Coarse hair or a thick beard is a good thing on the face. But with sensitive skin might not be a good combination.

Disposable razors are inexpensive, but they are not as comfortable as electric shavers, especially for tough beards and sensitive skin.

Coarse hair may grow in different directions and they aren’t easy to cut, so you need a food-quality shaver. 

Shaver’s for a coarse and thick beard can be a bit pricey but believe me, they pay their prices especially if you shave frequently.

However, finding the best electric shaver for a tough beard and sensitive skin is not that straightforward. 

All shavers are good, they are designed by purpose, but you need to find a shaver that suits you and fulfills your needs.

I have researched the 7 best electric shavers for coarse hair and sensitive skin. I know our choices are not the same. That is why we have listed 7 electric shavers.


If you are in a hurry check this out

If you are in a hurry, check out this shaver. This is the best shaver for a thick beard at a decent price. this one is my favorite one. If you do not have time to go through all the shavers one by one then quickly check out this shaver and bookmark my page, you can get all this information later and any update asap.

1. Braun Electric Razor Series 7 7865cc

Braun Electric Razor Series 7 7865cc

Braun Series 7 is one of the best electric shavers for tough beards and sensitive skin you can find online.

It is not the latest, you can find its successor series 9, but it is my favorite. Braun’s cc version includes a cleaning station while S does not.

Sharp stainless steel blades and 10,000 CPM cut coarse hairs smoothly without tugging or pulling, and yet can be cool.

Braun 7 captures more hairs in one stroke, makes it faster, and is extremely gentle on sensitive skin and ingrown hair.

It has 4 shaving elements 1 is a skin guard and the other 3 cuts hairs.

The most impressive feature found 8 directions flexible floating, can cut long and flat hair easily even in hard-to-reach areas.

5 turbo-sensitive modes make it best for thick beard and dense beards. Just push the button for extra power and it is gentle on the skin.


  • 8 directions adaptation
  • 5 Sensitive modes
  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades 
  • Wet & dry
  • Waterproof
  • Clean and charge station included
  • 50-minute cordless use after 1 hour of charging.
  • Motor 10,000 CMP

User reviews – Bought by a mass number of people. It got an impressive 4.6 stars out of 5 stars based on 16,000 verified purchasers at Amazon. 4.5 stars for sensitive skin, 4.7 stars for battery life, and 4.1 stars for value for money out of 5 stars.

Pros and cons

  • Stainless steel blades are less likely to cause an allergic reaction which is good for sensitive skin

  • 5 different modes you can choose according to your beard while other overkill less dense beard

  • Blades can adjust themselves in 8 directions which easily cuts kind, flat, coarse hair

  • Cleaning and charge station included making it very easy to clean and charge.

  • Incredible battery life, serving 50 minutes after 1 hour of charging.

  • Extremely gentle and comfortable for coarse, thick, and tough beards especially with sensitive skin.

  • Bit pricey 

  • Manual cleaning is a little bit tricky although there is no need.

  • Series 5 can shave as close as it does which is less expensive.

How to Choose the Best Shaver for Thick and Sensitive Skin?

These are a few things to remember if you want to buy the best shaver for a thick beard.

1. Powerful motor

The powerful motor is one of the most important features and is essential for coarse hairs.

It will help to cut hair smoothly through high-density hairs. You need more power to cut a high-density, thick and tough beard.

2. Sharp blades

Sharp blades are essential for a comfortable and safe shave.

Closeness is also suffered without sharp blades.

Sharp blades cut coarse, thick, and rough hair comfortably and still be gentle on sensitive skin.

3. Wet & dry

You always need to choose a wet and dry shaver for convenience. Although it is strongly recommended to try a wet shave, especially for sensitive skin. 

A quality shave cream will provide closeness as well as comfort.

4. Fast

It is an underrated requirement. But I have seen, to cut a rough and stubble beard it can take 1 hour or more which is way higher than 5 minutes.

There is a difference between 7000 cycles per minute and 10,000 per minute. This one is a must-watch feature

But, if I have chosen sharp blades and a powerful motor, this won’t be an issue.

5. Shaver shouldn’t get hot get hot

For sensitive skin, do not neglect it. 

It causes a great deal of discomfort during shaving. 

So, always use shaving cream and lubricate before skin.

6. Being able to cut in a different direction

People tend to shave sensitive skin after skipping a few days between them because it takes time to heal and skin properly.

So you must need a shaver that can cut long hair in all directions.

7. Other features that can be useful

  • Non-slip handle
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight which is very hard to find in high-end shavers
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Well-designed head.

6 Best Electric Shaver For Thick beard And Sensitive Skin (Review)

These are some best electric shavers for thick hair with sensitive skin

1. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9 9370cc

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9 9370cc

Braun Series 9 is the successor of series 7 and probably the best shaver for thick beards,

It is a bit more advanced and powerful version of the Braun 7 series and the best choice for sensitive skin.

It provides an extremely close shaver, cuts the thickest hair smoothly, and still is gentle on sensitive skin.

This is the best electric shaver out there if budget is not your problem.

In series, 9 stars with 92 or 93 but they are basically the same. And I didn’t find any major difference so you can choose one of these.

Its motor is extremely powerful and can cut thick hair elegantly with an amazing 10,000 CPM.

One reason for being expensive is its blade material is made of titanium material that does not do razor burns and razor bumps which is the best choice for sensitive skin.

Have 5 shaving elements 1 is skin guard and 4 cut the beard ultra smoothly and glide softly over sensitive skin.

Flexible and floating head adjust blades in 10 directions can cut any hair, in any direction, and in any part without any inconvenience.


  • 2 specialized trimmer
  • Intelligent sonic and auto-sensing technology
  • 10 D contour adaptation
  • Wet and dry
  • Titanium blades
  • 100% waterproof
  • 50-minute cordless shavings after 2 hours or charging
  • 5 element Shaving

User reviews – It provides an amazing user experience. It got 4.5 stars out of 5 stars from 6,000 verified purchasers at Amazon. It also got 4.7 stars for battery life, and 4.3 stars for durability and quality of material out of 5 stars.

Pros and cons

  •  2 specialized trimmers help to cut coarse and thickest body hair easily in one stroke

  • Sonic vibration provides extreme comfort to the skin.

  • Titanium blades are the best blade material that is best for sensitive skin and less likely to cause razor burns and razor bumps.

  • 10-direction adaptation can cut hair in any direction and anywhere in the body and it easily adapts itself to body or face shape

  • Incredible battery life

  • Easy to clean and charge because of its charging and cleaning station included.

  • It can cut long and flat hair easily.

  • Pricey

  • Series seven can give as close a shave as it can provide.

  • Overkill light beard

2. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor for Men ES-LV95-S 

Panasonic Arc electric shaver is a high-end shaver for men.

Its ultra-sharp stainless steel blades with 14,000 CMP can cut the thickest hair comfortably.

It has a very powerful motor and flexible pivot head that makes shaving extremely easy even for first-timers.

Lift tech foil provides an extremely close shave which you can expect from an ideal High-end shaver.

One of the most important features is that its power flow can be adjusted automatically after sensing beard density where the beard is the thickest supply of high power and softens when it’s not. it also helps with people’s sensitive skin.

They are gentler on the skin and the roller helps to maneuver smoothly across the face without putting too much pressure on sensitive skin.

If people have sensitive skin and a thick beard, most of the shaver irritates sensitive skin because it vibrates too fast even where hair is less, but it can adjust its speed according to beard density.

It didn’t get too hot and shaved smoothly without causing irritation.

Although kept in kind they are good for shorter hair, unlike Braun which we have discussed above.


  • 5 Number of based
  • Flexible pivot head
  • Clean and charge station included
  • 14,000 CMP linear motor
  • Pop up trimmer
  • LCD battery indicator
  • Pop up trimmer
  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades

User reviews – Trusted by a large number of customers. It got 4.5 stars out of 5 stars from 10,000 verified customers at Amazon. Also got 4.5 stars for battery life and 4.4 stars for sensitive skin out of 5 stars.

Pros and cons

  • It is lightweight and easy to hold

  • 5 cutting blades cut every contour of small or thick hair

  • A detailed pop-up trimmer helps to make sideburn

  • A very powerful linear motor with 14,000 CMP and a flexible head makes shaving extremely comfortable.

  • The power supply is automatically adjusted according to the density of the beard.

  • Can be used wet and dry

  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades are gentle on sensitive skin and cause no irritation

  • Its blades sense the path of the shaver and adjust themselves according to a narrow and wide path

  • Just need 1 hour of charging

  • Not comfortable as Braun

  • Little bit pricey

3. Philips Norelco SP9820/87 Shaver 9000 Prestige

Philips Norelco SP9820/87 Shaver 9000 Prestige

Philips Norelco shaver is the first rotary shaver on this list.

Although I don’t prefer rotary electric shavers. But you can’t say no to this. And people have different-different choices that are why it has been trusted by 1600 people and got an amazing 4.6 stars rating.

So, we have included this in our list.

It is superior to many high-end foil electric shavers too.

Its beard adapter continuously checks hair density and cuts effortlessly the dense hair. This is the best rotary shaver for thick and coarse hair.

It can move in 8 directions and cut every single small and thick contour.

Comes with a separate trimmer head which enhances the experience even more.


  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades
  • Nanotech precision blades
  • Beard density sensor
  • 8 directions move
  • Separate Trimmer head
  • Easy to clean manually

User reviews – It got 4.6 stars based on 1600 verified purchasers at Amazon. 80% of users give it a 100% rating. In addition to that, it also got 4.6 stars for battery life, 4.5 stars for comfort, and 4.4 stars for easy to use out of 5 stars.

Pros and cons

  • Nanotech precision blades cut coarse hair to the highest precision possible.

  • The shaving head is surrounded by a skin comfort ring which has a special coating that helps to glide it smoothly and safely over the skin

  • 8 directions move helps to every single thick or small Conroe in any direction

  • The beard adapts sensor checks beard density 15 times per second which helps it to adapt automatically according to the beard.

  • Trimmer can be used to make sideburns needed to cut the thickest hair of the body first after that you can use the shaver

  • Extremely good battery Life

  • Pricey 

  • Not comfortable as a foil shaver at least for me.

4. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 790cc

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 790cc

Braun electric shavers need no introduction, they make one of the most reliable and comfortable electric shavers out there.

It comes with an Activelift trimmer that helps to cut long hair, short hair that grows in different directions, and flat-lying hair which solves all the difficulties associated with coarse hairs.

Its micro foil is extremely gentle on sensitive skin as well as provides an extremely close shave with a precision of 0.05mm.

It adapts its speed according to hair density which helps to prevent irritation and redness in sensitive skin.

8-Direction contours adaptation, adapt skin gently, and cut hair in different directions.


  • Pop trimmer
  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades
  • Intelligent sonic technology automatically increases power
  • 8-D contour adaptation
  • 5 Turbo sensitive modes
  • Clean and charge station
  • 50-minute cordless shaving

User reviews – It got amazing user reviews from a large number of people. It got 4.6 stars out of 5 stars from 16,000 verified purchasers. Also got 4.7 stars for battery life and 4.5 stars for sensitive skin.

Pros and cons 

  •  Intelligent sonic technology sense beard density and automatically adjust power accordingly

  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel foil is very gentle on the skin and cuts the beard with a precision of 0.05mm.

  • 5 turbo sensing modes can help to increase or decrease power manually. I found out it is an extremely useful or light beard.

  • Extremely good battery life provides 50 minutes of cordless shaving after a 1-hour charge.

  • Easy to hold

  • Little bit expensive

  • The same closeness can get through series 5

  • Manual cleaning is difficult.

5. Panasonic Electric Shaver, ARC5, ES-LV97-K

Panasonic Electric Shaver, ARC5, ES-LV97-K

Panasonic Arc5 is one of the best shavers in the high-end shaver line.

It has all the features that we need to calm down sensitive skin and cut thick beards effortlessly and without putting any pressure on the skin.

Its design is premium and in my opinion the best. Personally, I love its design when you hold it gives you a premium feel.

Unlike other Panasonic electric shavers, it doesn’t get hot during shaving and is very gentle on sensitive skin.

It cuts the coarse and toughest beard easily with its most powerful motor which delivers 70,000 cross-cuts per minute.

For shaving, its head is most convenient with 16 -direction moves. It can move in any direction and on any surface of the body. 

Personally, I love this shaver because of its head. Its head feature is even better than Braun 5 and 7 Series.

Intelligent shave sensor senses beard density rapidly and even adjusts power 14 times per second.

Rest we will talk about the pros and cons


  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades
  • Led status indicator
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Flexible 16-D Pivot
  • Waterproof Automatic cleaning station
  • 5 shaving elements (1 skin guard and 4 blades)
  • Pop up trimmer
  • Powerful motor
  • Intelligent shaver sensor

User reviews – It got 4.6 stars out of 5 stars from 2,000 verified purchasers at Amazon. In addition to that, it also got 4.7 stars for battery life, 4.6 for easy to hold, and 4.6 for easy to clean out of 5 stars at Amazon.

Pros and cons

  •   Ultra-sharp hypoallergenic stainless steel blades with an extremely powerful 14,000 CMP motor that can cut coarse and thickest hair from sensitive skin very gently.

  • The flexible 16-D pivot head can move smoothly around the neck, chin, and every hard-to-reach area effortlessly.

  • Intelligent shaver sensors can adjust the power supply according to your beard density. 

  • You can shave dry or wet with foam or gel

  • Pop-up trimmer to maintain side Burnie to cut longest and thickest hair

  • Bit pricey

6. Panasonic ARC4 Electric Shaver, 1, Silver

Panasonic ARC4 Electric Shaver, 1, Silver

Panasonic Arc4 is the predecessor of ARC5 which we have listed above.

But, a predecessor doesn’t mean bad.

Of course, they have enhanced the feature a little bit, but they also take some features away at least in this case.

It has 4 shave elements which are better than 5 shave elements, kind of excessive.

ARC4 also provides a smooth shave as ARC5 is capable of.

High-powerful dual linear motors that deliver 14,000 CPM and ultra stainless steel blades make the shaving experience very smooth and easy. amazing battery life and convenience and holding experience make it a strong contender for this list.


  • High-performance dual linear motor
  • Flexible pivot head
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 10-stage LCD display
  • Pop-up trimmer
  • Four 30-degree sharp nanotech blades

User reviews – Got an average of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars by 4,000 at Amazon. Also got 4.6 stars for value for money and 4.0 stars for sensitive skin out of 5 stars. More than 70% of users give 100% ratings which are great.

Pros and cons

  • Powerful motor cut hair effortlessly with 14,000 CPM

  • 4 Multiflex pivoting head glides over hard-to-see areas and tracks every single contour.

  • Pop up trimmer groom in detail sideburn and mustache.

  • a 10-stage LCD battery indicator is much more convenient than a three-stage indicator.

  • You can use wet and dry, with shave gel or foam.

  • 30-degree stainless steel Nano-tech blades cut the beard with extreme precision.

  • Head is not comfortable with compared to ARC5

  • Auto power adjustment sensor not included.

Final thought 

For pain-free shaving and smooth shaving, you need to do a pre-shave routine. And should know how to use a shaver properly.

No matter what you choose, rotary shaver or foil shaver, although I prefer foil shaver, the following process is a must, at least for a rough beard and sensitive skin.

These all are a bit expensive but you need to stretch your budget especially if you shave frequently, they pay their prices.

If you have any questions and most importantly suggestions. Please, let me know in the comment section.


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