Hair removal is very important in women’s life. Women really like smooth and hairless skin.

The average women take 11 minutes for shaving which turns out to be almost 59 days of shaving in her lifetime.

So, women spend lots of time in order to get smooth skin.

To get hairless skin there are lots of options such as shaving, epilation, waxing, and others that are expensive. 

Out of these, epilation is the most convenient and effective way to get long-term smooth skin, because shaving results do not last more than 3 days and waxing is very expensive.

So, in the long run, epilators are best.

Nowadays, women are accepting epilators. More and more women are using it.

The epilator industry is growing day by day. It is estimated that the epilator industry is right now at around $400 million and by 2032 it may grow up to $700 million.

So now you can estimate how fast women are accepting epilators.

In the last few years, the epilator industry has grown exponentially.


Why do women use epilators rather than other hair removal methods?

Epilator is widely used to remove unwanted hair and women also use an epilator for this purpose.

But, why are women using epilators not hair removal cream or shaving or waxing?

First shaving is convenient but not an effective way to remove hair. It is very cheap and you can shave in 10 minutes for under $1. But, its results are not long-lasting. Shaving cannot give smooth skin even for 3 days. Results are the only concern with shaving.

Hair removal cream is also like shaving, easy to use, convenient, but not effective. It removes hair from the surface of the skin and hair grows back quickly. It saves lots of time but does not benefit in the long run.

Waxing is one of the best options because its results are the best. It can give smooth skin for 4-6 weeks in some cases even longer. But it’s not convenient in the long term. It is time-consuming and expensive. For occasional purposes it is good, but you can’t keep your skin without hair every day because this costs a lot in the long run. One-time Brazilian wax may cost $40 -60. If you want whole-body wax it can cost more than $100.

On the other hand, epilators are convenient and cheap. You can get a good epilator for around $100 – $200. A $200 epilator is a premium one that can last 5 -7 years or longer. If you break the cost, one-time use of an epilator is cheaper than shaving. The best thing about epilation is that its results are as good as waxing. It also gives smooth skin for 4 – 6 weeks because it removes hair from the root as waxing does.

Is the epilator worth the pain?

Epilators remove hair from the root. So, it gives smooth skin for 4 to 6 weeks. 

If the epilator is as cheap as shaving and gives results as good as waxing. Why doesn’t everyone use it? 

The one and only downside about epilation are that – it causes lots of pain, especially for those who are trying it for the first time. That is why lots of women avoid it. 

But, is it worth the pain? Its pain reduces over time. You get comfortable with every use.

After continuous use for 3-4 months, you don’t feel much pain. Our skin gets used to it and hair grows slowly and thinner. For most women, yes, an epilator is worth the pain because you get smooth and hairless skin for a long time at a very negligible cost.

But, some women are very sensitive toward pain, so these women can go with waxing for the first few times and then move on to the epilation.

Although, there are some methods that can make epilating painless.

What do women expect from an epilator?

It is clear that women use epilators because it is convenient and gives long-lasting results. Now the question arises what is the purpose of using an epilator? What are the tasks that should be done by an ideal epilator?

Before choosing the best epilator for women, first, we should know that – what are they going to do with an epilator.

Women want to clean unwanted hair from different body parts. And each body part is different, some are more sensitive to pain, some are less, at some places, there are more chances of getting skin caught, and some places have thicker hair. 

There are four major parts where women are going to use epilators.

  • Face – has fine hair. The upper lips have a very narrow region while the chin has thinner hair. So, it is very necessary that epilators have different heads and precision tweezers that can epilate upper lips and eyebrows with precision.
  • Bikini linethis region is also very narrow and hair here is thicker. The most important thing is that the skin here is dull, so the skin can easily get caught in tweezers. For this region, an epilator with skin contact caps is needed.
  • Stomach and thighs – have a wide area. Hair on the stomach and thighs is normal, but epilating here causes a lot of pain. To minimize the pain epilator with more tweezers is useful because it removes more hair in one stroke.
  • Arm and legs – are easiest to epilate, they don’t cause much pain on arms, and hair is also thinner, although the hair on the leg is thicker they don’t cause much pain.

When we are choosing the best epilator for women we should keep in mind where they will use it because different body parts need different types of epilators. But, don’t worry you don’t need different epilators for different body parts. There are lots of epilators that can be used on different body parts very effectively. Although, they are difficult to find. Some of them are listed below.

How to buy best epilator for women?

These are the things you should consider before buying the best epilator for you.

  • Wet and dry – before buying an epilator make sure it is wet and dry. If you want an epilator for sensitive skin then it becomes very important because sensitive skin and around sensitive regions such as bikini lines, thighs, armpit, etc. You generally do wet epilation because it is less painful. Although nowadays most epilator is wet and dry, there are some epilators that are only for dry use such as Emjoi.
  • Tweezers – tweezers are one of the most important things in an epilator. It determines your epilation experience. More tweezers lessen the pain and less time it takes to epilate. For arms, legs, stomach, and thighs more tweezers are better. But, for bikini lines, face, and armpits fewer tweezers are good. Although, there are epilators that come with different heads which can be very useful. For wider areas such as arms and legs, 40-70 tweezers are good, for narrow regions 5 – 20 tweezers are enough.
  • Speed settings – can be very useful while epilating fine hair. For thick hair, more speed is better. But, to epilate sensitive regions and fine hair, more tweezers give an extra edge because Overspeed can overkill fine hair, and hair gets broken instead of coming out from the root.
  • LED light – is useful when epilating in dark. You can compromise with this feature if you are getting all other features.
  • Replacement part – getting replacement parts is very essential to make epilation inexpensive. Once my epilator head got broken and I couldn’t find its replacement head and I had to buy a new one. To avoid extra cost, buy a well-known brand epilator so you can get replacement parts easily.
  • Ergonomic design – epilators should be easy to hold and have an anti-slippery handle. So if you use it wet, it doesn’t slip easily. Sometimes it takes too much time to epilate so for this purpose an epilator with an ergonomic design is very useful.

5 Best epilator for women

You can get all these features for under $100. Don’t think it is costing you that money. This epilator will serve you for decades. Although, you need to take care of it.

Best Epilator for women

ImageKey featureBest forRating
Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex 9-300BraunSpeed control, Full flexible head, Can grab very small hair, Best quality, Wet and dryFace, Eyebrow, Stomach, Bikini line, Arms and legs, underrms4.8 out of 5
Philips 8000PhilipsDifferent capstan grab very small hair, Wet and dryFaceUpper LipsArms and legsThighs, Bikini line, underarms4.6 out of 5
Braun Silk-épil 9 980BraunGrab very small hair, Good quality, Powerful, Wet and dryFace, Arms, legs, Underarms, Bikini line4.5 out of 5
Emjoi EpilatorEmjoi72 tweezers, Powerful, Good qualityArms and legs, Stomach, Thighs3.8 out of 5
Remington Smooth & Silky EpilatorRemingtonSmall 40 tweezers, Wet and dryArms and legs, StomachThighs

1. Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 Flex 9-300

This one is overall the best epilator for women because it is suitable for all the body parts such as the face, bikini line, stomach, thighs, arms, and legs.

Almost all the epilators work well in the stomach, arms, and legs. Problems come when we want to remove hair from the upper lips, underarms, and bikini line which is solved by this easily.

Its skin contact cap stretches the skin which prevents skin from getting caught in tweezers.

Its facial cap is very useful in epilating upper lips. Although you can use it for eyebrows I wouldn’t recommend this. For this, you can buy its higher version or just simply buy a dedicated one for eyebrows.

It’s one remarkable feature which really helps beginners is its SensoSmart technology, it helps to put the right pressure on the skin. It works as a pressure guide throughout the process

Overall, the best epilator, the one thing which may hold its user back is its price. It is a premium epilator.

Pros and cons

  • Suitable for face, underarms, stomach, thighs, bikini line, arms and legs.
  • Two speed settings makes it good for fine and thick hair.
  • Shaver and trimmer head also included.
  • LED light make it good to use in the bathroom.
  • The replacement part is also available.
  • SensoSmart technology helps as a pressure guide.
  • A fully flexible head can adapt to any contour.
  • A Facial cap is included to epilate the upper lip.
  • Little bit expensive
  • 40 tweezers so it takes time to epilate a larger area.

2. Philips 8000

This one is less expensive than the Braun 9 flex 9-300.

Don’t think, if it is less expensive than compromised in quality. It is less expensive than Braun 9 flex but still a Premium series epilator.

This one is one of the best epilators offered by Philips.

It is one of the best epilators for all-in-one use. You can use it on all body parts because you can adjust its speed according to your hair size. For example, for the face, you can use soft mode and for the arms and legs, you can use normal mode.

It is a complete package in itself. It comes with a separate trimmer head and shaver head if you want to cut hair to the right length.

A separate skin contact cap is also included which stretches the skin, so the skin doesn’t get caught in tweezers.

A dedicated facial cap is also very useful for upper lips hair.

Overall best epilator for a rich epilation experience.

Pros and cons

  • LED light is included.
  • A shaver and trimmer head is also provided, although not very good quality.
  • Skin contact and facial caps are very useful.
  • Ergonomic design helps to epilate hard-to-see areas and easy to hold wet.
  • Two speed setting
  • Good battery life.
  • Only 32 tweezers take lots of time to epilate the stomach and legs.
  • SensoSmart technology is not included which can be useful in premium epilators.
  • Cannot be used to make eyebrows.

3. Braun Silk-épil 9 980

This Braun silk epil is an inexpensive version of the Braun 9 flex 9-300.

This one is my favorite one on this list. I have been using it for 2 years.

These both have almost the same features except for a few such as a flex head and some accessories.

The best thing about it, it provides a high-frequency massage cap which makes epilation less painful.

SensoSmart technology is also included in this which can be very useful for beginner women.

It also has fast charging, smart light, and you can use it wet and dry.

Although it doesn’t have a flexible head, it is not a problem.

The other thing is lacking a facial cap which can be expected with this range epilator. 

But overall a good epilator.

Pros and cons

  • SensoSmart technology is very useful.
  • The smart light is included
  • Fast charging and long battery life included.
  • Two-speed settings.
  • Make epilation less painful with its high-frequency massage cap.
  • Replacement parts are easily available.
  • It has the best build quality.
  • Facial cap is not included.
  • No flexible head but it is not a problem.

4. Emjoi

Emjoi has the highest tweezers and is the most powerful on this list.

If you want to epilate your thighs, stomach, legs, and arms then you can’t get a better option. It is quick, efficient, and very inexpensive on this list.

You shouldn’t worry about power because it is corded, although only corded has its own disadvantages. 

It has 72 tweezers on two discs. If one disc leaves some hair then the other disc picks it, so you don’t have to place it over and over again.

To cover a large area this could be the first pick.

It also has two-speed settings, so you can adjust the speed accordingly. 

But, it isn’t a complete package. It isn’t a good choice for a face, underarm, or bikini line. It isn’t for wet use. But, if you like to epilate daily legs and arms this can be a good choice.

Pros and cons

  • 72 tweezers which is the highest in the market.
  • Two disc system, so you don’t have to go to one place again and again.
  • Corded, you don’t worry about charging time or battery life.
  • Very powerful.
  • Two speed setting
  • Easily available replacement parts
  • Cannot be used wet
  • Not suitable for underarm, face, and bikini line.
  • Corded use only.
  • Corded, so you are stuck near the powerpoint.

5. Remington Smooth & Silky Total Coverage Epilator

This one is the most inexpensive epilator on this list. It is a good quality and decent epilator.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an epilator then this one is for you. This one will easily serve you for 2-3 years. Although, its quality is not the best.

It has all the necessary features such as 2-speed settings and a flash light.

Its head is washable but not the body. Although you can use it wet and dry.

It doesn’t mean it is the best and has no cons. 

It doesn’t include accessories such as a shaver and trimmer head which is a very important parts of an epilator. 

Overall a decent epilator to start with.

Pros and cons

  • Two speed settings
  • LED flash light is included.
  • 40 tweezers
  • Facial precision cap is included
  • Not very powerful
  • Shaver and trimmer head is not included.
  • It takes a lot of time to epilate with this one.

Does the epilator hurt?

Yes, epilators do hurt. For the first few times, it hurt little more than waxing. Although when you get used to it, after using it 3 -4 times. It hurts the same as waxing. Epilator and waxing both remove hair from the root so it is expected. 

But it is 100 times cheaper than waxing and it gives smooth skin for 4 – 6 weeks.

It hurts most in the bikini area and minimum on the legs and arms. However, if you use an epilator on a bikini line properly pain can be decreased drastically.

So, if you are just starting the epilation, start with your arms and legs.

How to use an epilator painlessly?

There are three Steps to epilate without pain

Prepare for epilation

  • The hair length should be 3 – 5mm
  • Exfoliate 24 hours before epilation
  • Wash the area with warm water
  • If you are a first-time user use numbing cream or take a painkiller 30 minutes before epilation

Do Epilation carefully

  • Angle the epilator at 90 degrees and go slowly
  • In sensitive areas go with the grain while in other places go against the grain.
  • Epilate the area little by little

How to soothe skin after epilation?

Epilators cause trauma and lots of wear and tear to our skin. To avoid ingrown hair and soothe skin you need to take some action.

1. Sooth skin

  • To soothe skin applies Aloe Vera gel or post-shaving gel. This is the first thing you should do right after epilation.

2. Do’s and don’ts after epilation 

  • Avoid going out of the sun
  • Wear loose-fitting cloth
  • Avoid swimming
  • Avoid perfumes right after epilation.


If you are still confused then we recommend you choose Braun Silk-épil 9 980. It has all the features that you need. It is a premium epilator in a decent price range. 

Its build quality is the best and I myself have been using it for 2 years and still not compliant.

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