also got lots of positive responses. Now, you can have an idea how many people have liked it.

Its performance never decreases with time because it comes with a very powerful linear motor with 13,000 CMP. Additionally, it can maintain its peak power until the end of the battery.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the flexible pivot head at this price range, but thankfully it comes with a flexible pivot head that can effortlessly follow the contour of your face and trace down every single and thin hair.

It may be cheaper than Panasonic Arc5, Braun series 7, and 9, but it never compromised with closeness due to ultra-sharp nanotech blades and ultra-thin Arc foil.

Key features

  • Powerful linear motor with 13,000 CMP
  • Flexible pivot head
  • Wet and dry
  • 3 sharp blades

Pros and cons

  • A pop-up trimmer is very useful in trimming and managing long hair. It also helps with maintaining sideburns.
  • It is washable so you can use it in or out of the shower. Waterproofing also makes it easy to clean.
  • 10 stage LCD indicators make it easy to analyze battery charging. It is an underrated yet very important feature of this shaver.
  • It has a flexible pivot head although it allows just side to side and up and down movement. But it works best.
  • The motor is extremely powerful and comes with 13000 CMP that is why this one is best for thick and coarse hair.
  • Motor speed is too high, it overkills small and light beard.
  • Speed setting could make it more useful for people with a light beard.

Who should buy it?

It is best for people with thick and coarse hair. Women and men with light beards should choose another one.

2. SweetLF

swifle rotary shaver for men, affprdable shaver for men,

If you have coarse and thick hair and love to shave daily, you can’t find a better rotary shaver than this at such an inexpensive price without compromising quality.

this is the best electric shaver under $50.

The main reason for being inexpensive but still better quality is – this is not from a very famous brand such as Panasonic, Braun, Philps, etc. Brands give guarantees about the products but at higher prices.

Believe me, this rotary shaver is good just as Norelco shaver at a lower price.

This shaver is truly a value for money and doesn’t worry about its quality. 

Washable head

You know what is more interesting, it is fully waterproof and you can use it in or out of the shower. It took just 1 hour to fully charge and provide 2 hours of shaving time.

USB charger and LED display to make your life easier. 

If you ask me then at a tight budget I would suggest it over Norelco.

But, you should use it with pre-shaving lotion which is available at a low price as well.

Its shaver head replacement is also available easily on any online store such as Amazon. And its replacement foils are inexpensive too under $20.

Generally, the rotary shaver doesn’t come with a pop-up trimmer, but you can get it for free with this one.

Overall best rotary shaver for people with a tight budget.

Key features

  • USB quick charging
  • 1-hour quick charging
  • Floating head
  • One-touch open Pop-up trimmer

Pros and cons

  • It is Fully waterproof, so easy to clean and wash.
  • Wet and dry you can use it in or out of the shower.
  • The high-speed motor cut thickest and coarse hair effortlessly.
  • Replacement head is easily available at a low price which makes it, even more, cheaper in the long run
  • The LED display is very helpful, although it shows only battery level.
  • The battery is amazing it gives 2 hours of running time after one hour of charging.
  • Battery loses its quality quickly, over 6 months period.
  • Noisier than foil electric shaver.
  • Don’t give a close shave as Panasonic Arc 3 give.

Who Should Buy It?

It is best for people with a tight budget and who have dense beards or coarse hair. It is also a better option for those who like clean shaving daily.

3. Braun Series 3 310s

braun series 3. affordable shaer for teeen boy men

Braun Series 3 electric shaver is the best shaver for beginners men.

Although, it is a very good shaver for even adult men.

But, I think this shaver is perfectly made for beginners.


Well, this one comes with 3 shaving elements out of which two are blades.

Teenager boys have a light beard, or if they shave their body, their body isn’t too dense or have thick hair, these 3 blades are best. 

More than 3 blades can overkill a light beard. Although 3 blades can also work well for coarse and thick hair, more blades would be better.

Teens generally forget to charge, which is why they provide long battery life with 45 minutes of shaving after a 1-hour charge. They also provide an additional quick charge feature, it would take just 5 minutes to charge for one shave

Believe me, this quick charge feature is very helpful.

If you put too much pressure on the skin its blades automatically retract to protect your skin for a gentle shave and smooth Shaving. Its blades are really flexible; they easily follow the contour of your skin and trace even the smallest hair.

This one is my favorite shaver out of all.

You can’t get this kind of feature and quality from an electric shaver at this price range.

Need not worry about quality. 

It got 4.3 stars out of 5 stars by 6400 users at Amazon. This kind of rating is amazing. It also got lots of positive reviews and experiences you can check at Amazon.

Key features

  • 3 flexible blades
  • Wet and dry
  • Waterproof

Pros and cons

  • NiMH battery is very powerful, giving peak power till the end.
  • Battery life is amazing. It gives 45 minutes of shaving after 1 hour of charging
  • 5 minutes of quick charge for one shave is very helpful if you are in hurry and forget to charge.
  • It is waterproof, you can sink it under 5 meters in water.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It doesn’t have a precision trimmer, so you need to make a sideburn with scissors.
  • Electric shaver doesn’t cut too long hair, for this, you need to buy a separate trimmer.

Who should buy it?

This one is best for beginners because it is under $40 and has almost all premium features. Braun brand is also a trustable brand.

4. Philips Norelco Shaver 1100


This shaver is undoubtedly the most affordable rotary shaver.

Inexpensive despite being branded.

It is a high-quality shaver and Amazon’s choice in the category of electric razors for men.

Norelco shaver 1100 is packed with lots of useful features without increasing the price much.

It cuts hair smoothly and closely. Rounded self-sharpening blades are comfortable on the skin and cut hair just above the skin. This shaver does not compromise with closeness even a  little bit.

Its shaving experience is amazing.

Its head flexes and floats in 4 different directions and easily adjusts to the curves of the face without putting a lot of pressure on the skin.

A pop-up trimmer is helpful for maintaining sideburns and mustaches.

It can work only with continuous power because it is corded.

If you want really very fast charging then you should go SwidlftL or the shaver listed in number 2.

Inexpensive shavers generally need continuous cleaning and lubrication. You can open it with one touch without any difficulties and easily clean it.

I can assure you about one thing: trustworthiness. You can trust it as it has been trusted by thousands of customers.

It got 4.3 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon from more than 600 customers.

This shaver is great to deal with at a low price from a well-known brand.

Key features

  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Flexible head
  • Corded
  • Close shave

Pros and cons

  • It has 27 self-sharpening blades which maintain shave quality over time.
  • Very easy to clean, head open in just one click, and the head is washable.
  • 4D Flex head is very comfortable when you shave the neck.
  • It is only corded.
  • You cannot use it underwater.

Who should buy it?

It is best for people who want affordable shavers only from the brand. It is best for people with a thick beard but not with coarse hair. 

5. Panasonic Electric Razor For Women ES2216PC

ffodable shaver for women, inexpensive shavr for omen

This Panasonic electric shaver is the first choice for women who like to bare down there, armpits, arms, and legs.

It is versatile and a quality shaver.

Why am I recommending this one to shave the bikini line?

Let me explain.

Blades and ultra-thin foil capture and cut hair smoothly, and floating foil maintain contact with skin, so there is less chance to miss a spot.

Blades are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel blades which are gentle on sensitive and they are less likely to cause any allergic reaction which is essential while shaving lady garden.

The skin on the bikini line is very sensitive, so there are always chances of nicks and cuts, but this one comes with a 5-length bikini comb which completely eliminates the chances of nicks and cuts.

Women generally do not buy a shaver to shave just a face, they generally shave arms, legs, bikini line, and armpit more often than the face, so they need flexible pivot heads, just like this one

This shaver is also good for travelers, you can use it wet and dry and cordless.

You can trust it. If still not sure then let me tell you its user base.

It has been used by thousands of users and got 4.3 stars from 47,000 customers on Amazon. 83% of users give it 4 or 5 stars. This is an insane and extremely good rating by that many users.

But, one thing that concerns me is its battery life. It took 12 hours to charge and provide a 20-minute shaving. 20-minute shaving time is good, women generally take 5 minutes to shave. So it’s worth it.

Key features

  • Flexible pivot head
  • Wet and dry
  • Bikini attachment with 5-length settings
  • Cordless

Pros and cons

  • Wireless chargings, you just need to put on the adapter.
  • It is water that makes it very easy to clean, just put it under running water.
  • A pop-up trimmer is very useful in maintaining pubic hair.
  • 4 blades for effortless shaving give an extremely close shave.
  • Flexible pivot head follows any contour.
  • Best for women with sensitivity.
  • Battery life is worst, you get just 20 minutes shaving time after 12 of charging.

Who should buy it?

It s best for women with sensitive skin. It is a value-for-money product. Women with a tight budget can get better than this.

6. Remington WPG4020US 

This Remington shaver and trimmer is the best shaver for a teen girl at a low price.

But, why is this good for only teen girls?

Let me explain why.

The first reason is it is inexpensive. A teen girl does need to buy an expensive shaver because their hairs aren’t significant.

It is lightweight, which most girls need, and easy to maneuver around.

It comes with a detailed trimmer and shaver head.

To be honest, I didn’t like its shaver head, but its shaver head works great on light hair, not on thick and coarse hair. For coarse hair, you can choose Panasonic ES2216PC.

First, you can use a trimmer to shorten the length and after that, you can use a shaver to completely bare skin. To avoid any nicks and cuts, it comes with a comb. After that, you can rotate the exfoliator.

This shaver is good for close and comfortable shaves. If a teen girl wants an inexpensive but good shaver, you can go with this one. This shaver is the best inexpensive shaver under $20.

It is battery-powered and can be used wet or dry and in or out of the shower.

Lots of users have used it and got amazing user reviews. It got 4.3 stars out of 5 stars based on 7,400 users at Amazon. It also got 4.2 stars for traveling and 4.1 stars for lightweight. 

Key features

  • Adjustable comb
  • Exfoliator
  • Wet and dry

Pros and cons

  • This one is specially designed to groom bikini hair.
  • You get a detailed shaver head and trimmer head with it.
  • An Exfoliator brush is included which helps to prevent ingrown hair.
  • 4 setting bikini comb is also included.
  • It is not suitable for body hair. It takes lots of time to remove body hair.
  • Single blade shaver, so when users need to go one place again and again.

Who should buy it?

It best shaver under $20, in fact, it is the cheapest electric shaver on this list. It is best for women who want to maintain and groom pubic hair. For pubic hair, this one is the best among all shavers.

7. PaiTree Head Shavers For Bald Men

Lots of men like to go bald.

A completely bald head is better than a half-hairy and half-bald head.

For a completely bald head, nothing is better than a rotary shaver because a rotary shaver moves in a circular motion unlike a foil shaver back and forth.

A rotary shaver easily adjusts itself to the shape of your head. Although you also need to learn to shave your head properly.

Rotary shavers are a little better than foil shavers in order to cut thick and coarse hair.

Of course, first, you need to trim your head in both cases whether you use foil or rotary shaver.

To shave your head you would need a 4 or 5-blade rotary shaver because on the head you have lots of space to move. At an affordable price, you can’t find a better rotary shaver than a PaiTree shaver to shave your head.

It comes with a shaver head for close shaving including a trimmer and nose and ear trimmer. It can easily trim hair less than 5mm after that you can use a shaver to go completely bald.

This one is 6 in 1 trimmer; it includes a hair clipper, beard shaver, sideburn trimmer, nose trimmer, and facial cleansing brush. 

Can you believe it, at this price you can get this much value?

It takes just 120 minutes to fully charge and gives 90 minutes of shaving time.

In the case of customer service, no one can beat them. They are providing 24 monthly 100% refund and replacement guarantee.

If you like to shave your head then you should definitely go with this one.

The user experience is also great. It got 4.2 stars out of 5 stars from 1000 people on Amazon. It also got 5 stars for easy to hold and 4.7. Stars for ergonomic design out of 5 stars.

In addition to that, it also got lots of positive user reviews. 

You should choose this one to shave your head.

Key features

  • Fivehead shaver
  • Wet and dry
  • Comes with a hair clipper, nose trimmer, face cleanser, comb, sideburn trimmer,
  • USB fast charging

Pros and cons

  • 120 minutes charge time give 90 minutes shaving time
  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold on head
  • 5D floating head makes it very easy to shave head.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It can irritate sensitive skin
  • Not give very close shave as a disposable razor.

Who should buy it?

It is best for people who want to buy a decent shaver to maintain a bald head.

Final thought

First, you need to understand your need, only one inexpensive shaver can’t fit men, women, teens, etc. that is why we have chosen 7 inexpensive electric shavers so that you choose according to your need.

for example, It depends on individual needs, the most affordable foil shaver with the best quality is Panasonic Arc3 ES8103S for men, and the most affordable rotary shaver is Norelco Shaver 2300 S1211/81 and for women, the most affordable shaver is Panasonic ES2216PC.

You also need to learn how to use foil and rotary shaver properly. so that, the shaver can serve you for long.


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